15 Amazing Bedroom Door Locks for Your House

15 Best bedroom door locks (Amazon)

Your bedroom is like your safe place, and the lock on its door is super important. If you agree as well, then let’s find out the best locks for bedroom doors to help you feel safe.

Modern bedroom door locks make sure your private space is all yours and safe. It doesn’t matter if you own your home, rent it, or you’re a student; finding the right lock is really important.

There are many choices, so understanding what each lock does can help you pick the best one. We’ll talk about different locks, from keys to electronic ones.

Think about how easy they are to put in, how strong they are, and how safe they keep you. Whether you want a basic lock or a fancy one, this guide will help you choose. It will make your bedroom safer.

Let’s learn about bedroom door locks. We’ll talk about what makes each one special. We want to help you find the perfect lock for your home!

1. Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Lock

Go for the ultimate in modern home security with the Fingerprint Door Lock. This innovative lock not only improves your safety but also makes things easier. By using advanced fingerprint technology, this childproof bedroom lock provides a smart way to control who enters your home. No more struggling with keys or worrying about losing them. Just place your fingertip on the sensor, and the lock will instantly let you in, giving you peace of mind.


  • The identification function works with dry, wet, and incomplete fingerprints
  • Remote control through Wi-Fi


  • Include compatible controller
  • No drilling or wiring is required
  • Made of durable zinc alloy


  • Required batteries
  • Sometimes, it may not be a word

2. Lever Handle Type Lock

Lever Handle Type Lock

If you like traditional things that are simple to use, the Lever Handle Type Lock is a great choice for secure bedroom door locks. Instead of a regular doorknob, it has a handle that you push down to open the door. This makes it look nice and work well at the same time. It’s especially good if you might have trouble moving around a lot. It’s easy to use, so you don’t need to use much strength. You can pick from different styles and colors for the handle to match your room.


  • No need to use much strength to open it.
  • Kind of lock that works to open and close the locks


  • Sizable pushdown style handle
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for the main gate or exterior door

3. MKD-001Keyless Entry Door Lock

MKD-001Keyless Entry Door Lock

Change your entry experience with the MKD-001 Keyless Entry Door Lock. This smart lock blends high-tech features with unmatched ease. These modern bedroom door locks offer various ways to unlock your door, including a secure password keypad, a traditional key, and a backup USB power supply. Ideal for families and shared spaces, you can set multiple user codes to add flexibility. Built with strong materials and advanced protection, it stands as a tough guardian for your bedroom privacy locks.


  • Well, in high-crime areas
  • Not require AA or AAA batteries


  • Wear-free material prevents easy code guessing
  • 8,000 available combinations
  • Quickly lock/unlock with a smooth keypad and deadbolt


  • A little tricky to change the code
  • More expensive

4. Mortise Lock

Mortise Lock

When you’re picking the best bedroom door locks, you’ll come across two main types: Mortise Lock and Rim Lock. A Mortise Lock fits into a special pocket (like a small hole) carved into the edge of the door. It’s known for being strong and lasting a long time, which makes it very secure. On the other hand, a Rim Lock is attached right to the surface of the door. It’s easier to put in, but it’s a bit less secure compared to the tough Mortise Lock.


  • Attached and mounted inside the door
  • Special pocket lock


  • Various types of patterns and materials
  • Large commercial door locks
  • High privacy and security


  • Not fit in big holes
  • It can’t be rekeyed

5. Probrico Keyed Alike Door Knobs

Probrico Keyed Alike Door Knobs

If you’re looking for a strong and safe bedroom door locks option, the Keyed similar to Door Knobs is a great choice. These knobs work together with the same key so that you can unlock multiple knobs easily. This design also makes your bedroom look nicer. They’re easy to install, perfect for people who like doing things themselves. They keep your room more secure and stylish. The Probrico Keyed Alike Door Knobs find a good balance between safety and beauty, giving you peace of mind and making your room feel better.


  • Capable of fitting
  • Subpar design
  • Satin nickel finish


  • Six buying options for various applications
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Decent grade-3 ANSI rating


  • Packaging issues
  • Need one replacement for it

6. AceMining Reinforcement Door Lock

AceMining Reinforcement Door Lock

AceMining ReinforcementDoor Lock is a small and incredibly useful tool that makes bedroom privacy locks safer and more private. This simple but strong device works like an extra lock, protecting your room from unwanted entry, even if the main lock isn’t working well. You can easily install it without any special tools, making it great for people who travel or live in rented places. These bedroom door locks add an extra layer of security, helping you feel safer. It can be used on different kinds of doors, even those that open inwards.


  • Small safety gadget
  • Metal place design


  • Carry in bags
  • Won’t take much space
  • Portable door lock


  • Don’t have batteries

7. MiLocks Digital Knob Lock

MiLocks Digital Knob Lock

Making life easier and safer, the TKK-02SN Tkk-Sn Knob Lock brings together technology and advanced safety. It has a smooth satin nickel finish that adds a modern look and is strong, lasting a long time even with everyday use. Using it is easy, too – no more searching for keys. Instead, you can create your code on the keypad. These bedroom door locks don’t just keep you safe, it also looks good and fits any room style. It’s a useful and stylish way to show you care about safety and how things look.


  • It relies on a code to lock
  • work on any door between 1 ¼” and 1 ⅞” thickness


  • Stores up to 6 keypad users
  • Easy-to-program codes
  • Convenient keyless design


  • Batteries not included
  • Jamming and hacking

8. Addalock Original Portable Door Lock

Addalock Original Portable Door Lock

Created with travelers, renters, and students in mind, the Addalock Original Portable Door Lock provides a simple and clever way to make your bedroom door locks more secure without giving up convenience. It’s designed to be easy to use; slide the specially designed metal piece into the door’s strike plate, then shut the door. This creates a strong barrier that stops anyone from getting in, even if they have a key that shouldn’t work. It’s really small and fits easily in your bag or pocket, so you can feel safe no matter where you are.


  • Perfect for stays in hotels, resorts
  • Lock installs in seconds


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Can’t close the door from the left angle

9. Helemen Portable Door Lock

Helemen Portable Door Lock

Using Helemen Portable Door Lock emerges as a clever yet complex tool, offering an added dimension of security that is both reassuring and empowering. Engineered for hassle-free installation, its user-friendly design makes it both for travelers and temporary renters. Whether it’s a hotel room or a hire-out apartment, these portable secure bedroom door locks establish themselves as a guardian of your cherished peace of mind, ensuring safety becomes an effortless part of your every journey.


  • Fit nearly any door
  • The device comes with its carrying pouch


  • Travel door locks
  • Locking mechanism
  • It can be installed and removed in seconds


  • Breakable handles
  • Sometimes doesn’t fit in any door

10. Reoka Portable Door Lock

Reoka Portable Door Lock

Similar to the Helemen lock, the Reoka Portable Door Lock is carefully designed to offer an unmatched level of security, especially in situations where strong but temporary locking is needed. It’s built to be incredibly durable, showcasing impressive engineering that proves its reliability. Its tough design is intentionally made to resist determined tampering and forceful entries. By cleverly gripping the door’s strike plate, the Reoka lock turns any regular door into a strong barrier that stops unauthorized access.


  • Fit in any type of doors
  • Made of stainless steel


  • Best for single-entry doors
  • Affordable
  • Installed in less than a minute


  • The door lock doesn’t work for outward-swinging doors

11. Travelers Security Lock

Travelers Security Lock

It is true to its name, the Travelers Security Lock is a reliable partner designed for the specific needs of travelers, nomads, and people who share living spaces or for your bedroom privacy locks. The smart design of the childproof bedroom lock stops anyone from using unauthorized keys or trying to unlock them without permission. This lock is like a strong guardian for your privacy and safety, whether you’re staying in a busy hostel or a rented room.


  • Security locks fit nearly any door or entryway
  • Easy to bring for travel


  • Made of aircraft aluminum
  • Affordable
  • Childproof lock


  • Have a small gap between the door and door frame
  • Tight into the door

12. GeekTale Smart Door Knob

GeekTale Smart Door Knob

The GeekTale Smart Door Knob combines advanced technology with classic security, bringing a new way to protect your home. This special knob mixes usefulness with looks, with a beautiful design that fits well in modern homes. You can make your life easier by using your smartphone to control your bedroom door locks with a simple tap. It also keeps a digital record of everyone who comes in and goes out. You can even give temporary codes to your guests when needed.


  • Offers five keyless entry methods
  • Unlock/lock the room using a fingerprint, PIN code, RFID card


  • Remote access via mobile app
  • The smart lock comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Low-profile, modern design
  • Durable, aluminum alloy construction


  • Highest priced option

13. Copper Creek BK2040SS Ball Entry Door Knob

Copper Creek BK2040SS Ball Entry Door Knob

The Copper Creek BK2040SS Ball Entry Door Knob not only provides security but also adds a touch of style to your best bedroom door locks. Its classic ball design is more than just a usable feature and design element that complements various interior styles. Crafted from durable materials, this door knob ensures long-lasting performance, promising both reliability and peace of mind for years to come. With smooth and effortless operation, this door knob offers ease of use for family members of all ages.


  • Adjustable round-corner latches fit most doors
  • Six finish options for various room decor


  1. Affordable price for locking the bedroom door
  2. Quality construction with brass cylinders and nickel-plated bolts
  3. ANSI grade-3 security rating


  • A few confusing instructions
  • Not ideal for people with arthritic hands

14. Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The door security goes well with the Wi-Fi Smart Lock. This revolutionary lock goes beyond traditional ideas by bringing the latest technology to your bedroom locks. Easily lock and unlock your door from anywhere using your smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about lost keys or unauthorized entry. These bedroom door locks connect to your smart home system through Wi-Fi, allowing you to have full control over access even when you’re not at home.


  • Gain keyless entry
  • Easily accessible
  • Offers compatibility


  • It’s ranked as the Best Seller
  • Affordable
  • Devices integrating with Apple HomeKit


  • Without wifi, it can’t work

15. Deadbolt-Type Lock

Deadbolt-Type Lock

When you want to keep your bedroom door locky safe, a deadbolt lock is super important. These locks are way better than regular ones because of how they work. To lock the door, you turn a key or a thing you push with your thumb. This makes a strong metal piece slide into the door frame with a strong sound. There are two main types of deadbolts, one where you can lock and unlock from the inside using your thumb but need a key from the outside, and another where you need a key on both sides. This makes things even safer, but you always need a key to get in and out.


  • Lock bolt that moves with the turning key without turning
  • Safer than others


  • Stronger protection against break-ins
  • The average rating is 4.3 stars
  • Unique locking mechanism


  • It can’t be activated from both sides


All in all, choosing the best bedroom door locks is important for your safety and peace of mind. With the wide range of options available, you can find a lock that suits your needs and preferences.

Remember to think of factors like security level, ease of use, and compatibility with your door type.

Whether it’s a simple knob lock, a deadbolt for added security, or a smart lock with advanced features, each type has its advantages.

If you’re a renter, use discussing lock changes with your landlord or non-permanent options.

Before making a decision, read reviews, ask for recommendations, and make sure the lock you choose is durable and reliable.

By investing in a quality bedroom door lock, you’re taking a step toward increasing the safety of your personal space.

A secure bedroom door locks provide a sense of comfort, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your bedroom is a sanctuary where you can unwind without worry.

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