House rules – Games and Visitors

House rules – Games and Visitors

Jul 10, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, the official house rules for games and for visitors to the Caribserve 4G Video X Games 2013 are now available. They have been broken down in to individual genres of games and also one for any local or international visitors that will be attending the VxG 2013. Please have a look at all of the rules, and make note of the genres of games you have registered for. Please note that the (head)referees have final say. And remember, these rules are made to make VxG 2013 a pleasurable experience for everyone. So for the interests of everyone, the referees will be called upon and in some cases forced to enforce these rules.


If you have trouble reading one of the rules, clicking on it will bring it up larger.

House Rules


none gamer, what you need to know



fighter, what you need to know



shooters, what you need to know



sports, what you need to know



side tourny, what you need to know

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