Will be played on Playstation 3

Team Selection:

The same teams cannot be picked. If the same teams have been picked then both players are not able to choose that team.
Players may choose to:

A. Select team and risk the opponent selecting the same team and canceling out their selection


B. (player 1) Inform the match referee of their choice without letting the other player hear their selection and then allow the other (player 2) to choose their team first. Referee then reveals player 1’s choice and if the selection is not a cancelled/draw then the match may start.


Game Settings

  • Team Level/Difficulty: World Class
  • Half Length: 4 Mins
  • Controls : Any
  • Game Speed: Normal

It is the player’s responsibility to check or fix the way they play before the game starts. For example, if a player wants to change the mode from classic to alternative then this change must be made before the game starts. No customized or edited team formations


The game must go on to golden goal and not classic if going over to extra time.


General Gameplay:
1. No customized or edited team formations
2. Kick-off: Must begin with a pass back
3. No time wasting in your own half
4. No quitting if an opponent is found cheating (call for a referee)
5. No excessive pausing

No quitting after a Forbidden Move/Glitch/Cheat: You are not allowed to leave the match if your opponent did a forbidden move/Cheat/Bug. You must complete the full match. If your opponent did not play by the rules, you have to call or bring this to the match referee’s notice. All goals scored using a Forbidden Move will not count, you must provide proof to help us make a decision.

Backward Pass: Players must kick-off with a Backward Pass at the beginning of each half and after each goal is scored. Goals scored from half field and sprinting towards opponent’s goal after a kick-off will not count.

Excessive Pausing: Unnecessary pauses or delays are prohibited. To avoid unfair play, pause the game only when you are in a safe zone or in a dead-ball situation.

Wasting Time in Your Own Half: You are not allowed to waste time by passing the ball in your own half of the field for more than 10 in-game minutes. This will be treated as cheating and time wasting.

  • What is considered time wasting? When you are passing the ball in your own half for more than 10 minutes without your opponent applying any pressure.

Custom Formations: The customization of a team’s formation will not be allowed, this means that you are not allowed to play a ladder match with a customized or edited team formation or edit the players positioning. If opponent is using a customized formation let the match referee know. This will be considered cheating and players will be penalized for this.

Quitting: Quitting is only allowed at the start of the match if you noticed that your opponent is using a custom formation, Quit the match and let your opponent know that he has broken the rules, go back into the game with the correct settings. You can’t quit a match after a goal has been scored.


A player has 15 minutes to show and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a 3-0 forfeit. Players are responsible for the scheduled date and time of the match.


  • No INTERNATIONAL Team or ALL STAR Team. All Selected teams must be Clubs within a country.
  • Please make sure that you select a different jersey color so that there is no confusion while you play.
  • The use of special teams are prohibited (you cannot play with All Star or World XI teams).
  • You are not allowed to change your mind about the team you selected once both players have informed the referee that they are ready to start the match.