Civil War V

Civil War V

Apr 23, 2013

This past weekend In Richmond Virginia, Civil War V gaining tournament was held. VXG was proud to send over our (VXG) Elite Team to compete in numerous games like Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012, Street Fighter Cross Tekken (SFxT), Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9 and many more games including the very first tournament for a new fighting game called “Injustice Gods Among Us”.

This 3 day event showcases the ¬†players that are in attendance amazing skills across multiple games. ¬†Our team “VXG Elite” had one goal in mind while at this tournament, and that goal was to win it all! The players representing VXG Elite included; Dieminion, Knuckle Du and Reo. These 3 players are amongst the best in the Fighting Game Community (FGC) and each player competes in multiple games.

Civil War V has quickly established itself as a greatly run tournament which in turn has seen a growth in attendance each since it’s inaugural tournament 5 years ago. This year, as expected had its largest turn out to date. Well over 1,000 players were in attendance to compete for cash prizes as well as extremely unique 1st place trophies (for each game) in a replica Civil War swords

Our VXG Elite team had their eyes locked on the swords and played with the goal of winning this unique award. Headed by Triforce, CEO of Empire Arcadia, kept the players focused and motivated at the task at hand. When VXG Elite players experienced setbacks, Triforce was quick to raise the players confidence and help them refocus on their match.

VXG Elite players excelled as expected. VXG Reo went on to claim 1st place in Mortal Kombat 9 and the first ever Injustice tournament. He did so in spectacular fashion by defeating EMP Tom Brady. VXG Reo energized the crowd with his amazing play and put on an amazing performance during the grand finals. All in attendance were amazed at his level of play during such a high pressure moment.

Here is a link of video from his performance

VXG Elite’s Dieminion and Knuckle Du were unable to take 1st place in their respective games as they had to face off against one another in Super Street Fighter IV and SFxT. Knuckle Du eliminated Dieminion from competition in SFxT but was stopped short of claiming 1st place. Knuckle Du went in to claim 2nd place as Dieminion claimed 3rd.

Dieminion painfully had to return the favor in eliminating Knuckle Du from competition in Super Street Fighter IV. Knuckle Du finished 7th p,ace over all. Dieminion as well fell just short of claiming first place in a epic battle during Grand Finals. Dieminion the class act that he is congratulated his counterpart with a big hug after his lost and walked off the stage with his head held high.

VXG is very proud of our players as they placed 1st place in 2 games and 2nd/3rd in 2 other games. Each VXG Elite member thanked the Board of Tourism for sponsoring each of them and sending them to this amazing event, while they fell short of their goal they were proud to represent VXG and the island of St. Maarten.

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