Will be played on the Playstation 3
Bring your Own controller with Sync Cable for PS3
Each match is 3/5 Games
One game is best 3/5, 60-second rounds
Grand Finals is the best of 5 games
Double Elimination
Random stage select will be used unless both players can agree on a stage
Winner must select the same character, loser may switch
Blind select is available by request
Programmable controllers and/or turbo functions are banned
Pausing the game will result in an automatic forfeiture of the round
PS Dual Shock 3 Pads are NOT BANNED. However it is your responsibility to IMMEDIATELY turn them off after your match and plug your control to the available Desync Station and press the Sync Button. Failure to do so that results in interrupting another Tournament match will be Automatic Loss on your Next Game.


  1. Is gonna be impossible to play with certain characters on a proffesional level if we can’t program or controllers

  2. kes_lew /

    lol … programmable controllers are controllers that are not configured like a normal controller