VxG to Establish eSports throughout Latin America

VxG to Establish eSports throughout Latin America

Aug 13, 2013

In 2012, the Video X Games held its first International competitive gaming tournament which serviced not only the Caribbean but it also invited the United States to legitimize the events International Status. Since that time the progress of VxG has grown exponentially. With the recent success of VxG 2013 and the Prime Minister of St. Maarten expressing her full support and sponsorship of VxG, this has given the executive board the green light to speed up their time table on the development of eSports throughout Latin America.

Prime Minister of St. Maarten Hon. Sarah Wescot – Williams held the opening speech for VxG 2013, welcoming all neighboring islands and the International community.

“I welcome you warmly on behalf of the tourism board of St. Maarten and it is with this in mind, knowing that we were able to attract this many people to our shores; that the government is also a proud sponsor of the Video x Games. We do it because we have confidence in our local people who are making it happen”

Prime Minister of St Maarten

Prime Minister of St. Maarten Sarah Wescot-Williams gives her opening speech for VxG 2013 on Friday vowing to support the eSport entity.

The Video x Games Foundation has created solid relationships and partnerships with key eSports associated organizations from the United States to help strategically outline its move to establish an infrastructure for eSports throughout the South West Region of the world known as Latin America. In 2012 the Valencia eSports Congress took place in Valencia Spain, hosting a panel for some of the most powerful executives for eSports throughout the world to speak on its future. North American eSports power house and CEO of (MLG) Major League Gaming Sundance Di Giovanni and European eSports titan and head of eSports for Dreamhack, Thomas Hermansson were just two of the many influential and powerful leaders that attended the congress.

This year Rolando Brison looks to join the 2013 eSports congress and represent Latin America through VxG to help develop a foundation for eSports in the South West Region of the world. Lloyd Richardson hosted Rolando Brison and Isaiah Triforce Johnson on his radio show to briefly discuss the motion to establish eSports throughout Latin America. Below is a recording of the interview:

Radio Show Youtube

Rolando Brison VP of VxG and Isaiah Triforce Johnson CEO and Founder of Empire Arcadia discuss eSports for the Caribbean.

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