10 Amazing Short Queen RV Mattress

Best Short Queen RV Mattresses in 2023 (Amazon) (1)

Are you looking for the best short queen RV mattress to make your tour restful? Look no further; We’ve got an excellent selection lined up for you.

Here, you’ll check out our top choices for latex short queen RV mattresses that provide peace and support while you’re traveling.

These top-rated short queen mattresses add a hint of kindness to your mobile home.

Whether you’re starting on a cross-country trip or simply hitting the road for a weekend getaway, having a comfortable mattress in your RV is essential.

We’ll discuss how these mattresses cater to different sleeping preferences and provide a good night’s sleep even in a compact space.

From memory foam to hybrid options, you’ll find out what makes each mattress unique and suitable for your needs.

If you’re parked by a peaceful lake or in the middle of breathtaking mountains, your RV mattress will be your relief zone.

Now, let’s check out these mattresses.

1. Zinus


Zinus has a nice collection of short queen rv mattresses that are comfy and don’t cost too much. These mattresses mix memory foam with supportive layers, which helps you sleep well at night. They even have cooling technology to help keep the temperature just right. So, when you’re on a trip in your best short queen RV mattress, you can rest easy knowing you have a comfy mattress to sleep on, Whether it’s a short vacation or a long one.


  • Memory Foam Technology
  • Pressure Relief
  • Affordability


  • Good pressure relief and body tracing due to memory foam.
  • Reasonable pricing, making it budget-friendly for RV owners.
  • Various thickness and firmness options cater to different preferences.


  • Some users may experience an off-gassing smell initially due to memory foam.
  • Durability might be a concern for heavy use over an extended period.
  • Edge support could be weaker compared to higher-end brands.

2. Linenspa


Linenspa is a company that makes affordable short queen mattresses for campers. These short queen mattress dimensions have two things, memory foam, which remembers your shape, and innerspring coils, which give support. Linenspa has many different designs to choose from, so people can pick what’s best for them. Some like soft beds, while others like firmer ones. Linenspa short queen rv mattress tries to make everyone happy. They know that when people don’t have much money, they still want a better mattress. So, Linenspa makes sure their mattresses aren’t too expensive and makes reasonable short queen mattresses for campers.


  • Hybrid Construction
  • Budget Friendly
  • Flexible


  • Hybrid construction provides a balance of support from coils and comfort from memory foam.
  • Affordable pricing suits RV travelers on a budget.
  • Choice of quality levels for personalized relief.


  • Durability might be a concern over time, especially with heavy use.
  • Some users may find certain models lacking in edge support.
  • The initial off-gassing smell could be an issue for sensitive individuals.

3. Dynasty Mattress

Dynasty Mattress

Dynasty Mattress is great at creating fancy bedding for latex short queen RV mattresses. Their mattresses are special because they use memory foam with gel that helps relieve pressure and keeps you cool and provides an affordable short queen mattress for a camper. The materials they use are very soft and comfy, ensuring good sleep. When you’re on the way and resting in your short queen rv mattress, a comfortable mattress is important for better sleep. They use unique foam with gel, which reduces the pressure when you lie down. This design also maintains your body’s temperature, preventing you from getting too hot while sleeping.


  • Advanced Materials
  • Variety of Options
  • Temperature Regulation


  • Gel-used memory foam provides cooling, reducing the chances of overheating.
  • Wide range of models to choose from, allowing customers to find the best fit for their needs.
  • Potential for improved durability and longevity compared to some budget options.


  • More expensive than some other budget-friendly brands.
  • Different models might have different levels of comfort and quality.
  • Some users might find certain models to be too firm or too soft for their liking.

4. Serenia Sleep

Serenia Sleep

Serenia Sleep is a company that creates cushioning short queen mattress dimensions for RVs, those mobile homes for trips. They love nature and use plant materials that are kind to the Earth, which makes our world happy. Even though they care about the environment, they also want you to enjoy sleeping. These special short queen rv mattresses let air pass so that you won’t feel too hot. They also give your body nice support, helping you feel nice when you rest. This way, you can sleep well and know you’re helping the planet too.


  • Dual-Layer Design
  • Cooling Technology
  • Certipur-US Certified


  • Increased comfort and support through the dual-layer design.
  • Cooling technology can contribute to a more comfortable sleep environment.
  • CertiPUR-US certification shows a commitment to safety and environmental standards.


  • Specific models and features can vary, so thorough research is necessary.
  • Limited availability and options compared to more widely recognized brands.
  • May not have as extensive customer reviews and feedback as larger competitors.


5. Live and Sleep

Live and Sleep

Live and Sleep Top-rated short queen camper mattresses are comfortable and provide affordable short queen mattresses for campers. They are made with special memory foam that remembers your body shape and airflow technology that helps keep the bed at the right temperature. This mix of foam and tech makes a nice balance, so you feel relaxed. The beds are excellent for all sorts of sleep styles, like back, side, or tummy sleeping. Even when you’re traveling in your RV, these short queen rv mattresses are great. They even made special ones just for RVs that fit well inside.


  • Pressure Relief
  • Cooling Technology
  • Breathable Cover


  • Provides relief from pressure points.
  • Helps keep you cool during sleep.
  • The comfortable cover improves the overall sleeping experience.


  • Some users might find the quality level different from their preference.
  • Limited availability in certain regions.
  • Takes a little time to fully expand after unpacking.



LUCID is a company known for creating various types of latex short queen RV mattresses. They offer options like latex and memory foam. These mattresses are particularly great for people with allergies because they lack allergens. Moreover, the mattresses allow air to flow through easily, maintaining a clean and pleasant sleeping environment. LUCID is dedicated to ensuring that individuals can sleep comfortably in their short queen rv mattresses.


  • Variety of quality
  • Contain Gel
  • Affordable


  • You can choose the quality level that suits you best.
  • The gel mixture helps keep you cool during sleep.
  • Affordable pricing makes it budget-friendly.


  • Some people might find the initial smell unpleasant.
  • Durability might vary based on usage.
  • Different options can be confusing to choose from.

7. Dyonery


Dyonery is a popular brand of comfy mattresses made for RVs, and it’s one of the best options this year. People who love traveling will like this short queen mattress’s dimensions because it is made to be restful and also not take up too much space. The latex short queen RV mattress is soft, but it also gives better support, so you can sleep well while you’re on a road trip. Another great thing about this mattress is that it won’t get too hot, which is important when you’re in a small RV. The people at Dyonery used really smart materials to stop it from getting too warm. Even though it’s small, the short queen rv mattress is still really well made, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart.


  • Soft and comfortable for good sleep.
  • Fits well in your RV’s limited space.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • It makes your RV trips more relaxing.
  • Provides a comfy resting place.
  • Simple to take care of.


  • It might not be as durable as some other options.
  • Limited options.
  • It may not suit people with specific back support needs.

8. Opoiar


Opoiar is among the top 10 Best Short Queen RV Mattress. It got there because of its special features. It’s made to fit RVs, which are like small homes on wheels. Opoiar cares a lot about making sure people are relaxing, and things are easy to use. The mattress is good for your back, which is important when you’re on long trips. Opoiar is also nice to the Earth. It uses materials that don’t hurt the environment. This is good for everyone. The people who made Opoiar latex short queen RV mattresses had thought about travelers when they designed them. They wanted to make sure it was just what people needed.


  • Supportive quality for better back comfort.
  • Designed to resist dust and allergens.
  • Compact size perfect for RV sleeping areas.


  • It helps maintain a healthy sleeping environment.
  • Provides good spinal support during travels.
  • It fits well in RVs without taking up too much space.


  • It might be too hard for those who prefer a softer feel.
  • Limited cushioning and plushness.
  • It may not be suitable for people who like extra softness.

9. Coolsence


Coolsence has become one of the Top rated short queen camper mattresses. Its cool technology is the reason for its high ranking. It’s designed to help with the heat inside RVs, making sure you sleep comfortably without getting too hot. This short queen rv mattress allows air to flow easily, maintaining a cool temperature. Coolsence is apart from others because of its unique temperature control; this is something not all RV mattresses can do. If you’re seeking a mattress for your RV that doesn’t make you feel overheated, Coolsence seems like an excellent option.


  • Cooling technology to regulate temperature.
  • Observe your body’s shape for comfort.
  • A compact design ideal for RV living.


  • It keeps you cool on warm nights.
  • Figure out your body for personalized comfort.
  • It saves space in your RV while providing comfort.


  • The cooling feature might not work for everyone.
  • Some users might prefer more traditional materials.
  • It may have a higher price compared to basic options.

10. GhostBed


GhostBed is a perfect choice for RV mattresses this year. It is among the top-rated short queen camper mattresses. It uses special memory foam that adjusts to your body and gives support where you need it. Even if the RV is moving, you can sleep without feeling the movements too much. Ghost Bed made sure of that with its smart technology. The mattress is made strong to handle all the moving around that happens in an RV. But even though it’s tough, it’s still restful. People know GhostBed makes high-quality stuff, and this mattress fits right in with its good reputation.


  • Combination of memory foam and latex for comfort.
  • Cooling technology to prevent overheating.
  • Sized for short queen RV beds.


  • Offers a balanced mixture of comfort and support.
  • Special cooling tech helps maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Suitable for limited RV space due to its size.


  • It could be more expensive than basic RV mattress options.
  • Some people might find the combination of foam and latex not suitable.
  • It may have a slight off-gassing smell initially.


After checking these amazing choices, it’s obvious that these top-rated short queen camper mattresses offer superb comfort for travelers.

These mattresses have been carefully crafted to provide a home-like and restful sleep during your adventures on the road.

As we’ve seen, these mattresses combine supportive features with a compact size, making them ideal for RVs and tight spaces.

These top-rated short queen RV mattresses ensure that you wake up refreshed and ready for the day’s activities.

They bring together the right balance of cushioning and support, making them a fantastic choice for those seeking comfort during their travels.

Whether you’re hitting the road for a short getaway or going on a long trip, these mattresses prove to be an excellent investment. They contribute to your RV trips by providing a comfortable and inviting sleep environment.

So, Increase your experience with one of these short queen mattresses.

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