Will be played on the Playstation 3


  • All registration will be done online or at dvd express



  • Consoles and games will be provided by VXG
  • All players will have to bring their own controller, only regular controllers are allowed. Controllers will be inspected by VXG personnel
  • It’s a double elimination bracket, one loss puts you into the losers bracket and another loss, you are eliminated
  • Players will only play with the regular 30 teams no allstar, retro or euro teams will be allowed
  • When all the players have placed into brackets, a coin toss will be done for home team and first team selection
  • Players that win will advance with their selected team all the way to finals, the losers team will be recycled back into the pool.
  • Players will play with the updated rosters, which will be provided by VXG


Game settings

  • Quarter length: 3 minute for top 32, after top 16 there will be 4 minute quarters, 5 minute for the finals
  • Difficulty :Hall of fame
  • Fatigue: on
  • Game style: default
  • Game speed : 60
  • Injuries : on
  • Shooting type : user timing
  • Ft shooting type : real player %
  • Camera angle : Broadcast Stadium
  • Only current teams in the NBA


Tournament conduct

  • By participating in the Tournament, competitors agree to be bound by the decisions of the Tournament organizers. Persons who violate any rule, gain unfair advantage in participating in the Tournament, or obtain winner status using fraudulent means will be disqualified. No sideline coaching in games allowed
  • If the conduct or outcome of the Tournament is affected by human error, any mechanical malfunctions or failures of any kind, intentional interference or any event beyond the control of the Tournament Organizers, the Tournament Organizers reserve the right to terminate the Tournament, or make such other decisions regarding the outcome as the Tournament Organizers deem appropriate.

All decisions will be made by the Tournament Organizers and are final. The Tournament
Organizers may waive any of these rules in their sole discretion and/or may make determinations and rulings that are contrary to rules in the spirit of fairness.