20 Amazing Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

20 Best Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Are you bored of the regular and dull kitchen cabinet color? If you want to change the color of your cabinet, then you’ve come to the right spot.

This is your gateway to the top paint colors for kitchen cabinets, ready to bring energy into your cooking space.

Think about your kitchen, the place where cooking magic happens and family gathers.

The color of the cabinet does matter, as it shows your style through the paint you chose. However, the color of your cabinets sets the tone, making it happy.

Are you a fan of soft shades? Whatever your style, there’s a paint color that fits. Choosing colors might seem tricky, but don’t sweat it.

We’ve compiled a list of the best paint colors for kitchen cabinets just for you. From dull color to refreshing and crisp, each color brings its quality and mood to your kitchen.

Let’s change your dull kitchen into a beautiful and memorable kitchen.

1. Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf

Add a shiny and better vibe of gold leaf to your kitchen cabinets for a special and beautiful look. This metallic color can make your cabinets look fancy and fantastic. Golden cabinet handles could improve this effect even more. Gold leaf is more than paint colors for kitchen cabinets; it’s like a unique mark.

It shows that you like nice things and want your kitchen to show that. It brings a feeling of richness, making your cabinets stand out. So, if you want your kitchen to look amazing and different, try using gold leaf paint or accents for your cabinets, along with those stylish golden cabinet handles. This color is on the list of popular cabinet paint colors.

2. Blush Pink

Blush Pink .jpg

Make a friendly and comfy feeling in your kitchen with blush pink paint colors for kitchen cabinets. This light and calm color adds a nice and easy vibe, giving your kitchen a comfy and peaceful mood. Think about how this sweet color can change your cooking area into a calm place.

It’s like wrapping your kitchen in a soft and comforting space. When you come in, you’ll feel relaxed, as if you’re stepping into a calm hideaway. If you’re looking for paint colors for kitchen cabinets that go beyond the usual, think about the amazing blush pink. Let its easy tones create a peaceful space right in your home.

3. Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum Pink

For a fun and lively kitchen, think about using these professional paint colors for kitchen cabinets. Think of having cabinets that are as bright and cheerful as bubblegum. This color choice can make your cooking area stand out with excitement and energy.

Most kitchens don’t have pink cabinets, so yours will truly be one of a kind. Your cooking space will turn into an amazing place with these paint colors for kitchen cabinets. While your dishes dry on the pink dish rack, you’ll be surrounded by this shiny and lively atmosphere. It will look great. The Bubblegum pink does come in the list of the most loved cabinet paint colors as it is so soft and fancy looking.

4. Cream


If you want your kitchen to look nice and never go out of fashion, you can use these trending paint colors for kitchen cabinets. Cream cabinets are like a plain canvas that fits in any way you like for your kitchen. Think about painting your kitchen cabinets with creamy colors using cream cabinet paint.

It’s like adding a vibe of uniqueness that lasts a long time. These cabinets can fit in any manner you want for your kitchen, whether it’s modern, cozy, or something else. It’s like magic how they fit right in. Sometimes cream color is better than the best white paint for kitchen cabinets.

5. Pale Mint Green

Pale Mint Green

Make your kitchen look new and fresh with light mint green paint colors for kitchen cabinets. These soft and cool shades, including pale mint green vinyl, give a feeling of peace and calm to your cooking area. Think about how your kitchen might look with cabinets painted in pale mint green.

This color is not very loud, but it’s like a breath of fresh air. It’s like taking a walk in a quiet garden. It makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. When you’re thinking about paint colors for kitchen cabinets, think about the beauty of pale mint green. It’s like the color of mint leaves. It’s light and soothing, like a quiet lake on a quiet day.

6. Flamingo Pink and Greens

Flamingo Pink and Greens

Combine flamingo pink’s lively energy with greens for a balanced and vibrant kitchen. This mix of paint colors for kitchen cabinets, along with the flamingo pink kitchen towel, makes your kitchen come alive peacefully. Think about your kitchen cabinets painted in fun flamingo pink, like a splash of joy with these professional cabinet painting ideas.

Then, add in these greens, like a soothing touch of nature. When these colors come together, they create a special feeling that’s both lively and calming at the same time. The look of this color mix isn’t just about how it looks but how it makes you feel. It’s like having a little vacation in your kitchen.

7. Bright White

Bright White

This trending kitchen cabinet color will give you the best cabinet. They make your kitchen feel open and light, like a fresh breeze. These white cabinets are like magic; they can make even a small kitchen seem much bigger. But that’s not all; these white cabinets are like a blank page. This brilliant white is one of the best white paint for kitchen cabinets. You can bring in other design stuff, like colorful paint colors for kitchen cabinets, to make your kitchen special. So, choose bright white paint for your kitchen cabinet because it is a durable paint for cabinets, too.

8. Lilac


Add a unique vibe of light purple cabinets to your kitchen for a fresh look. This gentle shade of purple brings a soft and relaxed feel and pairs well with simple accents. Think about using a matching purple under-sink mat. That’ll give an awesome look to your kitchen cabinet. You can choose bright colors for a strong impact or quiet colors for a peaceful mood. It’s your canvas. When you’re planning a kitchen upgrade, you should look into these professional cabinet painting ideas. Your kitchen could become a joyful space with these popular cabinet paint colors.

9. Sage Green

Sage Green .png

Bring in the outdoors with calm sage green cabinets. This natural color creates a sense of balance and goes well with the textures of nature. Just like the colors you use for your kitchen cabinet paint, these green cabinets play a special role. Think about your kitchen like a blank canvas. The white paint colors for kitchen cabinets act like a fresh start, and the addition of sage green knobs color can create an inviting nature inside. It’s like having a touch of the outdoors right in your kitchen. If you want your kitchen to stand out, go for lively and vivid colors. If a peaceful environment is your preference, softer shades work like a spell.

10. Wine Red Lacquer

Wine Red Lacquer

Improve your kitchen with beautiful red wine cabinets. This strong, rich color choice brings a special feeling to your space. Think about how it can change your room. Similar to an artist starting with a blank canvas, these cabinets offer lots of possibilities. You can change your kitchen’s appearance by trying red hinges for kitchen cabinets. Think about the mood you want; whether it’s a strong and noticeable way or a quiet and relaxed feeling, you decide. Create your dream kitchen by beginning with these wonderful cabinets and choosing the perfect paint colors to make your space special. It’s your kitchen, your way.

11. Pewter


Go for a modern style with this trending kitchen cabinet color. This grayish shade adds a cool feel while keeping things comfy and classy. When picking the right paint colors for kitchen cabinets, pewter is a fantastic choice. You can use pewter knobs to make it extra unique.

Think about your kitchen wrapped in the friendly vibe of pewter cabinets. The color brings a better vibe that fits right into today’s trends. It’s not too showy but not dull, either. It hits that perfect balance. You can improve this look with a variety of paint colors.

12. Pistachio

Pistachio .jpg

Add a bit of joy to your kitchen with these professional cabinet painting ideas. This happy green color lights up the space, giving it a lively and full-of-life feel. When you think about paint colors for kitchen cabinets, you should have this cheerful shade. It can change your kitchen into a place that shines with happiness. Your kitchen will become a spot of cheerfulness, and the paint colors for the cabinets can play a big part in making that happen. So, if you’re looking to give your kitchen a fresh new appearance, then the beauty of pistachio cabinets and a set of bowls are good to go.

13. Matte Black

Matte Black

For a strong and attractive look, choose matte black cabinets and a matte black silverware set. This dramatic choice adds a feeling of smoothness and difference to your kitchen design, and matte black is a durable paint for cabinets. They can make your kitchen feel modern and stylish. You can take it a step further. It’s so amazing to mix in various paint colors for kitchen cabinets.

You have the freedom to pick colors that suit your taste. You can go for polished and energetic shades to make a big impact or gentle and calming tones for a peaceful atmosphere. It’s all up to you; you’re the one in charge of how your kitchen looks.

14. Greige

Greige .jpeg

Have the perfect blend of gray and beige with a trendy trending kitchen cabinet color. This color brings a cozy and balanced feeling, fitting with warm and cool tones. And you can mix and match this stylish choice with different paint colors for your kitchen cabinets. Think of some options, like you can go bright with dynamic colors or keep it soft with gentle shades. When you’re planning to update your kitchen, think about the power of greige paint colors for kitchen cabinets as your starting point. The addition of greige 6-tier shelves can improve the look even more. Achieve a balanced and amazing kitchen that shows off your style.

15. Gray Green

Gray Green

The mix of gray and green can give you the best outcome because of the blend of colors. This gentle choice of color brings a calm and fresh feeling to your kitchen. The colors you choose for your kitchen cabinets can change how they feel. Green gray cabinets, along with green gray curtains, provide a neat way to mix a bit of nature with a relaxed, peaceful environment in your cooking area. This choice lets you play with how your kitchen feels, making it relaxed and inviting.

16. Oatmeal


Go for the cozy oatmeal cabinets. This light brown shade gives a warm and friendly backdrop, making a relaxing kitchen environment. You can pick bright and lively colors to make a strong impact or choose calm and peaceful shades for a relaxing feeling. It’s up to you; you’re the one designing how your kitchen will look. When you’re thinking about changing your kitchen, don’t forget to add oatmeal cabinets and oatmeal towels. They set the scene, and the paint colors for kitchen cabinets are the extra vibe that makes your kitchen a pleasant space.

17. Light Taupe

Light Taupe

Select light brown cabinets to make a simple yet flexible style in your kitchen. These cabinets have a neutral color that works well with many different colors. This means you can easily change things up if you want. Now, here comes the exciting part: Think about the paint colors for kitchen cabinets. You can add the excellence of color that fits your taste. When you’re planning to update your kitchen, keep in mind the style of taupe cabinets and sheer curtains. Some people consider it better than the best white paint for kitchen cabinets.

18. Khaki Green

Khaki Green

Feel the beauty of nature inside with cabinets in a natural green shade. This earthy color brings calmness and a connection to the outdoors. Just like the green earthy color, picking the right paint colors for kitchen cabinets can also change your kitchen’s look. It’s like having your own artist’s palette for your kitchen. So, if you’re thinking about changing your kitchen, remember about the natural green cabinets. You can add a khaki utensil set to get the best mix. It’s all about making a space that brings the beauty of the outdoors right into your home.

19. Baby Pink

Baby Pink

Add the beauty of the pink with the variant baby pink. This gentle color brings a playful and youthful feeling to your kitchen. Think about how a little paint can change a plain wall; choosing the best paint colors for kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen special. This pink is like a breath of firm air, giving your kitchen an inviting feeling. It’s almost like your kitchen gives you a happy vibe every time you step in. Adding a baby pink rug will be an amazing idea to give it a good look.

20. Jade Green

Jade Green

Having a kitchen with attractive jade green cabinets stands out. This strong and dynamic color adds excitement and personality, making your kitchen the center of attention. Just like a main character in a story, your kitchen becomes the star with these attention-grabbing cabinets.

You can play with different paint colors for kitchen cabinets to create your style. You can add a jade green crystal tree for positive vibes and go for calming shades to make a peaceful atmosphere, or you can choose durable paint for cabinets. They’re not just colors; they’re a way to show yourself and make your kitchen uniquely yours.


All in all, there are many types of kitchen makeovers, and choosing the right paint colors for kitchen cabinets can truly make a big difference.

Your kitchen is like the heart of your home, and the cabinets are clothing that can be turned into a fresh coat of paint. After checking out these best colors for the cabinets, you’ve seen how a simple color change can bring a whole new vibe to your space.

From cheerful yellows that wake up your mornings to soothing blues that create a calm environment, the possibilities are endless. Remember, you don’t need to be an expert to pick the perfect paint color.

The priority is to make yourself comfortable with your choices. So, when you start making your kitchen attractive, take a moment to review how these paint colors can reflect your personality.

Choose the best color for your kitchen, and we wish you the best.

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