VxG VIP List

Gamers at VIP in Tantra for vxg 2012

UPDATED LIST: Here are the list of VIP’s that will be at VxG! They are gonna be “parting like rockstars” at night and chilling in our gamer VIP lounge in the day. We have 5 VIP spots for sale for just $220, includes all drinks and bottle service at parties and preferred entrance as well as access to gamer vip hall at Venue. We will also raffle 3 VIP passes on thursday evening for just $4! Are you on da beach VIP list?! Here’s a look at what the parties will look like this year! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wAdYYLx-9Y


Names Gamer Tag Group
Tim Wen Wentinel Level Up Live
james garrett Just Frames James Level Up Live
Justin wong Justin wong EG
James Fink JamesMK The On Blast Show
Joe ciaramelli LI Joe ECT
John Gallagher Sweet Johny Cage ECT
Eric Small Big E Big E Gaming
Zach Kattermann Zack Big E Gaming
Christopher hattala Chris Ghaleon Tournament Organizer
Larry Dixon And Mrs. Dixon Shin Blanka Final Round ATL
Michael Mendoza IFC Yipes Curleh Mustache/VxG.Emp
Bill Menoutis Tom Brady VxG. EMP
Samantha Hancock IFC Persia VxG. EMP
Ryan Gutierrez El Capitan Gootecks Cross Counter
Oppelt Katherine Oppelt Katherine Cross Counter
Peter Esby Rosas Combofiend Capcom
Mike Ross Mike “On Da Beech” Ross 4th Place Inc.
Andre Augustin Bifuteki Bifuteki
Mark Julio Markman Madcatz
Jessica Nigri Jessica Nigri Self
Neidel Crisan - Capcom
Derek Vernon Neal - Capcom
Matthew David Alan Dahlgren - Capcom
Maximillian Max Max and Doom
Dr Doom Dr Doom Max and Doom
Ryan Ramirez Filipino Champ FGTV
Philip Atkinson KDZ EMP
Triforce Johnson Triforce EMP
Eduardo Perez PR Rog EG
Marie Norindr Kayane


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