Heartland Overview Map - February 2009


Heartland Satellite Map - February 2009


Heartland Map Tiles


Use the map below to determine which map tile corresponds to which area. You can then use the links below to download specific map tile pdf files for more detailed views.

Heartland Interactive Map

Interactive maps – find your property

This interactive map shows the potential route locations for the Heartland Transmission Project. It is important to note that a final route has not been selected. Only ONE route will be constructed if approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

To identify your location in proximity to the potential route locations type your address in the search box at the top of the page and press Go. A popup window will show the location and distance of your residence in relation to the potential route locations. For more detailed instructions on using the interactive maps, download a pdf by clicking here

To view the map please click here.
For more information on how the potential route locations were identified and other project information please see our February Newsletter and our Landowner package.

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