25 Creative Covered Deck Ideas & Designs

Covered Deck Ideas & Designs

If you want to make your deck a cozy outdoor haven, you’re in the right place. We’re excited to share lots of covered decks idea and designs that will make your outdoor space stand out.

Think of a deck as an extra part of your home that keeps you safe from the weather while you enjoy the outdoors. Whether you like having parties, relaxing quietly, or just looking at nature, these ideas have something you’ll like.

You’ll find many types of styles that match your taste, from delightful and peasant to modern and stylish looks. We’ve collected simple but interesting ideas that can be changed to fit your space.

You can use different materials, layouts, and decorative touches that will make your covered decks useful and a nice place. So, whether you’re starting fresh or want to improve your current deck, these covered decks will help you think of new things and make an outdoor space.

Let’s find out some options and start making your outdoor living better!

1. Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-Century Modern Design

Experience the enduring appearance of Mid-Century Modern design on your covered decks. This mid-century design originated in the middle of the 1900s and is recognized for its simple lines, natural shapes, and smooth combination of practicality and beauty.

A Mid-Century Modern deck brings you streamlined furniture, complex patterns, and a simple range of colors. Think about a mix of old-school vibes. Add classic items like Eames chairs or sunburst clocks for a genuine feel. Materials like wood and stone can match the layout, linking indoors and outdoors even better.

2. Integrated Lighting in Your Space

Integrated Lighting in Your Space

Light up your covered decks using built-in lights to make them feel welcoming, whether it’s daytime or nighttime. These lights fit right into your deck’s space, making it look nice. You can think about having lights that are tucked into the ceiling or placed along the sides for a soft but effective glow. If you want to add a bit of fancy, you could hang pendant lights over where you eat.

And if you’re worried about safety and how your deck looks, LED strips along the steps can help with that. You can pick cool shades of light to make your mood. With these built-in lights, your deck can be used for relaxing or hanging out no matter what time it is.

3. The Thatch-Style Roof Aesthetic

The Thatch-Style Roof Aesthetic

Create a fascinating tropical vibe on your covered decks with a thatch-style roof. This thatch-style roof brings a homely and exotic touch, like the cozy huts by the beach. Thatch roofs are usually made from natural stuff like palm leaves or grass. They keep your space comfortable and cool and look special. They also give you shade and keep you safe outside.

To get the whole tropical paradise feel, add bamboo furniture, lots of plants, and colorful fabrics. Just remember, taking good care of your thatch-style roof is important to make it last, so be ready to look after it regularly.

4. Creating A Balinese-Inspired Place

Creating A Balinese-Inspired Place

Step onto Balinese-inspired covered decks and experience the calming beauty of Bali right where you are. This Balinese-inspired is all about peace and relaxation, using natural things and a pleasing look. Use nice wooden textures, furniture with detailed carvings, and stones for decoration. You can also put in a peaceful water feature or a small pond nearby to copy the calming sounds of nature.

A deck like this from Bali helps you be mindful and makes your indoor space connect smoothly with the outdoors. For extra comfort and luxury, add soft cushions and a cloth roof.

5. Elevating Your Deck with Curtains

Elevating Your Deck with Curtains

Improve your covered decks with a touch of usefulness by hanging beautiful curtains. Curtains provide privacy, shade, and a homey environment, turning your deck into a real outdoor living area. Choose light, see-through fabrics for a breezy feel, or go for heavier curtains for added comfort. Match the curtain colors with your deck’s layout for a consistent look.

You can tie the curtains to the side for an open and friendly space or close them for a sheltered feeling. By picking the right curtains, you’ll boost both the appearance and comfort of your covered decks, creating a flexible place for various occasions.

6. The Attraction of A Mounted Gazebo

The Attraction of A Mounted Gazebo

Think about stepping onto your deck and being greeted by a lovely mounted gazebo. This covered deck idea perfectly blends the joys of indoor and outdoor living. A mounted gazebo with a roof gives you protection from the weather and the freedom to enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s like having a warm place right in your backyard.

Made from strong materials like wood or metal, the mounted gazebo proudly stands on your deck, offering shade and shelter. Its open sides make for a smooth transition between the deck and the surrounding landscape, allowing you to enjoy the gentle air while staying shielded from the sun or rain.

7. A Contemporary Take with A Deck Pergola

A Contemporary Take with A Deck Pergola

When you are thinking about a cool covered deck idea, use the deck pergola. This idea blends smooth lines looks to make a space that’s useful and looks attractive. A deck pergola has clean angles and uses materials like steel, aluminum, or composite for a smooth finish.

Unlike old-style pergolas that are very decorated, the deck pergola keeps things easy. It’s not just for shade but also to look special. With outdoor furniture and pretty potted plants, this pergola makes a stylish place to relax and have fun.

8. Playing with Contrasting Wood Elements

Playing with Contrasting Wood Elements

If you like the pleasant feeling of wood, think about covered decks with kinds of wood like oak and pine that look nice together. They use light and dark wood in bright colors and textures to make the deck look interesting.

It’s like having a wooden ceiling that’s a warm color and a wooden floor that’s a rich color. This mix of light and dark colors makes the deck look great and feel comfortable. The different types of wood pieces go well together and make the people who live there and the people who visit feel happy and balanced.

9. Maximizing Comfort with A Retractable Awning

Maximizing Comfort with A Retractable Awning

This clever addition of a retractable awning gives you two choices; you can soak up the sun or relax in the shade. The way it works is pretty simple; it’s like a folding arm that can stretch out or fold back as needed. This means you can decide how much sunlight you want on your deck. With this awning, your outdoor area can adapt to different types of weather.

It’s almost like having a magical shield that keeps you safe from rain and sunlight. You can have small outdoor get-togethers without worrying about sudden rain or too much sun. And when the weather changes, you can easily roll up the awning.

10. Adding Whimsy with A Stringed Canopy

Adding Whimsy with A Stringed Canopy

If you want to make your covered decks feel like a magical hideaway, add a stringed canopy. Think of hanging soft lights or fabric from your deck’s ceiling. When night comes, it’ll create a warm and dreamy light. This addition can turn your outdoor space into a fairytale-like place. The canopy not only looks attractive but also serves a purpose.

The gentle light makes it homely for hanging out with friends or having a calm evening. You can use it as a pretty background for parties or a quiet spot to think. With a stringed canopy, your covered decks become a mix of real life and fantasy.

11. Exposing Structural Beams

Exposing Structural Beams .jpg

Turn your covered decks into a standout space by revealing its strong beams that hold up the roof. When you show them off, you bring a bit of old-fashioned beauty and interesting architecture to your outdoor area. These beams can be made from different things like wood or steel, and each one makes your deck look special.

When you let the beams stay visible, it’s like being inside a cabin, making your deck feel friendly. You can keep the beams as they are for a real look, or you can color or paint them to match how you like things. This choice also lets you hang artificial plants, lights, or other pretty things to make everything look even better.

12. Uncomplicated Deck Roof with Balcony Extension

Uncomplicated Deck Roof with Balcony Extension .jpeg

A basic roof for your covered decks with a balcony extension gives you shade and more outdoor space. The roof is simple but works well to keep you protected from the sun and light rain, so you can use your deck even when the weather isn’t perfect. The balcony extension is like a raised platform that adds more space to your deck so that you can see everything around you better.

This deck roof with balcony extension helps you move easily between your indoor and outdoor areas. You can put comfy seats or a small dining table on the balcony part, which is great for eating while looking at the view.

13. Installing A Shade Sail for Hanging Shade

Installing A Shade Sail for Hanging Shade

If you want a flexible way to block sunlight on your covered decks, think about putting up a shade sail. A shade sail is like a big piece of fabric, usually in a triangle shape. It gives you lots of shade and gives your outdoor space the latest look.

You can hang it slanted or flat to cover the area you want. Putting up a shade sail is pretty easy. You need to attach it to strong points like poles or nearby structures. This lightweight shade doesn’t just keep the sun off you; it also makes your deck look cool.

14. Covering A Sloped Deck Area

Covering A Sloped Deck Area

When you’re designing covered decks in a hilly area, being creative and practical is important. A smart way to do this is by making a deck with multiple levels that follow the shape of the land. This not only looks cool but also makes the most of the space you have.

By using raised parts, stairs, and railings, you can easily move between the different levels of the deck. To deal with water that runs off when it rains, you can put a system below the deck that carries the water away. This stops the water from collecting and causing damage to the deck.

15. Covered Decks designed with Tall Ceilings

Covered Decks designed with Tall Ceilings .jpg

Covered Decks with tall ceilings achieve a feel of openness and welcome as a sunlit room. By making the columns that hold up the deck taller and adding a raised roof on top, you create a roomy environment. This not only gives you shade and protection from the weather but also lets you hang plants, put up pretty lights, and even install outdoor fans.

When you’re building a deck with tall ceilings, it’s really important to pick the right material for the roof. You have choices like classic wooden planks or modern metal panels, each with its special look.

16. Deck with A Coastal Aesthetic

Deck with A Coastal Aesthetic

Create a calm and relaxed feeling on your deck by making it feel like a peaceful beachside spot. Choose a coastal look by using colors like soothing blues and sandy shades. Add things that remind you of the beach, like worn-looking wood, woven furniture, and rugsmade from plant fibers.

You can also put in things that remind you of the sea, like rope railings or pretty seashells. To make it feel even more like the beach, add wooden or bamboo screens for privacy. These not only look nice and old-fashioned but also give you a feeling of being in your own quiet space.

17. Modern Deck Roofing Solution

Modern Deck Roofing Solution

One of the coolest new things for outdoor spaces is modern deck roofing. This clever idea mixes good looks with usefulness, so your deck can be awesome all year. Think of a smooth roof that keeps you dry from rain and too much sun.

It also gives your outdoor spot a stylish update. These roofs often use materials like metal, glass, or lightweight panels. The tidy lines and open way go well with different building decks’ roofing, so it’s a smart pick for lots of places.

18. Include Skylights in Your Roofed Deck

Include Skylights in Your Roofed Deck

Covered decks give you the coziness of indoor living combined with the loveliness of the outdoors. This smart skylight includes a skillfully made roof with skylights placed in just the right spots. These skylights bring natural light to the deck under the roof, making it feel warm.

Whether it’s looking at the stars at night or soaking in the soft sunlight during the day, you can do it all while staying safe from the weather. This practical idea keeps you connected to nature, turning your deck into a peaceful getaway no matter what the weather is like.

19. Deck Covering in Southwest-Inspired Style

Deck Covering in Southwest-Inspired Style

If you love the earthy feel of the Southwest, you can recreate that on your deck. Make your covered decks look like the Southwest by using natural materials and rich colors. Think about adding wooden beams, terracotta tiles, and colorful fabrics that remind you of the desert.

This layout will turn your outdoor space into a comfortable and relaxing spot for hanging out. The mix of old-fashioned patterns and textures gives a feeling of being connected to the past and other cultures.

20. Concrete-Clad Covered Decks

concrete house, terrace

This clever concrete-clad covered decks bring together the toughness of concrete with the beauty of outdoor living. Think of a deck covered in smooth, long-lasting concrete, giving a strong base for your outdoor haven. Choosing this material doesn’t just mean it will last a long time, but it also gives a stylish and simple feel.

Concrete comes in lots of colors and textures so that you can match the deck with your surroundings. You can go for warm earthy colors or cool or industrial greys; it’s up to you. This strong surface can handle all weather and is easy to take care of, so your space stays nice without lots of work.

21. Deck Enclosure with Screened Walls


Deck Enclosure with screened walls is a clear shield that keeps annoying insects away while still allowing gentle and soothing sounds of nature to come through. It’s like finding the right balance between being private and feeling part of the natural surroundings. These screened walls make your covered decks even more useful, turning them into a place of peace all year round.

Whether you’re having your morning coffee or dinner as the sun sets, you can enjoy the view around you while being protected from bothersome bugs. These screens can be pulled back, giving you a wide-open space and an enclosed area.

22. Expanding the Roof Structure

Expanding the Roof Structure

Make your covered decks even better by making the roof bigger. This will give you a nice mix of shade and open space. The bigger roof will protect you more from the weather, whether it’s raining or sunny. With the extended roof, your deck will be great for having fun with friends and family. The new roof also makes your outdoor space look better with a fancy touch.

Think about having a crisscross pattern above that lets some sunlight through or a high ceiling that feels open. You can also add lights or fans to the bigger roof, so it’s comfy on warm days or cool nights.

23. Shade Provision Through Greenery

Shade Provision Through Greenery

One great idea to make a peaceful deck is to add plants for shade. You can place lush plants and climbing vinesin smart spots. They’ll give you shade and make the air feel fresh. These living shades not only keep you out of the strong sun but also make your outdoor space look and feel more natural. Think about putting colorful potted plants in good places on your deck.

You might also want to have tall trees with big branches that make soft, cool shadows where you sit. These plants also clean the air and make it healthier. When you plan a deck like this, make sure to choose plants that like your local weather and are easy to take care of.

24. Utilizing an Outdoor Umbrella for Sun Protection

Utilizing an Outdoor Umbrella for Sun Protection

Enjoying the outdoors often means relaxing outside under the open sky. But sometimes, the sun can be too strong. That’s when an outdoor umbrella can help to cover decks. These umbrellas are great because they give you shade wherever you want them.

They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can pick one that matches how your outdoor space looks. You can also adjust these umbrellas, tilting them or moving them as the sun changes position. This way, you can enjoy being outside without getting a bad sunburn or feeling too hot.

25. Using an Asymmetrical Deck Design

Using an Asymmetrical Deck Design

If you want a deck that’s different from the usual, think about trying out an asymmetrical design. Regularly covered decks all look the same, but with an asymmetrical layout, your deck will be surprising and one-of-a-kind. An asymmetrical deck outline lets you make separate areas for other things you want to do.

You could have a cozy corner for quiet talks, a special spot for grilling, and a view where you can see all around. This layout lets you be creative with how you put your sofa, table, and plants. Just remember, the trick to making asymmetry work is to make everything still seem like it fits together, even if it’s not the same on both sides.


All in all, we’ve seen covered decks, ideas, and designs offer lots of ways to make a beautiful and useful outdoor space. There’s something for everyone, whether you want a cozy spot or a place to have fun with friends.

You can make your deck match your home or give it its special style. Picking the right materials and layout is important for how your deck looks and how long it lasts.

A good cover can keep off rain and sun so that you can use your deck all year. You can have benches or comfy chairs for seating and lights to make it feel nice. Think about what you want to do on your deck, like having family parties or just hanging out.

You can use different colors and patterns to show who you are. Before you start building, check the rules where you live and get any permits you need. A well-made deck makes your home worth more and gives you a great outdoor space.

So try covered deck ideas, make them your own, and enjoy your new deck!

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