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Sign the Petition to Reject the Gas Tax

Thank you for joining the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association in this important effort! – Jon Coupal, President

Download the Petition

To download a short-form petition with room for your signature and one other, please fill out this form and click the DOWNLOAD THE PETITION button. [All fields required.]


Need room for more signatures? You can print additional copies of the short form*, or request long-form petitions, which have room for up to 15 signatures. It is not necessary to fill all the signature spaces. Any number will help. Long-form petitions will be sent to you by U.S. mail (sorry, the long-form petition can’t be sent electronically).


*You may circulate as many petitions as you like, but you may sign the petition only once. To be clear, you may sign as “circulator” more than once, but as a petition signer only one time. Each additional short-form petition that you circulate will have room for two other voters to sign.

Help HJTA Reject The Gas Tax

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