Getting There

How to Travel Here?

St. Maarten is one of the best connected islands in the Caribbean, with airlines from dozens of airports in the US and dozens more across the Caribbean having daily access to St. Maarten. Connecting flights to St. Maarten from the US are possible through the following cities: Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Orlando, and Puerto Rico.
Currently, the best place to get your flights are probably on search engines such as, our personal favorite. Do a flexible search here and see what fares are offered.
From around the Caribbean, be sure to checkout Liat, Caribbean Airlines and Insel air for fares.

Where to stay?

The sonesta maho beach resort which is host of the event is the best place to stay for sure, and also offeres a special promo rate. you can find it right here,

While your here…

A few heads up as to what to expect as you arrive in Sint-Maarten. First up, as they open the airplane doors you’ll be blasted by a hot wave of fresh air :) . As you’re directed to the immigration section, you’ll be greeted by a couple of our hospitality crew and directed to the immigration lane. As you pass immigration you will come into the luggage room, collect your luggage, and pass security check. Direct your self to the information booth which will guide you towards a couple more hospitality agent waiting for you by the buses that will shuttle you to the hotel which is only 5 min away from the airport.

So that we may provide the best shuttling service, we would like you guys to provide us with your arrival time on the 23rd or 24th of july and also your departure time on the 29th and 30 th of July. You can do so by emailing us at or

Night events:

On the 24th our shuttle buses will start from 6pm with a trip of 3 buses per hour until 9pm to our opening party at soggy dollar bar. You will be assigned into groups which will be determined by the color,number or letter on your gamer pass. As we know that this will be a very busy tournament our buses will start shuttling back from 2am in order to get everybody back by 4am the latest. You guys do need some sleep to kick ass in the morning.
On the 25th, right on the premises of sonesta maho, yours truly Caribserve VXG are introducing the first ever money matches game at Casino Royale, where you will be able to bet for or agaisnt players that will be competing vs each other. Bets will be placed, games will be played, history will be made. For some reason i can already hear shoutings.

Right after the money matches, you can head upstair for our second party of the event which will take place @Tantrasanctuary .

On the 26th We will be partying by @blisssxm starting from 10 With special guest dj’s and a cosplay show. Bliss is located Across the famous Maho beach from the hotel, a 10 min walk.

On the 27th we will be throwing for the first time a dual party between tantra and bliss that will be live streamed, with some of the top local dj’s. This will be an epic party, plus you will be able to chose between an open air night club and a closed in night club. What ever you decide, VXG can assure you that you will have the time of your life.

On the 28th we will be kicking our closing party @kimsha beach in simpson bay. The buses will be leaving from 6PM making one trip to the party. This time you will all have to be ready by 6pm in the lobby in order to take the buses to get to the closing party. We have a special line up of Dj’s but also two concert planned for you guys. The first one is with our local band Orange Grove, getting the hype up for the second free live concert of the night, Jah Cure!

After the concert we will be throwing our after party back at soggy dollar bar which is in 10min walking distance form Kimsha, then it’s back to the shuttle buses to get everybody back for a good night of sleep and reminisce on that great mind blowing experience you guys had at VXG :)

July 29th and 30th is sadly the end of our tournament and departures for everybody. We have schedules shuttles that will bring you back to the airport through out the day. Of course to make sure that we provide the best transportation service, once again i have to ask you guys to remember to send us your complete arrival/departure itinerary.

This is it guys, by then, i hope you guys will be psyched for VXG2k14, and already thinking of ways of getting yourselves back to Da Beach!

PS: Guys before leaving to VXG, make sure to call your Cellphone providers ( At&t, verizon, etc…) and have your phones unlocked for any sim. We will be providing you with a sim card @ registration, which ( won’t work unless phones are unlocked)can be used to call locally or back home.

Also make sure you follow us on twitter, as we will be posting information through out the event and if needed you can ask us questions directly.

@thevideoxgames @itsyaboyrolando @ralph97150


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    Any Updates on This. I’d to prefer to book my Travel through you guys, but I want to book before 3rd party travel prices jump up.

    • rolando /

      Hey, you can book on right now the best airfares are on Our group rates are still more expensive that those special early bird rates.