Locals – Short on cash?

Locals – Short on cash?

Jul 19, 2013

Thank you all affiliate members for your assistance and remember to pick up your passes at DVD Express at their special reduced price.

Are you short on cash, but still want to experience Caribserve Video X Games 2013? Help us, and we can help you! Contact us via one of the below mentioned channels and inquire for more information. Offer ends soon, so do so NOW!

If you want to also benefit from our special reduced price deals or want to help out at the event all you have to do is contact us, let VXG use and update your PS3, XBOX 360 or game.
Offer ends July 23rd, BE A PART OF IT NOW.
Call: 1721 – 550 – 1986 or leave us a message on our page https://www.facebook.com/thevideoxgames.
Or email us at info@thevideoxgames.com



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