VxG Casino Royal main event announced: Battle of the Gods Marvel 2 for $50k!

UPDATE: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! But… there may be some truth to this joke… who knows.


The Vxg Casino Royale event, dubbed as the most unique fighting game exhibitions of all time with legal gambling allowed on 8 prizes fights, has announced the main event for the evening: a $50,000 prize fight between Yipes, Sanford Kelly and Justin Wong in a 3 way “Battle of the Gods” match in a game that created a name for all 3 of these players: Marvel vs Capcom 2. Here you can see the official tweet from VxG as well as the responses from Justin Wong and the team manager of VxG Elite of Empire Arcadia, Triforce: https://twitter.com/thevideoxgames/status/318612050710503424


VxG Casino royale will take place on July 26th at the Casino Royale of the sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino. The event will be streamed live, and bets will be accepted from all around the world via www.playmaho.com.

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