20 Small Amazing Inground Pools for Your Backyard

Gorgeous Small Inground Pools for Your Backyard

Have you ever thought about upgrading your inground pool? We’re here to help you with the collection of amazing and clever inground pools that bring happiness and relaxation to your outdoor area.

These lovely pools are designed to fit easily in your backyard while giving you all the fun of a full-sized pool.

These cleverly designed small inground pools are perfect if you want a quick dip without giving up too much space.

Each pool is a work of art, made carefully to blend perfectly with your backyard’s look. From modern beauty to natural peace, these pools come in many styles to suit everyone’s taste.

We’ll find lots of ideas to make the most of your outdoor space, turning it into a place of relaxation and fun.

You’ll find here how even small spaces can have a bit of paradise.

Whether you like to relax or have an energetic swim, these pools show that size doesn’t stop you from having a stunning water retreat.

Let’s start finding out different types of in-ground pools!

1. Include a Lap Pool

Include a Lap Pool

Increase your relaxation experience with the addition of a lap pool, designed for refreshing swims that bring both refreshment and joy. These Affordable Small Inground Pools are made for those who enjoy active exercise or simply wish to relax in soothing waters.

With their extended shape, these pools offer enough space to swim comfortably. Build a touch of luxury and utility to your outdoor space by including a steel frame lap pool.

Dive into its welcoming waters for an energizing swim, and use your free time to new heights. The lap pool’s design combines easily with your surroundings, while its extended dimensions provide room for your family members and friends or give energy to laps.

2. Poolside Edible Garden

Poolside Edible Garden

Think of a peaceful spot by the pool where you can enjoy not just the view but also delicious flavors. There’s a special garden right by the pool, full of tasty herbs, veggies, and fruits that you can pick and eat.

It’s like a treat for your eyes, and you’ll find things like fragrant basil, juicy tomatoes, and lovely rosemary pot that don’t just look good but also add taste to your meals.

While you relax by the pool, you’ll be surrounded by a growing garden that’s not only pretty to look at but also has a lot of great tastes. This special garden makes your outdoor area look nice and also connects you to nature directly.

3. Lined with Lanterns

Lined with Lanterns

As the sun says goodbye and the evening takes over, turn your small pool into a magical place with beautiful lanterns. These special lights create a soft, welcoming glow that makes everything feel warm and cozy. The gentle light makes pretty reflections that make you feel like you’re in a fairytale.

Whether you want some quiet time alone or you’re having a fun get-together, the lit-up pool with its lanterns makes your outdoor space attractive. When it gets dark outside, your best small inground pools become a peaceful retreat with the gentle light of lanterns. These lovely lights make your Inground pool spot feel fascinating.

4. Constructing Using Stones and Large Rocks

Constructing Using Stones and Large Rocks

Adding stones and large rocks makes your small backyard pool area connect with the nature around it, creating a feeling of fashion. The mix of rough textures and natural shapes makes the pool look even better, bringing together human creativity and beauty. Using stones and rocks isn’t just pleasing; it also makes the pool strong and easy to take care of.

Change your small inground pools into a wonderful escape that matches the beauty of nature. By adding the classic stones and big rocks, your pool becomes a natural masterpiece that fits well with its surroundings.

5. Set Bar Hangs Reimagined

Set Bar Hangs Reimagined

Build affordable small inground pools where you can relax to the fullest while enjoying a cool feature like a built-in bar. Think of yourself moving against a stylish bar right at the edge of the pool. This clever design lets you stay refreshed while being part of the fun.

Whether you’re sipping your favorite drink or chatting with friends, this unique bar setup offers a trendy and enjoyable way to enjoy your pool. Use a mini-bar refrigerator to cold your drinks on a sunny day.

You can soak up the sun or take a refreshing dip; the choice is yours. As the water gently touches the edge, you’ll find comfort in this new way of lounging by the pool.

6. Splash of Colors, Textures, and Patterns

Splash of Colors, Textures, and Patterns

Go with the best small in-ground pools that come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs. These pools stand out by using lively colors, touchable surfaces, and attractive patterns. From detailed mosaic tiles to pleasing pebble coatings, the options are limitless.

These design elements don’t just add a touch of uniqueness to your backyard plunge pool but also create a welcoming and artistic environment. Your pool becomes more than just a place to swim; it converts into a masterpiece that reflects your style and choices. Experience the delightful feel of mosaic tiles under your feet as you step into the water, adding solid textures to your pool for enjoyment.

7. Add Fountain Element

Add Fountain Element

Make your small inground pools experience better by adding a fountain. Think about the soothing sound of water flowing into your pool, creating a Pool in your yard. Fountains make your pool look nicer and also bring a calm feeling.

They make gentle ripples in the water and add a touch of luxury. You can choose between a classic series of fountains or a modern water feature. Let the peaceful sound of flowing water relax you as you enjoy the pool’s beauty. The sound of water mixes with the sound of leaves whispering, making a peaceful environment around your pool. As the water splashes gently, you’ll feel your stress go away.

8. Use Stylish Accessorize in Pool

Use Stylish Accessorize in Pool

Upgrade your small inground pools to an amazing one by adding cool stuff right into the pool’s plan. Thought about a nice sunbed you can sit on in the water, enjoying the sun without leaving the pool. Or think about fancy tablesbuilt into the pool where you can have snacks and drinks while staying cool in the water.

These add-ons don’t just make the pool area better; they also make it look fancier. With carefully planned steps, benches, and edges, your pool becomes a place for many things. See how the sunbed in the water looks inviting, giving you comfort and luxury. 

9. Unleash Your Inner Artist with Stenciled Designs

Unleash Your Inner Artist with Stenciled Designs

By decorating your affordable small inground pools with stenciled designs. This artistic idea lets you add your special style to the area around the pool. You can choose from different stencil patterns, like fancy shapes or fun designs, that match your taste.

With a bit of creativity and the right tools, you can transform your poolside into a unique and customized space. These stenciled designs not only make things look great but also show off your individual preferences.

10. Consider the Appeal of a Plunge Pool

Consider the Appeal of a Plunge Pool

A plunge pool might be tiny, but it brings a strong effect. This shallow and stylish choice gives you a chance to relax and feel refreshed, which works great in a small backyard pool design. Plunge pools are excellent for cooling off when it’s really hot and also for creating a calm area to unwind. Lots of them even have special features that massage you like a mini-spa.

Even though they’re the best small in-ground pools but they are very useful, can fit in tight spaces, and give you all the good things of a regular pool.

11. Use Mix Tiles

Use Mix Tiles .jpg

Make your affordable small inground pools look even better with mixed tiles. These tiles come in different textures and colors that make cool designs. You can arrange them in cool ways to make your look like a special collection of yours.

This will make your pool the center of attention, and it will look super amazing. You can pick tiles made of glass, porcelain, or stone, each giving a different look to the edge of the water. These mixed tiles aren’t just for looks; they also make your outdoor area feel fancy and turn it into a really pretty place.

12. Choose Cedar Siding for Your Pool

Choose Cedar Siding for Your Pool

Think of a wonderful look and strength that cedar siding can bring to your poolside area. The warm colors and unique patterns of cedar wood go well with outdoor spaces and also protect against damage from decay and bugs. It’s a great pick for the outside of the pool. Besides looking nice, cedar wood lasts a long time and can handle different types of weather.

The pleasant smell of cedar also adds a nice touch, making the poolside experience even better. When you use cedar siding, your small Inground pool area gets a natural appearance. Choosing this type of wood is like bringing the beauty of nature into your pool.

13. Experiment with a Brick Enclosure

Experiment with a Brick Enclosure

Find the charming beauty of small Inground Pools gather within a lovely brick enclosure. The blend of modern design and pleasant attraction adds a unique touch to your outdoor pool. Surrounded by the comforting hug of brick walls, your pool area becomes a cozy spot for relaxation and fun. Think of enjoying sunny days by the water, wrapped in the inviting environment of these earthy bricks.

This architectural decision offers both privacy and a stylish setting for your pool. The natural brick colors easily blend with the surroundings, creating a peaceful hideaway that improves your outdoor living area.

14. Addition of a Bridge

Addition of a Bridge

Improve the attraction of your affordable small inground pools by adding a beautiful bridge. This bridge acts as a graceful connection between different parts of the pool, adding style and usefulness. It can be made from wood for a warm feel or from stone for a classic look, creating a stunning contrast with the sparkling water.

Besides looking nice, the bridge also works as a useful path, making the pool area look even better and creating a centerpiece of your outdoors. With this finishing touch, your pool area turns into a fascinating place, making each swim a delightful and unforgettable experience.

15. Build a Stone Pool

Build a Stone Pool

Constructing small inground pools that have a fancy stone finish. The pool’s design includes real rocks, making it feel cozy and natural. These rocks have different textures that feel interesting when you touch them, and their colors remind you of a peaceful lake.

Every time you go into the water, you get to enjoy how the rocks look and feel. It’s like a journey for your senses, and the rocks are pleasantly cool. This design fits perfectly with the land around it, making your backyard plunge pool and the pool seem like they belong together.

Having a pool with stone decoration isn’t just about looking fancy; it’s also about feeling calm like you do when you’re close to nature. It’s a peaceful place where you can escape from the busy noise of life.

16. Creating a Sustainable Ecological Pool Design

Creating a Sustainable Ecological Pool Design .jpg

Change your small inground pools with a design that cares for the environment and fits well with its surroundings. Add eco-friendly features like natural filtering systems and plants that are native to the area. These new systems copy how nature naturally cleans water, so your pool stays clear without needing harsh chemicals.

By using artificial plants, the pool area becomes a haven for local wildlife, and you won’t have to do as much upkeep. This eco-friendly approach is good for the environment and makes your small backyard pool design look even better.

17. Build a Freeform Infinity Pool

Build a Freeform Infinity Pool

Go for a freeform infinity pool that’s all about relaxation. Small in-ground pools design take their sign from nature’s gentle curves, getting rid of any harsh edges. Instead, it gives a smooth and natural shape that blends perfectly with its surroundings.

As you look towards the horizon, the water appears to blend into the sky, creating an illusion of beauty. This breathtaking view is made even more special by the vanishing edge, where the water gently spills over, creating a mesmerizing sight. Allow this pool to transport you to a world of unlimited calmness and peace.

18. Surround the Pool with Pea Pebbles

Surround the Pool with Pea Pebbles

Improve your pool area by surrounding it with smooth and shiny pea pebbles. These little, round stones create a pleasing and natural-looking edge, adding texture and colors to the area around the pool.

Apart from looking nice, these pebbles also help stop soil erosion and support the small underground pool structures. They feel smooth when walking on and blend well with the water, making it easy to move between the relaxing poolside and the cool water.

19. The Magic of a Woodland Watering Hole

The Magic of a Woodland Watering Hole

Think of a mysterious hideaway right in the middle of a peaceful forest place; that’s the woodland watering hole idea. This magical concept combines the peacefulness of a forest getaway with the refreshing appeal of a pool.

Surrounded by tall, magnificent trees and speckled sunlight, the small Inground pools give off a feeling of calm and privacy. Carefully positioned natural elements like big rocks, ferns, and small stones make the forest theme even more special, encouraging you to enjoy being accepted by the calming touch of nature fully.

20. Setting Up a Pocket Pool

Setting Up a Pocket Pool

If you have a small outdoor area, the pocket pool is a clever solution that ensures you can still have lots of fun. These small inground pools are made to fit perfectly into small backyard plunge pools, using up every bit of space. The pocket pool doesn’t just make only it work; it also looks great. You can design it in creative ways, with nice landscaping, soft lighting, and space-saving seating.

Your small pool becomes a really beautiful spot. Use your space-saving seating with comfortable outdoor cushions or bean bags. They provide a cozy seating area around your pocket pool where you can relax. The pocket pool shows that you can have amazing experiences even in a smaller space.


All in all, these small inground pools offer amazing options for your backyard. Their small size doesn’t compromise on style and enjoyment.

Whether looking for relaxation or a refreshing dip, these pools prove that you don’t need a large space to create a beautiful aquatic place.

With various modern and natural designs, you can easily find a pool that suits your taste and complements your outdoor space.
These pools provide an attractive place, inviting you to unwind in your backyard.

Remember, even a small pool requires proper maintenance and safety measures. Regular cleaning and chemical balance are essential to ensure a safe and clean swimming environment.

Safety features like pool covers can also provide peace of mind, especially if you have children or pets.

With careful planning and attention, you can enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous small inground pool that brings joy and relaxation to your outdoor living area.

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