15 Colors That Go Perfectly With Dark Green

15 Colors That Go With Dark Green in 2023

Are you confused about what colors go with dark green? Then, we have got you covered. Green is a dark and rich color that gives a vibe of nature. It adds a cozy and fancy feeling to clothes and spaces.

But which colors can you mix with green color to make cool combinations? We’ll talk about different colors that appear great with green. It doesn’t matter if you want to make your clothes look better, decorate your home, or plan a special event. Knowing which colors match green can help.

We’ll show you both classic combinations and new, stylish choices. You’ll learn how to put together amazing mixtures of colors that grab people’s attention and show off your style.

Whether you like classy and quiet mixes or brave and bright ones, we’ve got ideas for you.

So, come with us and find out how to make green look its best when paired with other colors!

1. Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow

Have you ever thought about what colors go with dark green? Mustard yellow is a lively and warm color that beautifully matches dark green shades in this year’s color trends. This color quality is like actual mustard seeds, giving it a natural and grounded vibe. When combined with dark green, it forms an exciting contrast that mixes up the art of nature. The blend of mustard yellow and dark green is similar to a comfortable autumn scene; think of golden leaves drifting onto rich green grass.

This pairing works well in various situations, from clothing fashion to home interiors. For example, you can combine a mustard yellow sweater with dark green pants for a fashionable yet rooted appearance. In-home decor, placing mustard yellow throw pillows on a dark green sofa is like introducing a vibe of sunshine into your room setting.

2. Earth Brown

Earth Brown

If you ever think, what colors go with dark green? Then, you can conclude that Earth brown is a calming color that goes well with dark green, making a connection to nature. This color seems like the soil on the ground, and when used with dark green, it creates a peaceful and balanced look. Think of a forest floor with leaves on it; that’s the calm and relaxed vibes this mix brings.

If you use earth brown and dark green together in decorating a room, it can feel both comfortable and energized. Think of having furniture in earth brown, which gives a warm vibe, and adding touches of dark green, which brings nature inside. This mix is especially great for spaces meant for relaxing, like bedrooms or cozy reading corners.

3. Black


Black is a classic and flexible color that goes well with dark green in interesting ways. When you put these colors together, they make things look modern. Black is really deep, which makes the dark green seem even nicer.

Now you know what colors go with dark green? Well, Ivory is one of them. This mix creates a strong and fancy taste. If you use a bit of black in a room with dark green stuff, it makes a cool difference. For example, things like black picture frames, lampshades, or the legs of tables and chairs appear greatly against dark green. People use this mix in modern room designs to make a dramatic appearance.

4. White


The clean white color blends perfectly with deep green, making an attractive difference that is both calming and classy. White represents purity and simplicity, making it a flexible match for dark green. Inside homes, white walls can make dark green furniture or decorations look even more impressive and noticeable. This combination also works well in fashion.

Think about wearing dark green clothes with white accessories for the latest appearance. In nature, this pairing is also seen, like white flowers against dark green leaves that create a peaceful beauty. In design, using white space around dark green elements makes them stand out more and attract people.

5. Gold


Wondering what colors go with dark green? Combining gold with deep green adds a vibe of luxury to any space. The shiny gold highlights against the rich dark green background make a setting both a royal and welcoming atmosphere. For home, using gold details like frames, lamps, or vases on dark green walls adds a grand feeling to the room.

This mix is also great for celebrations, where green and gold decorations create a joyful and festive mood. In graphic design and branding, using dark green and gold together gives a unique look.

6. Dark Gray

Dark Gray

The blend of soft and deep colors comes alive when dark gray meets dark green, resulting in a modern and gracefully pure combination. The soft strength of dark gray nicely increases the brightness of dark green, letting it shine prominently.

Think of stylish dark green clothing matched with smooth dark gray accessories or shoes, making a polished appearance. When it comes to the interior, using dark gray tiles or decorative pieces opposite a backdrop of dark green gives the latest and well-balanced look. Moreover, including dark gray text or accents in the design maintains clear communication while adding a feel of urbanity to combine beautifully with the dark green theme.

7. Beige


What colors go with dark green? Beige is one of them. Beige is a soothing color that goes well with dark green. It makes gentle attraction for the eyes when you put it next to the rich, deep green shades. Beige has a warm hint that brings out the natural, earthy feel of dark green.

This mix works great both in how you decorate rooms and in your clothing style. In-home design, you can use beige as a calm background to make dark green things stand out. Think of beige walls with dark green furniture or extra things like pillows and curtains. This makes a nice and welcoming environment. For clothes, wearing dark green with beige shoes or accessories can make you look beautiful.

8. Red


What colors go with dark green? You might ask. Red is a strong and lively color that stands out a lot. It seems different when placed next to dark green. Think of bright red flowers on dark green leaves, nature’s amazing artwork. This mix is full of excitement and has a big effect.

Inside a house, touches of red like rugs, art, or a dashing red chair can make a room with lots of dark green appear more alive. It adds some excitement and makes things more interesting to look at. 

9. Pink


If you think what colors go with dark green? Then, pink is the absolute answer. Pink, a gentle and lovely color, can surprisingly go well with dark green in a delightful manner. The difference between the soft pink and the dark green makes a pleasing and attention-grabbing match. When decorating a home, adding pink cushions, vases, or wall art can bring a playful vibe to a room with dark green parts. This mix feels modern and lively. In the world of fashion, wearing a dark green and pink outfit, like a dark green blouse with a pink skirt, is a pleasing option for those who want to stand out gracefully.

10. Caramel


Caramel is an inviting color paired with dark green, making an earthy palette that releases coziness. Think of the soft glow of caramel in a cup of steaming cocoa on a chilly evening. This color brings a sense of comfort to any space or outfit. In interior design, combining caramel and dark green can result in a balanced and pleasant environment.

Think about using caramel-colored accent pieces against a backdrop of deep green walls or furnishings. The contrast between these two colors creates a polished appearance. Regarding fashion, caramel and dark green make a stylish duo. A dark green outfit can be raised with caramel accessories like belts, shoes, or handbags.

11. Coral


You might wonder, What colors go with dark green? Coral, a lively and happy color, looks best when paired with dark green. This mix combines the lively coral with the dark green. It makes a nice and attractive balance. In-home decoration, using coral and dark green together, can make a room animated. Think about coral pillows or pretty vases against dark green curtains or furniture.

This mix makes the room feel fresh, welcoming, and modern. For people who like fashion, coral and dark green go together well. You could try a dark green suit with a coral tieor handkerchief for a balanced look. Or you could wear a coral shirt or accessories to add some color to an outfit with a lot of dark green.

12. Orange


Orange is a refreshing color and complements dark green beautifully by making a dynamic and energetic partnership. If you think what colors go with dark green? The combination of dark green and orange releases nature’s life and the changing seasons. When you set it into interior design, orange and dark green can produce a strong and balanced environment.

Think of using orange accent chairs or artwork against dark green walls to bring energy and creativity to a room. In the fashion world, orange and dark green can result in a unique and fashionable combo. A dark green dress can be paired with orange accessories like shoes or a clutch for a confident appearance. The idea of including dark green elements in an orange-dominated outfit can provide deep contrast.

13. Purple


Combining the fascinating color purple with deep green is a real winner. This match-up brings out a sense of deepness, which people like for how they dress and decorate their homes. Purple has a royal feel to it, which goes uniquely with the natural dark green. This makes things look nice and classy. Now you know what colors go with dark green? Well, purple is one of them.

Purple comes in different shades, from light lilac to rich amethyst. Light purples, such as lavender, make dark green a soft color. But if you use really deep purples like royal purple, it makes a strong and exciting difference. This color mix is awesome for clothes. You can add purple stuff like accessories, scarves, or shoes to green outfits for a cool pop of color. At home, you can make things look cool by adding purple pillows, vases, or art.

14. Burgundy


Wondering what colors go with dark green? Pairing deep burgundy with dark green makes a wonderful match. Burgundy, a warm shade of red, goes well with dark green. This combo is cozy and welcoming because the comfort of burgundy fits nicely with the earthy feel of dark green.

Together, they make things look fancy and are often linked with a classy style. When you combine burgundy with dark green, it makes clothes and rooms appear luxurious. For clothing, wearing a burgundy sweater with dark green pants or a skirt makes you look stylish and well-put-together. In homes, using burgundy curtains, throw blankets, or rugs can make a room with dark green walls or furniture feel rich and special.

15. Navy Blue

Navy Blue

What colors go with dark green? Navy blue is one of them. The color navy blue goes well with dark green. Navy blue is a classic and flexible color that always works. It’s calming and deep, and when you combine it with the strong, down-to-earth feeling of dark green, they look great together. This mix isn’t just nice, it also makes you relax in a peaceful atmosphere. Navy blue and dark green match easily in lots of places.

Like in clothes, if you wear a navy blue shirt with dark green pants or a dress, you’ll be dressed up enough for fancy events or just hanging out. And when you’re decorating a room, adding navy blue cushions, art, or even a wall can make a space that’s mostly dark green look even fancier.


All in all, we’ve looked at some colors that can go with dark green, giving you many choices to make the green color even better. Colors like caramel and black make things look fancy, and colors like navy blue and gold make a gentle difference. If you want a unique appearance, you can use colors like white and beige to make green more lively.

Remember, you can play with colors to find what you like. Whether you’re picking clothes or making art, these color combinations can help you very well. Now, if you ever thought about what colors go with dark green? Green goes great with many colors like black, white, red, and others, so don’t be afraid to make different combinations.

So, go ahead and try out new things and have fun. Green is a classic color that works well with many colors, and together, they can make your creative ideas even better.

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