25 Suburban Houses of Various Styles and Sizes

Suburban Houses (Various Styles and Sizes)

If you want to design a house that looks attractive in suburban areas then look no further.

We’ve got different types of suburban houses to show you that will change the overall look of your house. Whether you like attractive mansions or big-family homes, you’ll find a little bit of everything here.

From small cozy cottages to large family homes, this collection of houses shows different types of patterns that suit different households’ preferences. Whether you like classic looks or modern appearance, certain types of houses match your taste.

Every house is comfortable and practical, made for families and individuals. These houses are more than just buildings; they are places where you can relax with your family, make memories, and build dreams.

So, come with us and go through these best suburban houses; you’ll see how quality and looks come together, making homes that fit right into their surroundings!

1. Carriage House

Carriage House

This addition of suburban house design is best for you; this Carriage House is a special building that looks fascinating. It’s usually tucked behind bigger houses and used to hold carriages pulled by horses a long time ago. Nowadays, some have turned it into a comfy place to live or a garage.

The Carriage House has both old-fashioned beauty and new usefulness. It often has classic stuff like sloped roofs and wooden doors. People like it because it can be changed to fit different needs and has a cute, old-fashioned feel. That’s why people who want a mix of history and modern living like it.

2. Queen Anne House

Queen Anne House

The Queen Anne house was really popular in the late 19th century. These houses are known for being fancy. They look a bit unbalanced sometimes, with roofs that are steep and pointy parts called gables that are all decorated.

On the outside, you’ll see lots of materials like bricks, wood, and stone. The houses have a lot of little details that make them special, like thin posts, brackets, and wooden tiles. They also have round parts that stick out and porches that go all the way around the house, which are great for hanging out outside.

Inside, the houses have tall ceilings, windows made of colorful glass, and lots of detailed wood decorations. These suburban houses are all about showing off desired things during the time of Queen Anne.

3. Cape Cod Houses


Cape Cod houses bring a touch of New England’s coastal attractions to the best suburbs in which to live. These affordable suburban houses are known for their simple, symmetrical construction. They usually have steep roofs, dormer windows, and clapboard siding.

The front door is often centrally placed and flanked by windows. Inside, Cape Cod houses offer a homey environment with small yet comfortable rooms.

You might find bedrooms upstairs and a living room, kitchen, and dining area downstairs. These houses often feature fireplace stoves to keep you warm during chilly evenings. Cape Cod houses release the feeling of nostalgia and are perfect for those who appreciate classic houses.

4. Victorian House

Victorian House

A Victorian house is a pleasing representation of the 19th-century architectural era known as the Victorian era. These suburban houses boast complex details and ornate patterns, showcasing a blend of Gothic and Romanesque influences.

With their sharp roofs, vibrant color schemes, and textured exteriors, Victorian houses are easily recognizable. Inside, you’ll often find high ceilings decorated with moldings, large windows fitted with decorative wall panels, and fireplaces that radiate a feeling of glory. Victorian houses also frequently feature wrap-around porches, allowing homeowners to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining a connection with their home’s distinctive character.

5. Craftsman Houses

Craftsman Houses

Craftsman houses, beloved for their pleasing and artistic appearance, are an important part of suburban housing neighborhoods. These houses harken back to the early 20th century and are known for their distinctive features. With overhanging eaves, exposed rafters, and twisted woodwork, these homes release a warm and inviting aura.

Well-built stone foundations and important front porches are often part of their design, encouraging a feeling of community. Inside, Craftsman houses boast spacious interiors with open floor plans prioritizing comfort. Generous use of wood, often oak, is evident in the cozy built-in cabinets and flashy fireplaces that grace their living rooms. Stained glass windows and earthy color palettes complement the natural surroundings.

6. Small Houses

Small Houses

Tiny homes, a growing trend in suburban houses, show that having less can look better. These small houses use space well and are still cozy. They focus on being a simple, bright, mindful way of living and caring for the environment. These homes usually have smart ways to store things, furniture like table and sofa that serves many purposes, and bright rooms that seem bigger than they are.

Every part of these houses is used effectively. Beds on high floors and in-between floors use up-and-down space, while windows let sunlight inside. The outside of the house is small but still looks stylish. They often have unique fronts and creative gardens, proving that a comfortable and pretty home isn’t only about its size.

7. Modern Houses

Modern Houses

Modern houses have a smooth look with clean lines, windows, and a simple look. These homes often use advanced materials like glass, concrete, and steel, which blend indoor and outdoor areas easily. Inside, they have open layouts that make moving around easy and connected.

With high ceilings and neat spaces, they feel roomy. These homes also focus on saving energy using solar panels, smart technology, and eco-friendly materials. They’re not just places to live but also reflect a forward-looking way of life.

8. Colonial House

Colonial House

The Colonial house reflects the architectural tradition of early America from the 1600s to the 1700s. These houses focus on simplicity, symmetry, and a modern approach. The outside usually has brick or wood and evenly spaced windows. The front door in the center is decorated with decorative crown candles. Inside, Colonial houses have a practical layout with a central hallway and rooms on each side.

This makes the best use of space and lets air flow well. These best suburban houses have hardwood floors, traditional fireplaces, and classic woodwork that adds personality.

9. Farmhouse


A farmhouse is an attractive suburban house design with a peasant feel. It usually has a large front porch where you can enjoy fresh air and nice views. These suburban houses often use wood and stone materials, which make them look warm and inviting. Farmhouses are known for their triangular roofs and sometimes tall cylindrical towers, which adds to their special character.

Inside, farmhouses have a lot of living space, which is great for families. The ceilings are high, and you can see wooden beams, which makes it feel cozy. Many farmhouses have a traditional layout with a fancy dining area and a comfy living room built around a fireplace.

10. Cottage

Cottage .jpg

Cottages are fascinating suburban house designs located in suburban areas, known for their fashioned living experience. Being smaller in size, these houses are full of delightful details. They often have a fairytale-like appearance with steep roofs, gardens full of flowers, and decorative shutters hinges. The outside of cottages is usually decorated with wooden shingles or bricks, which gives each cottage a unique personality.

Inside, cottages are constructed to provide comfort. The living spaces are well-used, and there’s a focus on creating a welcoming environment. Some cottages have an open layout that connects the living room, kitchen, and dining area to make the most of the available room.

11. Rowhouse


Rowhouses, also known as townhouses, are a popular suburban house-making technique that maximizes space in a community. These suburban houses are attached in a row, forming a uniform streetscape. Rowhouses often feature brick or stone frontage, giving a feeling of unity while allowing individuality through unique front doors and windows.

Inside, rowhouses offer multi-level living. The layout is efficient, with each floor serving a specific purpose. Bedrooms are spread across the upper floors, providing separation and privacy. Some rowhouses may even have a rooftop terrace for outdoor relaxation.

12. Greek Revival House

Greek Revival House

Among suburban houses, you might come across a dazzling look known as the Greek Revival house. This architectural marvel takes inspiration from ancient Greek temples, beautifully combining grace with history. These houses gained popularity in the 19th century in the United States. A key feature is the triangular roof structure above the entrance, resembling the roofs of Greek temples.

Another feature is the tall, majestic columns that often grace the front of the house. These columns closely resemble those seen on temples like the Parthenon, contributing to a grand and impressive look. Symmetry is a hallmark of Greek Revival houses; windows and doors are evenly spaced on both sides of the central entrance. The roofs usually have a triangular shape, like a gable, which adds grace.

13. Antebellum House

Antebellum House

Traveling back in time, you might come across the Antebellum house, a prime example of Southern suburban houses. These houses originated before the American Civil War and represent a unique historical period. They often feature big, impressive porches held up by columns, inviting residents to enjoy the outdoors.

Antebellum houses display various architectural techniques, including influences from Greek Revival and Neoclassical layouts. The houses are typically spacious, with multiple floors and large rooms that release a feel of luxury. The fine details, from complex decorations to wrought-iron railings, showcase the craftsmanship of that era.

14. Ranch House

Ranch House

The Ranch house is a popular choice in suburban houses. It’s known for its single-story layout and long, low profile. This type of pattern originated in the 1920s but gained huge popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. The feature of Ranch houses is their open floor plans, making them perfect for families and those who prefer easy movement between rooms.

With a focus on simplicity, these houses often have an exterior decorated with large windows, simple rooflines, and an attached garage. The Ranch style’s flexibility has allowed it to adapt to various sizes, from compact to more spacious options.

15. Tudor House

Tudor House

Tudor houses bring a touch of old-world attraction to suburban neighborhoods. These types of best suburban houses draw inspiration from medieval English architecture, featuring steeply pitched roofs, decorative half-timbering (wooden beams exposed on the exterior), and stucco walls.

One can easily recognize a Tudor house’s unique asymmetrical pattern, tall, narrow windows, and fascinating cross-gabled roofs. Tudor homes often have cottage-like interiors with rich wooden details and textured surfaces. They bring a feeling of storybook grace to your neighborhoods, blending the past with the present.

16. Mediterranean Houses

Mediterranean Houses

Mediterranean houses bring romantic vibes of the Mediterranean region to suburban areas. The coastal parts of Spain, Italy, and Greece inspire these budget-friendly suburban houses. They have unique features like red-tiled roofs, stucco walls, arched doorways, and wrought-iron details.

One important thing about Mediterranean homes is their outdoor living spaces, such as courtyards, terraces, and balconies, which give a strong connection with nature. Inside, you’ll often find open layouts, lively colors, and textured surfaces like stone or terracotta tiles. These houses create a relaxed and welcoming environment similar to seaside villas.

17. Mansion


A mansion is a grand and impressive type of suburban house. These homes are known for their large size and luxurious features. With many rooms and sprawling layouts, mansions offer enough space for living and entertaining.

They often feature stunning architectural details such as grand entrances, complex moldings, and decorated chandeliers. Mansions are designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, with expansive gardens, swimming pools, and sometimes even private tennis courts. Some famous mansions, like the Biltmore Estate, have historical importance and are open for public tours.

18. Country French Houses

Country French Houses

Country French homes bring a homely vibe to suburban living. These homes are inspired by the countryside of France, combining urbanity and coziness. They usually have steep roofs, detailed brick or stone exteriors, and touches like wrought iron decorations.

Inside, you’ll find warm spaces with wooden beams, fireplaces, and a focus on natural materials. These homes often have open kitchens and dining areas that create a feeling of togetherness. Gardens with colorful flowers and neatly trimmed hedges add to the look of these homes. Overall, they offer comfort, making them a popular choice for homeowners who want a relaxed atmosphere.

19. Townhome


A townhome is a suburban housing choice. These suburban houses are usually lined up in rows and share walls with the neighbors. They’re great for those who want the benefits of owning a home with less upkeep than a standalone house. Townhomes usually have multiple floors, with bedrooms and living spaces cleverly arranged to make the most of the space. Many townhome neighborhoods have shared extras like playgrounds or pools.

The way townhomes look on the outside can be quite different, from vintage looks with simple lines to more traditional looks with brick or siding. Because they’re conveniently placed and need less maintenance, townhomes are a favorite for individuals, couples, and small families looking for comfy suburban houses.

20. Bungalow


Bungalows are comfortable, one-story houses that you might see in a friendly suburban area. They usually have a low-set structure with a broad front porch that gives relaxation. Bungalows have open interiors, making it simple to go from room to room. These homes often come with delightful features like visible beams and ornamental woodwork.

They’re ideal for people who like living on one level and feeling part of a tight-knit community. Thanks to their manageable size and layout, these types of suburban houses are great choices for individuals, couples, and families.

21. Condo


Condos, which stands for condominiums, are popular and affordable suburban houses choice in the suburbs for people who want to own a home but also share facilities. They’re usually tall buildings with homes owned by those living in them. Each home is like a small house, often with one to three bedrooms.

Living in a condo gives you a balance of having your own space and also getting to use things like an inflatable swimming pool, gym, or clubhouse that everyone can enjoy. The people who manage the condos take care of the outside, so you don’t have to worry about fixing the yard or the building. Condos are a good choice for folks who want a mix of convenience and feeling like they’re part of a bigger community.

22. Duplex


Duplexes are two-unit houses that share a common wall. These budget-friendly suburban houses are perfect for those who want their own separate living space but still value close time to others. Each unit in a duplex is like an independent home, with its entrance, bedrooms, kitchen, and living area.

They’re great for extended families, friends who want to live near each other, or even homeowners who want to rent out the second unit for extra income. Duplexes come in various types, from classic to modern, and offer a flexible and adaptable living arrangement.

23. McMansion


A McMansion is a great, flashy house in the top suburbs that’s known for being large and having fancy features. These houses usually try to look fancy by using other ways, but sometimes they look like a mix of different patterns. People started liking these houses a lot in the late 20th century, especially in the United States, because they showed off how rich and successful someone was.

These affordable suburban houses are usually really huge inside, with lots of bedrooms, bathrooms, and big living areas. But sometimes, because they care more about having a lot of stuff rather than making things nice, the rooms can be large, and the layout can be bad. Even though they look really impressive, some people who criticize them say they don’t have the real beauty and special design of older houses.

24. Mobile House

Mobile House .jpg

A mobile house, often called a mobile home or trailer home, is a type of home made for easy moving. These houses are made in factories and then taken to where they’ll live. They’re a cheaper housing choice and can be found as the best suburbs to live in, allowing one to own budget-friendly suburban houses. Mobile homes come in different sizes and designs, from single-wide to double-wide.

They have basic things like living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. They might not be as fancy as regular suburban houses, but they offer a comfy living space for way less money.

25. Motorhome


A motorhome, also called a motor coach or RV (recreational vehicle), gives you the special experience of having a warm home while being able to travel wherever you want. These are like houses on wheels made for travel. You can go to other places and still have all the things that make you comfortable at home. There are different types of motorhomes, from the huge and fancy Class A to Class C and camper vans.

They have living spaces, places to sleep, kitchens, and bathrooms, everything you need in one vehicle. These types of suburban houses are great for people who love adventure and want to live in any neighborhood without staying in just one place.


All in all, we have seen different types of suburban houses have something for everyone’s tastes and needs.

These homes represent the beauty of suburban living, offering both coziness and comfort. From decorated cottages to spacious modern designs, you’ll find a wide variety that shows off the homeowner’s personality.

There are homes for small and larger families, ensuring a good match for all kinds of households. These houses give the peaceful vibe of suburbs, with well-kept gardens and peaceful surroundings.

This selection highlights how suburban living can suit anybody’s lifestyle, from those looking for a quiet escape to those who want an active community.

The house-making techniques also reflect architectural trends, showing how suburban houses adjust to new preferences while keeping that comfy feeling. These houses capture the heart of comfortable living.

Now, let’s appreciate this awesome collection of suburban houses and make an ideal home for your loved ones.

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