30 Best Farmhouse Antique White Kitchen Cabinets for Home

30 farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets

Having an evergreen charm of timelessness and modernity in your home is a dream for every house owner, where they try all the best of things to transform their house in the best possible manner.

However, the kitchen is something that we let go of, but how about the fact that it is equally important for your home’s ambiance as other places? Even those who wish to transform it fall short of the ideas and become frustrated and clueless.

But now, no more; we have curated a list of 30 such farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets with the sheer endurance of style and utility altogether. 

As a form of versatility, these kitchen designs effortlessly can go into sync with the kitchen of any pattern that allows homeowners to resonate with their unique aesthetic.

So, without any further ado, let us dive deep into these creative ideas that are of immense help in transforming your space with class and purpose.

1. White Farmhouse Kitchen

White Farmhouse Kitchen

The huge kitchen cabinet in this setup is placed as an island in the center of the floor of your cooking space and aims to demonstrate the elegant power of the timeless design from many different angles. As the guest or the owner passes by, they get to witness the additional touch of class and quality that defines volume and utility altogether.

A classy chandelier or the lighting can be clubbed, as done in the image above, to complete the overall design. Make sure that your lighting and the interior aura must complement each other.

2. Elegant Movable White Cabinet


Here is an example of a classy and modern kitchen setup that defines space utilization in the best possible manner. Such kind of farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets are best for the kitchen with space constraints and are equally magnificent for a kitchen of this big size.

You can also remove the moving cabinet to transform the space in the center into a dining hold. The slab atop the moving cabinet can be complemented by the color of the walls as well; however, this is something that lies in the sole discretion of the owners.

3. White Kitchen with a Dark Wood Island

White Kitchen with a Dark Wood Island

It is one of the most elegant farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinet ideas that has the sheer potential to complement any preexisting setup. The dark base of the island at the center gives your cooking space a majestic touch with immense volume to define. Lighting, again, has a very crucial role to play in adding an important glaze to the entire setup.

Make sure that with that kind of cabinet color, as depicted in the image above, you check your wall colors in the best possible way, as this will eventually define the overall look.

4. White Cabinet with Dark Hardware

White Cabinet with Dark Hardware

Dark appliances generally tend to leave a special mark against their lighter counterparts. Such farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets help you create a cohesive look by working in sync with your white cabinet to create a timeless and elegant look. Opt for a mix of sizes and shapes of different varieties to bring versatility to your arrangement.

If you are the kind of person who never settles for less, you can have the handles of the cabinets colored in a golden color that would help you add multiple-fold glaze to your kitchen’s overall arrangement.

5. Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Cabinets

Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Cabinets .jpg

White-colored cabinets, when paired with open wood shelving, give a kitchen the feel of a modern farmhouse, and you know what? It’s super easy to create. The best part about this kind of farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets is that it can help in creating any form of look just by adding a few basic elements alongside it.

A plant, though, is nothing big to be taught. However, its mere presence gives this kitchen a top-notch look. The White cabinets contained in the image above, with simple matte black hardware, make the other elements of the kitchens, including the shelves and other decor, stand out.

6. White Kitchen with Black Countertop

White Kitchen with Black Countertop

This type of farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets can give you a glazing and distressing traditional look to your cabinetry, with a top-notch finish that gives a modern feel. The best part about this arrangement is that it requires less maintenance and is the most sought-after idea in the design space, owing to its utility. The reflective surface of the white kitchen bounces light around your room and helps make the space feel a lot brighter and shiner.

This kind of arrangement is especially prominent in matte appliances that are incredibly prominent in defining your cooking space. Apart from that, the decoration part that obviously plays a prominent role, lighting, planters, and decorative statues, are among the best options to be taken up without any space of doubt.

7. Bold Backsplash with White Kitchen Cabinet

Bold Backsplash with White Kitchen Cabinet

Even though this evokes an illogical sense, painting your kitchen cabinets white is actually the best way to bring a huge vibrance into your kitchen. By just adding a neutral backdrop, you can play around with different backsplash and wall color variations. The possibilities for having a variety of designs are nearly endless.

Ranging from a typical pattern based on stripes or geometrical shapes, you can have creative graffiti as one depicted in the image above. However, it is highly advisable that you opt for something that best complements the pre-existing ambiance of your kitchen to bring out the best of the overall setup.

8. White Kitchen Cabinet with Granite Countertop

White Kitchen Cabinet with Granite Countertop

One of the best farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets that will never fail to amuse you and your guests. Allow the granite countertops to add immense value and depth to your cooking space. One of the best parts about having granite countertops is that they can literally pair up with any cabinet design. However, there is no denying that white has the best match of all.

Apart from this arrangement, the decoration is vital in defining the overall look. It depends on what the individual wants to have; among those, having small planters has an important role to play, and the rest depends upon your personal call.

9. White Cabinet with Black Tiling

White Cabinet with Black Tiling

Just like the traditional black and white combo, white kitchen cabinets with the black setting stand appropriate almost anywhere and will never fail to impress. Whether your space is sleek, modern, warm, or traditional in the farmhouse style, all the ideas will incredibly go well with this one design. Not to forget to have the designed tiles as shown here; it is pertinent to mention that there is not always the requirement to have a designer element; a simple touch with basic modifications will also work for the minimalist look.

The most inspiring part in this entire episode will work in how you detail things based on your customization. Just a few additions as presented in the image, and let your creativity do the talking. You can also consider having ply in your cooking space that works best, just like the one shown above.

10. White Cabinet with Subway Tile

White Cabinet with Subway Tile

If you want an all-white setup, then this could be the idea for you. You can proceed with this in any manner you choose; however, make sure the texture must be used only based on your advantage. Subway tiles laid in a herringbone pattern or white stone marked with spots add visual interest to your kitchen without breaking away from a sophisticated white kitchen cabinet scheme.

Opt to continue the same metal finishes throughout hardware and appliances to keep the look consistent; if budget is a constraint, you can also consider a few different options as presented in the ideas that we have detailed above.

11. Pairing Wood Island with White Cabinets

Pairing Wood Island with White Cabinets

There are absolutely endless possibilities that you can proceed with, especially when it is about having white. If you are someone who wishes to have a dark setting in your home’s interior, then this is the idea that will suit you best. Go for the warmer tone and shift directions to use the wood cabinetry as the modern kitchen island.

Consider using the same hardware on both the white perimeter cabinets and the island or the same countertop on both to tie the look together. This setup for farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets is the best you can have for your kitchen, even if you are low on budget.

12. Cottage-style White Kitchen Cabinet

Cottage-style White Kitchen Cabinet

When it comes to cottage-styled design, there can be nothing better than white, which is why white kitchen cabinets work so well for almost every style you want to have. You can pair the cabinet with an endless number of options that begin with vintage hardware, super adorable pastels, and other useful materials that include beaded board soapstone or the wooden surface to determine the ultimate cottage style that is the soul of any antique kitchen setup. Such styles for farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets are best to have a wholesome traditional getup for your cooking space that will never cease to make an impact.

13. The Two-Toned Cabinetry

The Two-Toned Cabinetry .jpg

Though this might sound absurd to many, these two-toned cabinetry farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets have an important practical purpose to serve. In this specific design, the darker base cabinet is meant to accompany the cooking space well. In contrast, the upper lighter cabinets that are placed there combine perfectly with white subway tile and give the space an open and airy feel that adds to the versatility of the surface in the best possible manner.

Take, for example, the idea presented above; you can consider painting the faucets and other regulators of the hardware in golden. Decoration, as in any other idea plays a crucial role in defining the space, as does this design. However, make sure that you have the inventory well aligned so that you don’t have to muzzle yourself with the dusting and cleaning thing now and then.

14. Adding Beadboard Heads

Adding Beadboard Heads .png

Beadboard is another significant material that is extremely less talked about when it comes to adding decorative value to your kitchen space. On one side, the paneled wood gives the cabinetry a traditional look, while the ambiance has been given delicate attention to be typically modern. Tiling and the flooring are the other essential aspect that requires your due attention to complete the entire look in the best possible manner.

15. Contrasting with Wood

Contrasting with Wood .jpg

Whites might be a boring shade to many, but its versatility is its biggest USP. This can fit into any place of your choice and can complement any other material. Check out the unique piece displayed in the image above; this entity makes up the perfect farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets idea that has the sheer potential to match the theme of any setup.

With a white countertop and wooden wrap-over, this idea has carried a minimalistic artwork that every homeowner would surely consider having in their home. Consider deliberating over the lighting before you finally make a call for it because it is something that is going to give your setup the last look that actually matters.

16. Consider Having a Rustic Arrangement with Nauticals

Consider Having a Rustic Arrangement with Nauticals .jpg

The architecture of this farmhouse’s antique white kitchen cabinets has incorporated a shining navy blue tile alongside crisp cabinetry in white for a timeless and appealing nautical look. The wooden cabinets add finer volume to the entire detailing, besides adding purpose to the arrangement, giving the overall setup a spacious and airy look without cluttering things.

The wooden arrangement also personalizes the cooking area with a seaworthy vibe. The idea, as presented above in the image, flaunts the materials of premium quality and calls for maintenance in the best possible way. So, make all the arrangements accordingly to define the space, which is essential to bring out the best in the style and appearance.

17. Going All-Around with Off-White Shade

Going All-Around with Off-White Shade

Adding the theme of your favorite dining restaurant is not an uphill task to achieve with this off-white farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets. In this idea depicted above, the designer has creatively used the off-white shade that has a gray hint in it and is well complemented with the designer tiles arrangement in the background. Such kinds of ideas are perfect to go with the cooking space that has enough area.

Having this arrangement at the center of your entire design does the 90 percent job for you; for the rest, consider having personalized designing in any manner you wish. Hanging lighting right above the island can be a better option to carry forward alongside the tiny planter placed at the center.

18. Embrace Minimalism with Less Hardware

Embrace Minimalism with Less Hardware

This is one of the smartest farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinet designs that can go well with any idea and space in anyone’s home. This arrangement flaunts the minimal hardware alongside a few knobs and black-colored drawer pulls wherever required. The idea of having this is to give a decent, cluttered look that many embrace with love. You can smartly utilize this idea in a home where space is a constraint, and you can define this towards the center of the hall along with a passage from the sideways of the island, making way for other areas of the room.

19. Make the Setup Contrasting with Beam

Make the Setup Contrasting with Beam

This farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinet is one of our best in the bloc, with the central theme of our article. It is a club with both a kitchen and a dining space. You can have an island at the center, which is completely optional. For this specific design, a mix of blue and gray shades has been taken, which can be switched to match the overall ambiance of the room in the style you wish. A candle-designed lighting overhead makes the most of the setup and helps complete the overall design with the best outlook.

20. White Cabinet Setup with Halloween Decor

White Cabinet Setup with Halloween Decor

A perfect theme farmhouse with antique white kitchen cabinets that can never go out of style. This is just one idea for a specific theme; you can create an endless number of designs through self-customization and craft that will give you a sense of pride and happiness every time you step into the kitchen. The best part of this setup is that it can be incorporated into kitchens of any size and space. It is also a great idea to have in the kitchen of bachelors who are living alone in small apartments away from their homes.

21. Make a Combination of Style and Utility

Make a Combination of Style and Utility .jpg

It is crucial to keep in mind that your kitchen should not just be aesthetically pleasant. Rather, it must be of immense practical value. If you are someone who loves the art of cooking and keeps yourself actively engaged in it, it is important for you to carry forward the rummage in your space all around. While opening up the drawers and cabinets, you must make sure that the hardware that is under operation is easily sizable and can be grabbed with ease whenever you need it. Such farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets are easy to decorate as well, so make up your mind and customize it in any manner you want.

22. French Country-Styled White Kitchen

French Country-Styled White Kitchen

Crisp walls and ceilings, newly made white cabinets from scrap wood, and a sea of marble, including Carrara marble worktops, handcrafted marble-and-wood shelving, and marble subway tile backsplash, give the room a more open sense. In this particular example, the owner decided to install black oak flooring in a herringbone pattern instead of linoleum. Still, they were dismayed to learn that black oak had a tendency towards stain pink. Apart from that, you see how well the flowers played their role in defining the overall volume of the kitchen, giving out its best possible look.

23. Stone Walls and Rustic Beams in White Kitchen

Stone Walls and Rustic Beams in White Kitchen

The owner of this setup has given one of the most inspiring farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets for our listicle. This setup goes perfectly in sync with the central theme of our idea, and what is even better in this overall scheme of things is its ambiance. The traditional flare in this arrangement gives you the idea to transform even a small space into such a delightful piece of art.

For this, even if you don’t have much to do for your decor part, just having this will get the entire job done for you in the best possible way. Classic white subway tile with dark grey grout is used on the neighboring wall, adding a graphic, contemporary accent to the otherwise rustic room.

24. The Farm-Inspired Kitchen with White Cabinets

The Farm-Inspired Kitchen with White Cabinets

How about having this set up right in front of the entrance door of your home? For this farmhouse’s antique white kitchen cabinets, the owner has used wooden cross-back counter stools and positioned at a white kitchen island in this stained-wood flooring kitchen, which is illuminated by black pendant lighting. Kitchen cabinets with white trim and black hardware are on each side of the island, making it one of the most ideal modern designs. For us, the flooring has majorly dominated the entire game in the major scheme of things here, and flowers have done the rest of the job for you.

25. Shiplap Kitchen with White Cabinets

Shiplap Kitchen with White Cabinets

How can we not have a shiplap-inspired design when it is all about the white setup? Here, the black-colored bar stools are placed with the white island with the same colored countertop, where the island faces the farmhouse cabinets that come with black pulls. Flooring has been immensely incorporated to derive the final look of the space and infuse life in your kitchen. Lighting again lies in your ambit to make the look in the best possible manner, how actually you wish your cooking space to appear.

26. Go Vintage with Antique Accessories

Go Vintage with Antique Accessories

When it is about farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets, including antique accessories, it is the best that you can do for yourself and your kitchen overall. Every single element in this space has been incredibly adjusted, showing the importance of corners for making the overall arrangements. Beginning with the vintage French table plays the role of an island at the center, with the same old-styled benches and tools accompanying it to complete the spacing at the center.

This is later complemented by the skylight at the top for the maximum natural light in the pre-existing white setup. Don’t forget to notice the adorable white planters on the shelf in each corner that is left blank with the unavailability of essential kitchen amenities.

27. Designing Patterned Rug in The White Kitchen

Designing Patterned Rug in The White Kitchen

Having a perfect farmhouse with antique white kitchen cabinets does not just require the arrangement above. The flooring also holds an important aspect. Take, for case, this idea depicted in the image above. A designer patterned rug in a simple and small setup can do a lot for having the best possible look. For a small space like this one, literally, you can not do much. However, having a setup where your amenities are perfectly aligned and things properly in place, you can have something like this that is best for the visual appeal.

Not to forget how the quaint galley is made cozier with breadboards, delightful raw wood storage, reclaimed wood ceilings, and butcher block worktops alongside a pair of wicker sconces to complete the look.

28. Pairing with Gray

Pairing with Gray .jpg

Having a slight tinch of contrasting shade is never a bad option to go with, especially in this all-white setup. For another farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinet, we have brought to you this idea clubbed with gray, making it a perfect combination for delightness and utility. With the island at the center, you cover all the essential amenities in a modern setup by keeping the traditional feel alive. With the warm gray cabinets at the bottom, you are infusing versatility overall, giving this space a much aesthetic appeal.

29. The Chessboard Flooring

The Chessboard Flooring

By using clean board-and-batten walls, open storage, and a white refrigerator with a retro feel, the designer of this setup was able to replicate the vintage feel of this home in this bright kitchen. A delightful contrast is provided by the checkered floor with black grout. This farmhouse’s antique white kitchen cabinets give the best feeling of the vintage design that incorporates the best of the 80s and 90s feel with a modern touch.

30. The Airy Kitchen Setup

The Airy Kitchen Setup

No one can object to having such a serene architecture of class and taste in your cooking space. The owner of this farmhouse’s antique white kitchen cabinets has opted for a white and grayish palette and has considered not to proceed with the top cabinets that even make the arrangement look more spacious.

Apart from that, the owner also has put up some unique European lights and an old dish rack some century old. Do not forget to add greenery with pots inside as well.


The pleasantry theme of farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets remains unparalleled even to date. Combining the timeless charm clubbed with functionality has been an integral theme taught in all the 30 ideas that we have presented above.

These ideas have proven to be a perfect fleeting trend and help in creating a permanent place in the hearts of the beholder and the owners who wish to have a blend of warmth and modernity.

This antique white shade not only illuminates the space but also brings a much-needed essence of homeliness and welcomes an ambiance that you would never wish to let go of.

Every idea has a charming importance that fits somehow or the other in the needs of every homeowner who is planning to have farmhouse antique white kitchen cabinets. So, this is it from us; let us know how well you liked our ideas and share your ideas that match the best with our theme that you have seen or tried.