Curtain Sizes Guide for Every Room in Your Home

Curtain Size Chart: Standard Sizes for Every Curtain Type

If you ever had trouble finding the right curtains for your windows, worry no more.

We’ve created a helpful guide that covers standard curtains for every type you can think of.

Choosing the perfect curtains can make a big difference in how your room looks and feels.

Curtain sizes matter, and getting the right fit is essential for a polished and comfortable look in your home. 

Our curtain size chart will guide you through the various standard sizes available for each type of curtain.

From simple rod pocket curtains to new grommet curtains and blackout curtains to superb curtains, we’ll help you find the best fit for any window.

Not only have we listed standard curtain sizes, but we also have tips on measuring your windows correctly and choosing the right fullness for a beautiful and balanced look.

Let’s look at these now!

1. Window Sill Curtains


When it comes to picking the right curtains for your windows, curtain sizes matter a lot. You want your curtains to look perfect and fit well, so let’s find out how to choose the right size for your windows. First, you need to measure the width and height of your window.

Use a measuring tape to get accurate measurements. For the width, measure from one side of the window frame to the other. For the height, measure from the top of the window frame to the bottom. Once you have the measurements, you can choose the curtain size that fits your window best.

Curtains usually come in standard sizes, so you can find options that match your window’s dimensions. If your window size is not standard, don’t worry; many stores offer custom-made curtains to fit any window properly. If you want to make the window appear larger, you can hang the curtain rod higher and wider than the window frame.

2. Floating Length Curtains

Floating Length Curtains

Floating-length curtains give a slightly raised look, hanging just above the floor. They are best for achieving a modern and neat appearance. When you use floating-length curtains, they create a small lift, adding a nice addition to your windows.

The curtains don’t reach the floor but hang beautifully, giving your space a stylish feel. They are an excellent choice if you want a present-day and organized look in your home.

Choosing the right curtain sizes is important to make sure they fit without any issues and have the desired effect. For floating-length curtains, aim for a measurement of 1-2 inches above the floor.

This length allows the curtains to hang without dragging on the ground. So, if you want to improve your home’s interior with a modern look, consider using floating-length curtains. They are easy to maintain, add a nice touch, and create a healthy atmosphere in any room.

3. Puddling Length Curtains

Puddling Length Curtains

If you’re looking to achieve a rich and fancy look, go for puddling-length curtains. These curtains are longer than usual and create a “puddle” of fabric on the floor. It’s like having a lovely pool of curtain fabric on the ground.

The extra fabric gives the room a romantic feeling. When it comes to curtain sizes, puddling-length curtains are the best choice for a luxurious appearance. They are longer than regular curtains and can add royalty to any room. The added length makes the curtains look more impressive.

It will be a treat walking into a room with these curtains. The fabric gracefully flows onto the floor, making you feel like you’re in a beautiful castle. Blackout curtains are perfect for creating a stylish atmosphere.

They are an excellent way to make a strong impression and impress your guests. Your room will feel special and upscale, all thanks to these fabulous drapes.

4. Floor Kissing Length Curtains

Floor Kissing Length Curtains

Floor-kissing length curtains, as the name suggests, gently touch the floor, adding a nice vibe to any room. These curtains typically measure about 1 inch above the floor, making it easy to move around without any problem.

Regarding curtain sizes, floor-kissing curtains are a popular choice. They look lovely and stylish on your windows and can fit well with different decor styles. With their length, they create a flowing look, leveling up the overall feel of your space.

One of the great benefits of floor-kissing curtains is that they are easy to keep clean. Since they don’t touch the floor directly, they gather less dust and dirt, making cleaning simple.

Additionally, their slightly raised position helps prevent wear and tear, so they can stay shining for a long time. These curtains are suitable for many rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas. They make the room look taller, creating an illusion of space. If you want to add beauty to your living spaces, floor-kissing curtains are an excellent choice.

5. Apron Curtains

Apron Curtains

Apron curtains are simple curtains that only cover the bottom part of the window, stopping just below the sill. This unique style lets natural light come in while keeping your privacy safe.

These curtain sizes come in different types, so you can choose the one that fits your window well. They work well in any room where you want sunlight without giving up your privacy.

Apron curtains are great because they let sunlight in without making you feel exposed. They’re especially useful in areas like bedrooms or kitchens, where you need personal space. With black kitchen curtains, you can make your windows look nice.

These curtains not only work well but also add a feel to your decor. These curtains allow the natural sunlight to pass through easily. Hence, you can enjoy the natural sunlight.

6. Tier Curtains

Tier Curtains

Tier curtains come in two sections, with one shorter piece covering the bottom half of the window and a longer piece for the top half. They offer flexibility in light control and privacy.

Tier curtains come in two parts: a shorter one for the bottom of the window and a longer one for the top. You can easily adjust them to control how much light gets in and to keep things private.

These curtain sizes give you a simple way to cover your windows. The shorter part goes on, the lower half, and the longer one covers the upper half. You can move them up and down as you like.

When you want more light, raise the longer part and leave the shorter one down. If you want less light or some privacy, do the opposite. With tier curtains, you can get the light you want without giving up your privacy. If you need new and good-looking curtains for your windows, think about tier curtains.

7. Valances


Valances are decorative pieces that sit on top of your curtains and add a stylish touch to your window treatment. They come in different sizes, ranging from about 10 to 18 inches long.

Valances are like pretty decorations for your curtains. They go on top of the curtains and make your windows look stylish. You can think of them as the icing on the cake.

The best part is that valances come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your window perfectly. They usually range from about 10 to 18 inches long. This means you can find a valance that fits just right for any curtain size.

Think that you have a beautiful curtain hanging in your room, and then you add a lovely valance on top of it. It instantly makes the whole room look better and more inviting. Valances can make a plain window look grand.

8. Special Lengths

Special Lengths

For non-standard window sizes or unique design preferences, special-length curtains are a great choice. These curtains can be customized to fit your specific requirements. If your windows are different sizes or have designs, you can get curtains that are made just for you.

These special curtains will fit your windows properly. Sometimes, finding the right curtain sizes for your windows can be tricky, especially if your windows are an odd shape or if you want something different.

Regular curtains from the store might not fit well or match what you want. That’s where special-length curtains can help. With special-length curtains, you can choose exactly how big or small you need them to be.

No more worries about gaps or too much fabric. Plus, custom curtains give you the chance to pick the fabric, pattern, and color that you like best. This way, you can make your room look just the way you want it to look.

9. Ground Drapes

Ground Drapes

Ground drapes, also known as floor-length drapes, are a fancy option for curtains that hang from the top of the window down to the floor, creating a grand and impressive look.

These drapes come in different sizes to fit various windows so that you can find the best match for your home. You will see the nice curtains gently reaching the floor, making your space feel fancy and cool.

That’s exactly what neutral ground curtains or drapes do. They add a touch of style to any room, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or dining area.

One of the best things about ground drapes is that you can find them in various curtain sizes, so no matter how big or small your windows are, you can find a suitable option. Whether you have tall windows or shorter ones, there’s a perfect curtain size for you. Adding these drapes will surely increase the beauty of your house without any doubt.

10. Thermal Curtains

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are window coverings designed to help control the temperature inside your home. These curtains have multiple layers of fabric, often with a foam or thermal backing, which acts as insulation to keep heat from escaping during winter and to block heat from entering during summer. This energy-saving feature can lead to cost savings on heating and cooling bills.

These curtains come in different standard sizes to fit various window dimensions. The most common curtain sizes for thermal curtains include 63 inches, 84 inches, 95 inches, and 108 inches in length.

For wider windows, you may need multiple panels to achieve a smooth and coordinated look. Thermal curtains are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, making it easy to find a style that matches your decor.

They are not only practical but also add a clear and smooth touch to your living spaces. Especially during cold days, these curtains will bless your house and will maintain the temperature inside the house.


Having a curtain size chart with standard sizes for every curtain type is most helpful for anyone looking to level up the looks of their windows.

The variety of curtain sizes available ensures that you can find the best fit for your specific windows, whether they are small, large, or somewhere in between.
The curtain size chart takes the guesswork out of shopping for curtains, making the process easy and stress-free.

With the right curtain size, you can achieve a neat and polished look that complements your home’s interior decor.

It does not matter which type of curtain you are looking for; this info contains all of it.

So, next time you’re shopping for curtains, don’t forget to consult the curtain size chart to ensure you get the perfect fit for your windows. I

f you’re decorating your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other room, the right curtain sizes will make all the difference in creating an amazing atmosphere.

So, after analyzing these size charts, you will have no doubts regarding which type of curtain will fit in your sweet home.

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