40 Amazing Small Toilet Design Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Small Toilet Design Ideas

Are you too bored with the regular look of toilets and looking for a change? Then you are at the right place, and now, you do not have to look any further.

Whether it’s an apartment, a guest bathroom, or a compact washroom, we understand the struggle of making the most out of limited space.

No need to stress about tight corners and narrow layouts. From clever storage options that maximize every inch to color schemes that open up the room, we’ll show you how to turn limitations into opportunities.

Each idea is designed to suit your needs without compromising on looks.

Find space-saving units, smart lighting tricks, and innovative decor that will make your small toilet look big.

Whether you prefer a modern look or a comfortable space. This collection covers a range of styles to match your taste.

Let’s have a look at these ideas and make a drastic change to your toilet.

1. Vanity Light for Bathroom

Vanity Light for Bathroom

Level up your small bathroom’s look by joining a LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit, a vanity light that’s functional and fashionable. Go for simple decor such as transparent glass jars and trays to maintain a clean environment. These small toilet ideas have the power to transform your space into a beautiful escape, mixing simplicity easily. Your lavatory will have an arranged manner. These additions will lead to a lovely transformation you’ll surely appreciate. This lighting will make the bathroom look like an absolute cool place.

2. A Natural Feel

A Natural Feel

Join the beauty of nature in your small bathroom by bringing in indoor plants. These green friends not only make it look nice but also clean the air, creating a refreshing and lively feeling. Try out some small toilet ideas to make your little bathroom even better. With the Hanging Planter Set, you can create a tiny garden inside your bathroom. This will make the space peaceful and neat. Think of stepping into your bathroom and looking at these beautiful plants, which will create a refreshing tune in your mind.

3. Toiletries Dedicated Area

Toiletries Dedicated Area

Create a setup for your requirement with special toiletry spots. Attach the wall-mounted bathroom organizer shelf, use magnetic strips, or put up little baskets to keep your grooming items easily accessible. These methods ensure that your things are clean and the space works well. Explore small toilet ideas to make your space better. Try out these clever ideas to improve your small toilet, put up shelves on the wall, use magnetic strips, or include small baskets.

4. Softening Effects with Indoor Plants

Softening Effects with Indoor Plants

Use indoor plants cleverly to soften the sharp corners of simple designs. The smooth curves of the leaves and the calming green colors create a friendly difference from the smooth surfaces. Also, think about adding Suction Cup Window Planter as one of your options for small toilet ideas to upgrade your space. You can put indoor plants in smart ways to make the sharp corners of basic design not so sharp. The smooth curves of the leaves and the relaxing green colors make a clear difference from the shiny surfaces.

5. Addition of Texture to Glossy Surfaces

Addition of Texture to Glossy Surfaces

Shake up the same look of smooth surfaces by including different textures. Woven baskets, Textured Wall Decal Sets, textured tiles, or wooden additions offer a nice change, making the whole design more interesting. Now, when it comes to small toilet ideas, you can jazz up your tiny restroom with cool ideas that turn it from basic to cool. Give your space a makeover by trying out textures. Smooth, shiny surfaces might feel a little the same but don’t worry. Make things exciting by bringing in fun textures.

6. Clean and Simple Design

Clean and Simple Design

Experience the beauty of simple and clean design, where clear lines and open space take center stage. A calm and relaxed atmosphere is created by this approach, inviting you to explore creative small toilet ideas. The use of neutral colors and the latest fixtures add to the overall vibe. To maintain the classy look of your bathroom, you should have a Black Bathroom Accessories Set, which will help you keep your fine and small lavatory always shining.

7. Dedicated Utility Zone

Dedicated Utility Zone

Step into the Dedicated Utility Zone, your dedicated space that’s specially designed to make things easy and practical for you. Here, we’ve thought about every detail to help you stay organized and make life simpler. Find the Space Saver Toilet Organizer, a handy product that works for your limited space. We’ve got clever storage solutions, smart layouts, and cool designs that turn your small toilet into a cool and useful spot. Don’t just imagine; see how you can make your toilet super useful and cool.

8. Impact of Modern Simple Design

Impact of Modern Simple Design

The modern simple design gives off a cool style by showing simplicity. The smooth parts, without the extra stuff, help the tiny bathroom seem bigger and more well-arranged. These thoughts for small toilet ideas show how a smart and controlled way of designing can help create a space that looks great and is neat. Adding the latest steel over-doorcurved towel bar storage. The careful mix of simplicity changes how a small bathroom space can be used well.

9. Smoked Glass Doors

Smoked Glass Doors

Make your small toilet space more interesting with a neat idea: use doors and panels made of glass that look smoky. It’s like having a secret window that makes the room feel bigger. While you do your thing, the Privacy Film Frosted Glass Window Filmkeeps things private but lets light through. So, you’re not in the dark. This way, your toilet stays useful and open. Try it out and see how it changes things in your little bathroom.

10. Avoid Confusion in Futuristic Design

Avoid Confusion in Futuristic Design

When it comes to small toilet ideas, think about not overwhelming your tight bathroom with too much new upcoming stuff. Instead, choose a few modern things that fit well. Like a futuristic design curtain. Keeping things simple helps avoid a dirty and confusing look. When you take small toilet ideas, find the right balance between current style and simplicity. Remember, you don’t want to overcrowd your small lavatory with lots of fancy new things.

11. Balancing Elements

Balancing Elements

Achieve a nice balance by mixing different things in your simple bathroom. Combine smooth and rough things, light and dark shades, and open and closed areas to make a good-looking setup. Also, include thoughts about Bamboo Bath Tray in this mix. Think about how you can make your small bathroom better. Mix soft and rough things, play with light and dark colors, and find the right mix of open and closed spaces.

12. High Fashion Trendy Lighting

High Fashion Trendy Lighting

Improve the cool and trendy vibe of your room by adding chic lighting choices. Go for the pendant light chandelier, which will not only brighten up your space but also include style. These lighting options can make your room look cooler without any hassle. Introduce small toilet ideas into your space by using trendy fixtures. Raise high fashion class with the addition of geometric pendants or LED strip lights. These not only serve as illuminators but also act as stylish accents, improving the overall look of the washroom.

13. Walk Through the Shower

Walk Through the Shower

Choose a walk-through shower layout for your small bathroom that helps you make the most of your limited space. Transparent glass panels without any frames, like the chrome frameless hinged tub door, will keep the lavatory feeling open while creating a modern vibe. This way, you can get more out of your small toilet area. By selecting this design, you can create a continuous flow in your washroom. The glass panels that don’t have any frames keep the bathroom looking open and fresh while also giving it a contemporary appearance.

14. Transitioning Color Scheme


Let’s think about some clever ideas to level up your small toilet area. One fun way is to use Color Changing Showerhead, a product that aligns with the idea of transitioning color schemes. This showerhead changes colors based on the water temperature, creating a delightful visual experience while you shower. Slowly changing from one color to another, or pairing colors that go well together, can make your bathroom look more interesting and lively. These simple changes can make your toilet space feel more open and exciting.

15. According to Family Needs

According to Family Needs

Craft a stylish and useful plan for your compact bathroom using the latest simplicity that’s ideal for your family. Go for strong materials that can handle daily use, and ensure you have enough storage to keep things arranged. Don’t forget about the small toilet ideas that can make the most of your limited space. Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holders can be a great addition to help maintain order. Welcome a clean look while including necessary fixtures that serve their purpose.

16. Using Nature Elements

Using Nature Elements

Mix the wonderful feel of luxury with the idea of keeping things simple and basic by adding in some natural touches. You can put in marble countertops, wooden touches, or stone tiles – and hey, don’t forget about nature-inspired wall art prints to make things look new while still going with the simple look you want. And let’s talk about making your small toilet space cooler. Natural beauty is real beauty because it doesn’t need any additions to make it more beautiful.

17. Putting Neutral Colors

Putting Neutral Colors

Become skilled in the art of keeping things simple when working with small washrooms by giving importance to the most needed parts. Go for smaller furniture that fits well, like little sinks and compact toilets. Use gentle colors, like whites and light grays, to make the room feel open and friendly. Accept simple to make a calming spot right in your home. And if you want to enhance comfort, you should add the neutral color ultra soft, highly absorbent towel set to your bathroom.

18. Highlighting Detail

Highlighting Detail

Brighten up the little bathroom by using strip lighting to bring out its interesting architectural features. These lights are easy to put up; simply place them along the edges or in the indented parts of the restroom. Consider using decorative adhesive strips alongside lighting to highlight specific details further. This combined approach will make the bathroom’s qualities stand out with a fun play of light and shadow.

19. Fresh Green and White Decor

Fresh Green and White Decor

Bring freshness to your space with a green and white decor idea. The white walls paired with tropical green leaves, throw pillow covers, and leafy green looks create a calming feeling that fits well with a simple design. To make your small toilet stand out, you can use the same colors. This can turn even a tiny bathroom into a peaceful place. Try this clear color mix to make your bathroom a part of your peaceful living area.

20. Adding Classy Black

Adding Classy Black

Raise simple black bathrooms by adding bursts of lively color in the toilet. Try a bright rug, black and white striped curtain, black towels, or cool black artwork to give energy to the room. These ideas work well in small toilet spaces too, making them exciting and full of life. Just a little color can change the mood and look of your restroom. It’s like a mini makeover that anyone can do. We all know that black is the new trend. So include black to make your toilet classy.

21. Hexagonal Magic

Hexagonal Magic

Have a play around with hexagonal tiles to try something modern and different. These six-sided tiles can be put together in interesting ways, giving your small bathroom a fresh and new look with a vibe of hexagon peel-and-stick wall tiles. The tiles, shaped like honeycomb cells, offer lots of choices for arranging them in creative patterns. Although a hexagon is a different shape with its sharp vertices, it gives the toilet an edgy look.

22. Botanical Backdrop

Botanical Backdrop

Create a calm spot with small toilet ideas and a botanical backdrop. Transform your compact space into a beautiful site by using wallpaper or tiles with nature-inspired designs. These elements, along with the botanical shower curtain, easily bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors, creating a relaxing aura for relaxation.

23. Smooth Vibe

Smooth Vibe

Choose soft colors like cream and blush for a soft and inviting look when thinking about small toilet ideas. These shades add attraction while keeping things simple and neat. To add a nice scent, consider a peach-scented candle. These soft colors bring a peaceful feeling whenever you look at these soft colors.

24. The Romans Way

The Romans Way

Get inspired by the beauty of Roman baths while thinking about small toilet ideas for your bathroom. Use classic elements like stylish, colorful mosaic tiles and traditional designs. These features will give your tiny restroom a good and attractive look that lasts over time. The Romans were very good architects, and they knew so many designs. Add the Romans’ designs to your toilet and make it wonderful.

25. Art Addition

Art Addition

Sprinkle a splash of bright colors to bring happiness into your small toilet area. Add decorative things like waterproof wall decorartwork to make your space lively and exciting. These small toilet ideas can make your bathroom comfortable and special, even in a limited room. These artworks will show your love and affection towards art.

26. Light Wash

Light Wash

You should choose a simple and pleasant light-washed look for your small toilet ideas. Use light-filtering window shades with soft and gentle shades that match the atmosphere and allow in lots of natural light. This method gives the room an open and breezy feel, making it look larger than it is.

27. Go for Dark Edging

Go for Dark Edging

Explore the dark-edged patterns to give a neat look to small toilets. Stripe Bath Mat adds a new design element with its unique pattern. A dark-edged unit can bring a special design while keeping things simple. It’s like having a cool aura in your bathroom style. The dark edges will make your toilet look more sharp and incredible.

28. Floral Notes

Floral Notes

Introduce gentle floral patterns to soften the simple design in your small toilet space. Plain floral touches, like the floral bathroom rug, on tiles or fabrics, bring a lovely and pleasant feel to your bathroom area. Use these small toilet ideas to make your bathroom even more good-looking. These floral notes have a flowery look to your toilet. After entering this floral notes toilet, you’ll feel the flowery vibes in the whole toilet area.

29. Pile on Plaid

Pile on Plaid

Add a plaid vibe to your bathroom for a comfortable feel. Plaid shower curtains, plaid patterned towels, or small decor pieces bring a cool feel to the updated look. Perfect for small toilet ideas, consider these simple additions to create a friendly atmosphere in your bathroom. These small additions will together make your toilet look amazing.

30. Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait

Design a cheerful spot where you’d want to spend time. Put in comfy chairs or a Toilet Seat Cushionon your toilet seat to uplift calm moments. These small toilet ideas turn even tiny spaces into peaceful places, making them super friendly and useful. You will surely enjoy spending your time here.

31. Cottage Commode

Cottage Commode

Understand these small toilet ideas and experience the amazing look of a cottage-style setting. Rebuild your space with vintage beauty using a vintage commode, aged accessories, and weathered finishes. Craft a welcoming environment that covers you in its comforting of old times.

32. Quotes Addition

Quotes Addition

Add goodness to your mini bathroom using special pictures or quotes wall stickers. These personal additions make the space unique and interesting to talk about. Find more ideas for small toilet areas to make your bathroom even better. Whenever you enter the toilet, you will see these quotes, and it will make your whole day better.

33. Understanding Scale

Understanding Scale

Understanding the importance of size in a small bathroom is important. Pick the right-sized items and decorations to make sure everything looks good together. You can use an architectural scale ruler to measure your lavatory’s size. This way, your bathroom won’t just look good, but it’ll also be comfy and work well. By picking the right sized things, you can make your small restroom into a nice and useful space that uses its space well.

34. The Retro Vibe

The Retro Vibe

Complement your small toilet with creative ideas that bring the past vibe back to life. Add in old style, like handles, that remind you of days gone by. You can consider adding a strange feeling with a retro camera toilet paper roll holder for a playful past. Pick basic color schemes that make the space cool. These small toilet ideas give your compact area a pleasant atmosphere, blending the best parts of history with modern convenience.

35. Space Concerned

Space Concerned

Adopt these small toilet ideas to make your bathroom seem larger and more welcoming. A simple way is to use the mirror better. Try tall cabinets or a mirror with built-in storage. They help to store things and also make the toilet look bigger by making people look up. It’s like a magic trick. So, try these smart small toilet ideas to make your small restroom feel better.

36. Refined Retreat

Refined Retreat

Design a polished toilet with fancy finishes. Use shiny metal fixtures, matte light fixtures, fancy marble details, and nice lighting to make a fancy feel. If you’re looking for small toilet ideas, you can mix these things into tight spaces. This way, you mix nice stuff with functional things, so your small bathroom becomes special and works well too.

37. Tricky Trolly

Tricky Trolly

Make the most of small toilet areas with clever trolley usage. A handy metal rolling cart brings convenient storage and style to your tight restroom space. A smartly designed cart can hold towels, toiletries, or even cute decorations, giving you practicality. These small toilet ideas are perfect for tight spaces, ensuring you use every bit effectively and make it look nice too. If you have many bathroom accessories and you think it is hard to move them, then you should use this rolling cart.

38. Cool Like a Cave

Cool Like a Cave

Turn your small toilet into a peaceful, comfortable corner. Use things like a stone-textured shower curtain for a cave-like look, real rock, soft lights, and calm colors for a spa-like feel. Change up your little bathroom with these handy small toilet ideas. Put in stuff like real rocks, gentle lights, and quiet colors for a spa feeling. After stepping into the toilet, you will feel like you are in a cave. If you had a bad day, you would forget all your worries in this cave-like toilet.

39. Changing the Bathtub

Changing the Bathtub

Consider choosing an acrylic freestanding bathtubwhen you think about adding luxury to your bathroom. Picking a bathtub that stands alone not only makes your restroom look good but also helps you save space, which is helpful, especially if your toilet is small. If you’re looking for ideas for small toilets, a stand-alone bathtub could be a great option. It looks cool and takes up less space.

40. Crystal Clear Mirror

Crystal Clear Mirror

Pick out a clear mirror that stands out as the main thing in your small toilet space. A clear mirror with a pretty design doesn’t only show light but also adds an artistic touch to your simple setup. It makes the small toilet space look better.

Use small toilet ideas smartly to make your bathroom look cool, even if it’s small. You can turn your bathroom into a cool and neat place with the crystal clear bathroom mirror, showing your style while using every bit of room well.


All in all, these small toilet ideas provide a bunch of great inspiration for making the most out of tight spaces.

From clever storage solutions to smart color choices, these ideas show that small bathrooms can be both helpful and stylish.

Keep in mind it’s all about using the available space wisely. Doesn’t matter if it is a small toilet room or not.

These ideas prove that size doesn’t have to limit your design goals. After understanding these ideas, it should be clear that it does not matter if the toilet is small or big; what matters is how you maintain it.

All these ideas will help you to obtain and enjoy a new and cool look for the toilet so it can be different from the boring ones.

Keep in mind, it’s not about how much space you have; it’s about how well you use it.

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