Poetry is Public is Poetry
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Poetry is Public is Poetry has partnered with the Toronto Public Library Foundation, a registered Canadian charity to transform Toronto's public realm into an inspiring forum for the written word. We can only meet our ambitious goal of embedding poetry on library walkways throughout the city with your support. Poetry is Public is Poetry welcomes funding from interested patrons, whether individuals or organizations. Donations can be made by clicking the "Donate Now" button to the left of your screen, and select Poetry is Public is Poetry, under Fund/Designation. Our charitable tax number is 886554476 RR0001.

Ideas don't happen on their own. Ideas need sponsors. We are actively seeking partnership opportunities from the public, corporate and private sectors.

If interested please contact:

Lilie Zendel
Senior Cultural Affairs Officer at the City of Toronto
lzendel@toronto.ca or

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Martha Butterfield
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Insomniac Press
McClelland & Stewart
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