25 Creative Corner Fireplace Design Ideas

25 Corner Fireplace Design Ideas

Are you excited to make your home more beautiful? We’re here to help you with awesome ideas for your corner fireplace. Enjoy a warm fire in a comfy corner, maybe with hot chocolate.

We’ll show you different ways to make your corner special. They look long-lasting and bring a kind feeling. If you like modern stuff, there are cool designs with simple lines and a stylish flame.

But that’s not all; what about corner fireplaces with pretty stones around them? The colors and textures of the stones create a magical atmosphere.

So, if you like both inside and outside things, fireplaces with a unique shelf called a mantel might be perfect. And, if you like old-fashioned things, new and smooth stuff, or a mix of both, these fireplace ideas are just for you.

So, plan to make your home kind and pretty by trying out these fantastic ideas and enjoying its mellow fire.

1. Fireplace in The Corner

Fireplace in The Corner

A corner fireplace is a clever way to save space and make a room look nice. It’s put in a corner, so it uses up a spot that wasn’t used before. Think of resting up by the flickering flames of a fireplace on a cold evening, softly moving in the corner.

This smart choice of fireplace and flameless LED candles gives a good feeling of relaxation and talking. It also lets you decorate around it creatively and has a big wooden shelf that makes the fireplace stand out. The corner spot doesn’t just make it look good; it also makes it useful. It helps the room flow better, so you can put your fireplace in a better way.

2. Frame Borders for The Fireplace


Putting fancy borders around a fireplace makes it look even better. These borders have many different manners, from old-fashioned to the latest, so you can make the fireplace match how you’ve decorated the room. These fireplace borders can have pretty designs or simple lines that make the fireplace look nice.

They don’t just go around the fireplace; they also make your time there special. For example, the borders make everything look nice when you and your friends gather around, telling stories. You can pick a border that goes with how the room feels fancy for a fancy feel or simple for a simple style.

3. Thick Wooden Shelf Above the Fireplace

Version 1.0.0

A big wooden mantel made from strong wood is a great addition that shows off natural beauty and strength. It adds a lot of down-to-earth glamour to the fireplace in the corner. The big mantel is great for showing off decorations, family pictures, or unique things you like. Think about how the soft flickering flames look against the solid wooden mantel. It’s a nice mix of things that go well together.

Whether you like farmhouse style or more classic looks, a big wooden mantel brings together usefulness and looks, making a space that feels welcoming and friendly.

4. Fireplace Simplified

Fireplace Simplified

Create an impressive vibe with the latest fireplaces with simplified features that make them super easy to use. You can adjust the flames’ strength and how warm they make the room with a button press or a remote control. This convenience brings comfort and kindness to your space without the hassle of traditional fire-starting methods. Check popular options like the smooth Corner Electric Fireplace or the latest Wall-Mounted LED Fireplace.

These products offer the same user-friendly features mentioned in the paragraph, allowing you to enjoy the comforting view of a fire without any extra effort.

5. Basic Marble Fireplace Surround

Basic Marble Fireplace Surround .jpg

A simple marble frame has a classic look. The marble’s smooth lines give a long-lasting backdrop to your corner fireplace. The neutral colors match various interior styles, from modern to traditional, making it a flexible choice. The marble frame creates a creative experience, making the fireplace the main focus. This straightforward marble design brings a classy vibe. Its simple beauty makes your fireplace more noticeable.

The beautiful marble frame’s permanent design suits any home decor. The lasting marble surface complements the fireplace corner well, and the neutral shades of marble make it fit in with any color scheme. Overall, the simple marble frame easily boosts the glamour of your fireplace corner.

6. Adorned Hearth

Adorned Hearth .jpg

A pretty fireplace is the main spot that adds kindness to your room. You can decorate it with nice things like candles, vases, or artwork to show your nature.

The shelf on top is a good place to put decorations that match the time of year, so you can change how it looks as the seasons go by. Pick things that show what you like and make the room feel comfy. This way, your space will feel even more friendly and welcoming.

7. Low and Long

Low and Long

Choosing a short and wide corner fireplace can make the room look bigger. This design has the latest look and fits well in big rooms. You can make the room seem even larger by putting mirrors on the walls. The fireplace’s stretched-out shape makes the room look even and smooth, which goes nicely with the wall mirrors.

The short fireplace also ensures it doesn’t take up too much space, keeping a nice feeling. If you have a lot of room, this kind of fireplace, along with wall-mounted mirrors, can be a really good choice for making the room look better and balanced.

8. Tile Border Around the Fireplace

Tile Border Around the Fireplace

Consider having a fireplace in the corner of your room. It’s like an impressive spot where you can feel restful. You get to choose the tiles you think will go well with your room is design. These tiles do more than look nice; they also help to keep the fireplace safe.

Cleaning them is easy, which is good for families with much to do. So, a corner fireplace with tiles is a smart choice if you want something that looks nice and useful. It will make your room feel even more comfortable and pleasant.

9. Create A Cozy Seating Arrangement

Create A Cozy Seating Arrangement

Putting furniture near the corner fireplace makes it a comfy place to sit. You can arrange sofas and chairs, which help people have nice talks and feel relaxed. This setup makes the fireplace even more outstanding, like a spot where everyone naturally comes together.

You can make the seats comfortable by putting soft cushions and blankets on them. This makes people want to relax and enjoy the fireplace’s mellow light. So, when you’re thinking about how to set up your furniture, remember that a corner fireplace can make a nice, impressive space for chatting and spending time with family and friends.

10. Maximize Space

Maximize Space

A corner fireplace is like a clever trick to use space better. When you put the fireplace in a corner that’s not being used, You receive more space on the walls, and that’s nice. This helps you to have extra space for other furniture or pretty things.

It’s super useful in tiny rooms where you need every bit of space you can get. By putting the fireplace in the corner, you can figure out better ways to put your furniture and make the room look nice and welcoming. It’s like making a puzzle fit together just right so the room feels friendly.

11. Add an Architectural Feature

Add an Architectural Feature

Make your living space better with a corner fireplace and corner shelves. It’s a fancy architectural feature. The smart corner location makes it look good and work well. This extra thing becomes attractive and gives the room more personality.

Putting it and the corner shelves together helps them fit nicely with your furniture. This is a good idea for big and small rooms. Nicely planned corner shelves provide a spot to display decorative items, while a corner fireplace can make your room a comfy place, making it impressive.

12. Save Room Space

Save Room Space

Make your space work better by choosing a corner fireplace and adding a Corner Accent Chair. Regular fireplaces take up middle wall space, but fireplaces use corners that are usually unused.

This smart design saves space, letting you have more furniture like the Corner Accent Chair and decorations and making your place feel open. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment or a big house. A fireplace uses your space well without giving up on the pretty feeling.

13. Remember the Extra Items

Remember the Extra Items

Well, make your corner fireplace look even better by picking nice accessories. Get a cool mantel that matches how you like things. Things like fancy art, mirrors, or vases can make your fireplace even better. Remember to pick stuff that goes well with how your fireplace and room look.

Choosing things carefully can make your corner fireplace a nice decoration that shows off your personality. So, think of what you like and make your fireplace awesome. You can choose different things to put around it, like pictures or vases, to make it look even nicer.

14. Corner Fireplace idea with Beautiful Natural Stones

Material gains
Oak wood beam timber frame living room, white sofa, armchair, wood burning stove, stone chimney breast.

You can make your home look even more beautiful by using Decorative Fireplace Rocks, such as limestone, granite, or slate, in one corner. These rocks, with their nice colors and textures sourced from the environment, make your home feel real and good-looking.

Each rock boasts its unique design, ensuring your corner fireplace will be different from anyone else’s, making it truly fancy. It doesn’t matter if your home has an old-fashioned or modern look; this type of fireplace fits both. It’s like adding a bit of fancy and attractiveness to your home.

15. A Modern Electric Fireplace for Bedroom

Low and Long

Look at the comfort of a corner electric fireplace made just for your bedroom. These stylish units are not only pretty but also very useful. You can change how warm they are and how the flames look, giving you a nice feeling without needing a regular chimney.

Placing them in the corner helps save room and makes an important spot that makes your bedroom feel even quieter. With a corner electric fireplace, your bedroom becomes a more wonderful and sweet place.

16. A Contemporary Corner Fireplace for Cottage

A Contemporary Corner Fireplace for Cottage

Think of a comfortable little house that looks nice and has the latest vibe. The fireplace in the corner is a great idea because it saves space and makes the house bright. The addition of a Hot Chocolate Maker near the fireplace ensures that you can enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate while resting in the kind atmosphere.

The fireplace itself looks cool with its smooth edges and materials like stone or metal, following the trend of current designs. Just imagine sitting by the fire, sipping on your hot chocolate, and enjoying the friendly environment of the fireplace in your little house. It’s a wonderful and inviting environment that makes your house in the country even more fantastic.

17. Natural Fireplace in a Plan Basement Livingroom

Natural Fireplace in a Plan Basement Livingroom

Turn your basement into a good-looking haven with a lovely fireplace as the main focus. The natural look of stone or brick walls gives a pretty vibe, like a mountain cabin. Think of having get-togethers around the fire, with the sound of burning wood making the room feel nice.

This decorating decision adds glamour to the lower part of your home, turning it into a special place for relaxed nights, sharing stories, and relaxing after a tiered day. Your basement can become the perfect spot for enjoying and spending good times.

18. Modern Nordic Living Room with Contemporary Fireplace

Modern Nordic Living Room with Contemporary Fireplace

Think about a simple and modern fireplace idea for your pleasant living room. Involve a clean, smooth fireplace that fits perfectly in a Nordic form home. This design keeps things simple with its smooth lines and practicality. Adding a Wooden Side Table next to the fireplace increases both usability and aesthetics, providing a convenient surface for holding a cup of tea or displaying decorative items.

The fireplace’s neutral colors and simple look match the Nordic style easily. Think of the restful atmosphere you’ll experience, surrounded by soft colors, natural materials, and the gentle flames of the latest Nordic getaway.

19. Fireplace in The Style of Kiva

Fireplace in The Style of Kiva

Take a trip to the lovely Southwest with a Kiva-style fireplace or a Kiva-style fire pit. This kind of fireplace comes from Pueblo design and looks like a beehive, and a fire pit, in the same way, would raise your aesthetic. It has fancy patterns on it, just like the Kiva fire pit.

The colors are like the earth, and the shape is special, making it the center point in a room, just like you’d find with the Kiva-style fire pit. Think about the light and dark shapes when the fire moves inside, whether it’s in a fire pit. It doesn’t matter if you want a desert-like escape or to show culture; the Kiva-style fireplace or fire pit gives tradition and art to your room.

20. Placing Fireplace Near the Window

Placing Fireplace Near the Window

You can make your fireplace even better by putting it near a window with a pretty view, surrounded by indoor plants. This might be a garden, lake, or mountains. This way, you can feel natural inside and see the nice outdoor sights.

Think of sitting by the fire, surrounded by lush greenery, and looking at nature. The fireplace makes things warm, and the view looks great, making a memory you won’t forget. This is a nice way to enjoy being inside, surrounded by indoor plants, and seeing nature at the same time.

21. Create a Main Spot with a Basic Corner Fireplace

Create a Main Spot with a Basic Corner Fireplace

Adding an area rug and a corner fireplace can make any room feel comfortable. Placing the fireplace in the corner helps to use the space well and makes it outstanding. It looks simple and fits with different types of decorations, like presents or plain ones. The fire isn’t too hot, so it gives a nice feeling, and the corner with the fireplace and area rug becomes a favorite place to relax.

It’s smart because it makes the room look bigger, and you can easily arrange your furniture. So, if you want an amazing room that’s nice and warm, a corner fireplace and an area rug are great ideas.

22. Highlight Your Fireplace with a Great Art Piece

Highlight Your Fireplace with a Great Art Piec

You can make your corner fireplace look even better by putting something pretty above it. Like a big, colorful picture, a fancy mirror, or a cool sculpture. These things can turn the fireplace into a super interesting art show.

When the fire is burning, and the art is there, it’s like two cool things mixed. This makes the fireplace special and cool to discuss when people come over. It becomes the most important thing in your living room that everyone looks at.

23. Create A Stylish Look with A White Fireplace

Low and Long

Upgrade your home’s look with a white corner fireplace. A white fireplace’s classy and everlasting layout mixes well with different interior designs. The light color opens up the corner, creating a bigger feel. It’s also a flexible surface, letting you try out colorful decorations. Whether you like present or classic looks, a white fireplace fits your idea, providing a system.

Your home will feel more inviting with this choice. Your friends and family will surely admire this nice addition, and you’ll enjoy the comfy atmosphere it brings. So, go ahead and boost your living space with a gorgeous white corner fireplace.

24. Create the Perfect Ambience with An Art Deco-inspired 

Create A Stylish Look with A White Fireplace

You should expect to go back in time to a super fancy period called Art Deco. There’s a fireplace in the corner that’s like a fancy one from that time. It’s got cool designs like triangles and is made from fancy stuff like marble and gold.

The colors are super strong and stand out. This fireplace is like something that makes the room look fancy and reminds you of old times. When you see this fireplace, it feels like you’re in a really special place. It also makes the room unique and suitable for hanging out with friends or just taking a break.

25. Freestanding Metal Fireplace for a Small Corner Space

Freestanding Metal Fireplace for a Small Corner Space

You can make the most of your small corner by using a metal fireplace designed just for it. This little fireplace fits nicely in tight spots and warms up the space well. It looks modern with its metal outside, and when paired with LED string lights, it shows an inviting view, working great in present and industrial-approach homes.

The fireplace is small but powerful, heating your room without taking up too much room. Its stylish metal design, along with the addition of LED string lights, makes even the smallest corners in your house feel comfortable and welcoming.


All in all, these kinds of spots can make any room feel warm and welcoming.

No matter if you like traditional looks or modern types, there’s a corner fireplace idea that matches your taste; for those who like old-fashioned beauty, classic brick or stone corner fireplaces bring a pinch of familiar comfort to your space.

Like cherished treasures, they last a long time, making the room comfortable.

If you prefer present-day views, smooth and simple corner fireplaces with clean lines and strong materials might be what you’re looking for.

They show a lot of classiness and new ideas, making your space feel the latest and comfy.

These designs can turn a forgotten corner into a beautiful center point, making the whole room look better.

So, whether you like classic or modern designs, corner fireplaces have many great options to make your spot more welcoming.

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