16 Easy DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

Easy DIY Floating Shelves

Are you thinking of making a floating shelf for your living space? An easy DIY floating shelf is the answer.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner just getting started, these shelves offer you a lot of ways to create easy DIY shelves to display your favorite decorative items and give your room a new look.

Hanging alone or in a grouping of three, these shelves serve two uses.

First, they provide a useful space to store items from linens and books to nail polish and plants.

Secondly, they add a fresh look to your home. However, you can change your home’s style and your personality with a lot of materials and finishes available at your home.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the different types of shelves that you can make easily without spending a lot of money.

These floating shelf ideas can easily match your kitchen, living room, terrace, bathroom, or any other place where you want to make them.

Let’s look at them. 

1. Exposed Kitchen Shelving

Exposed Kitchen Shelving

Open kitchen shelving is an easy and new way to arrange your dishes and kitchen. This DIY floating shelf is easy to install and can instantly increase the look of your kitchen.

You can create them by using simple materials like wood boards and straight brackets. Installing these shelves is a DIY project that requires basic tools like a drill, level, and screws.

Choose the wood type and finish that match your kitchen’s walls, whether it’s classic, modern, or farmhouse. Be mindful of weight distribution while arranging items on the shelves to ensure stability and safety.

2. Utility Room Shelving

Utility Room Shelving.jpg

Adding floating shelves to your laundry room can optimize storage and organization. These DIY floating shelf ideas are favorable for storing detergents, baskets, and other laundry supplies. You can install them above your washer and dryer for easy access.

They can be customized in size and height according to your specific needs and the available space. DIY floating shelf installation involves measuring the area, securing brackets, and attaching the shelves securely to the wall. You can utilize these shelves not only for storage but also for decorating plants or small decorative items.

Proper spacing between shelves ensures you can store both tall and short items without any hassle.

3. Integrated Living Room Units

Integrated Living Room Units

Built-in floating shelves can convert your living room into an organized space. They’re perfect for displaying books, art pieces, and photo frames, which give a noticeable look to the room. Living room built-in shelves can be designed to fit easily within corners, around fireplaces, or on empty walls. They give a new idea that matches your personality, and you select the decorations and hold your items.

DIY floating shelf construction involves creating a strong framework, attaching the shelves, and finishing them with paint or stain. Include a mix of open shelves and closed cabinets to balance the display with secret storage. These space-saving wall shelving can also house your entertainment devices like DVDs, games, and media players.

4. Counter Shelves for a Home Bar

Counter Shelves for a Home Bar

Create a modern home bar with a DIY floating shelf. Crafted from strong wood, these shelves are perfect for displaying your favorite whiskey and glassware. Customize the length and height to fit your wall space. A tip: Use reclaimed wood for a natural look. Install with straight and strong brackets for stability.

5. Decorative Display Racks

Decorative Display Racks

Change your room with these display shelves. These easy DIY floating shelves provide a flexible way to showcase your collectibles, books, ordecor items. Choose from various wood finishes to match your style. Arrange the shelves in a placed in a different arrangement to create a unique look. Keep the installation simple with hidden brackets.

6. Personal Coffee Station

Personal Coffee Station

Boost your mornings with a new coffee bar. Craft DIY floating shelves above your coffee maker to store mugs, coffee beans, and syrups. These shelves offer both style and durability. Paint or stain the wood to match your kitchen theme. Consider adding hooks for hanging coffee accessories. A simple touch that brings convenience and match to your daily routine.

7. Well-Stocked Pantry Area

Well-Stocked Pantry Area

Turn your kitchen into an organized haven with easy DIY floating shelf ideas. This DIY floating shelf is a stylish solution for storing your ingredients and utensils. They save space and keep everything within reach. Crafted from strong wood or metal brackets, they can hold jars, cans, and more. Customize the shelf heights to fit items of various sizes. Plus, painting them in colorful colors can add a pop of personality to your kitchen.

8. Wall-Mounted Floating Counter

Wall-Mounted Floating Counter .jpg

Impress your guests with a floating table or bar. This DIY project is simple yet stylish. Use solid wood or a slab-style door as the tabletop. Attach hidden brackets to the wall to create the view of a floating surface. This useful piece works as a dining table, workspace, or even a mini-bar for entertaining. It’s a smart space-saving idea, mainly for small apartments. Make it up by staining or painting the wood to match your decor.

9. Innovative Bathtub Storage

Innovative Bathtub Storage

Improve your bathtime experience by adding floating shelves to your bathroom. This DIY floating shelf, placed above the bathtub, offers a comfortable spot to keep candles, books, or bath salts while you unwind. Using waterproof or water-resistant floating shelf materials is key to durability. You can go for a classic wooden look or choose a clear glass shelf for a modern look. They are also used as space-saving wall shelving. Installation is easy; secure them to the wall with proper hardware. Now, relaxation is at arm’s length.

10. Smart Bathroom Organization

Smart Bathroom Organization

Looking to maximize your bathroom space? Consider a DIY Floating Shelves. These useful additions are a lifesaver for organizing your toiletries and towels. One popular option is Hexagon Shelves. Their unique shape adds a new style while providing different storage. Arrange them in various patterns for a decorative look.

Another is Belted Shelves. These shelves come with a built-in belt-like strap that adds both support and a trendy look. They are great for holding items like folded towels or small potted plants. These shelves are easy to install and can instantly rebuild your bathroom’s look.

11. Geometric Hexagonal Shelving

Geometric Hexagonal Shelving .png

Hexagon shelves are a smart and useful twist on traditional rectangular shelves. With their six-sided design, they offer multiple storage compartments in one unit. You can showcase small decor items, store toiletries, or keep essentials at hand. These shelves are simple to construct, often requiring just a few wooden pieces and basic tools of floating shelf materials. You can customize their size and color to match your bathroom’s theme. Hexagon shelves add an interesting view to your wall while making the most of vertical space.

12. Strapped Wall Shelves

Strapped Wall Shelves

Belted shelves bring an industrial look to your bathroom. This DIY floating shelf stands out with the strong belt straps that hang from above, providing support for the wooden shelf below. The belts also add a decorative element, making the shelves a conversation starter. You can adjust the belts’ length to control the shelf’s height. These shelves are a great choice for holding items of various sizes, from folded towels to small potted plants or containers. They are not only practical but also look good, adding uniqueness to your bathroom decor.

13. Nautical Rope Suspended Shelves

Nautical Rope Suspended Shelves

Rope shelves are a creative and budget-friendly DIY option for adding a classic view to your living space. These shelves are made by suspending wooden planks from solid ropes attached to the ceiling or wall brackets. The ropes not only provide support but also add a unique look. To make rope shelves, you’ll need the following floating shelf materials: wooden planks, thickropes, hooks, and basic tools.

Drill holes into the planks and thread the ropes through, securing them with knots. Hang the ropes from ceiling hooks or wall mounts, adjusting the height to your preference. These DIY floating shelf ideas are perfect for displaying small plants, books, or decorative items. Keep in mind that proper installation is important to ensure safety and stability.

14. Puzzle-Style Tetris Shelving

Puzzle-Style Tetris Shelving .jpg

Tetris shelves are a playful way to organize your space while showcasing your game love. Inspired by the classic video game, these modular shelves allow you to arrange and rearrange geometric shapes in various settings. To create Tetris shelves, you’ll need wooden or acrylic blocks in different shapes and sizes. Paint them in bright colors to capture the game’s beauty.

Mount the blocks on the wall using brackets or glue, forming patterns that fit together like puzzle pieces. These offer both space-saving wall shelving and interactive design elements. You can adjust the layout whenever you want, making it an all-around choice for different spaces.

15. Clear-Corner Floating Shelf

Clear-Corner Floating Shelf .png

A floating corner shelf is a smart solution to utilize those often neglected corners in your room. These shelves appear to “float” on the wall without visible brackets, giving your wall a new look. To make a corner floating shelf, you’ll need wooden planks, L-shaped brackets, screws, and a level. Attach the brackets to the wall, ensuring they’re level and strong. Then, place the planks on top of the brackets to create the floating effect.

This corner floating shelf is ideal for displaying small decor items, framed photos, or even storing toiletries in a bathroom corner. They are space-saving wall shelving and add royalty to any room. Just ensure proper installation to guarantee the DIY floating shelf can hold the calculated weight.

16. Faux Marble Floating Shelf


The Faux Marble Floating Shelf is a wall-mounted shelf that looks like it’s made of fancy marble, but it’s actually not real marble. It’s like a fantasy.

You can put it up on your wall, and it’s great for showing small decorations or keeping things like books and plants. It’s a cool way to change your room’s look without spending too much money on real marble.

It’s easy to install; you’ll need a few basic tools like a drill and screws. The faux marble finish is smooth and polished, copying the natural patterns of real marble. The neutral color and classic design make it match different interior styles.


Easy DIY floating shelves are a great and new way to improve the overall look and feel of your space. With just a few materials, some creativity, and a bit of effort, you can change your walls into stylish showcases.

By reusing the materials that are already available in your home, such as ropes and wooden blocks, for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and guest room to put your daily use items or decorating materials.

The opportunity to change a space while making edge diy floating shelf skills. Whether used to display hold items, books, or decorative pieces, these shelves easily match useful with design.

From selecting the materials to installing the shelves and adding your ideas, we will go to help you with all the information you need to convert your living area DIY journey.

So, roll up your sleeves and let your creativity take center stage as you craft your very own floating shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make Floating Shelves without Brackets?

Absolutely! Concealed bracket shelves provide a clean and nice look. These shelves have internal support mechanisms that keep them solid while maintaining the idea of floating.

How Much Weight Can Floating Shelves Hold?

The weight capacity of your shelves depends on the type of wood used, the bracket quality, and how securely they’re installed. As a general guideline, most floating shelves can hold around 20 to 30 pounds per linear foot.

What Tools Do I Need for This Project?

You’ll need a tape measure, level, drill, screws, wall anchors (if necessary), brackets, and wooden planks for your shelves.

Can I Install Floating Shelves on Any Wall?

Floating shelves can be installed on most types of walls, including drywall, plaster, and concrete. However, the installation process may vary slightly based on the wall type. Use appropriate wall anchors and screws for good support.

Do I Need Advanced Woodworking Skills to Make These Shelves?

Not at all! This project is beginner-friendly and a great way to dip your toes into DIY woodworking. With the right tools and instructions, you can create stunning floating shelves even as a learner.

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