15 Combinations for What Colors Go with Maroon

5 Colors That Go With Maroon in 2023

Are you confused about what colors go with maroon? Well, we have listed some amazing colors that go well with it.

Maroon is a deep and rich color that looks like red wine. It adds a cozy and fancy feeling to clothes and spaces. But which colors can you mix with maroon color combinations to get cool and nice-looking combinations?

We’ll talk about different colors that look great with maroon. It doesn’t matter if you want to make your clothes look better, decorate your home, or plan a special event. Knowing which colors match maroon can help.

We’ll show you both classic combinations and new, stylish choices. You’ll learn how to put together amazing mixtures of colors that catch people’s attention, make them feel things, and show off your style.

Whether you like classy and quiet mixes or brave and bright ones, we’ve got ideas for you. So, come with us and find out how to make maroon look its best when paired with other colors!

1. Use Red Color with Maroon

Use Red Color with Maroon

Have you ever thought about what colors go with maroon? The fearless and lively red color impressively complements maroon. This classic combination gives comfort and energy, making it an excellent choice for both fashion and interior design. Maroon’s deep and rich undertones combine beautifully with maroon and red’s vibrant shades, which gives a stunning and delightful pair.

Whether you include this in clothing, accessories, or home decor, the fusion of trending maroon color combinations and red is sure to command attention. Fill spaces dominated by maroon with touches of red to bring a sense of liveliness, while maroon, in turn, modifies the vibrancy of red, creating a combined and eye-catching match.

2. Combine Taupe with Maroon

Combine Taupe with Maroon

Taupe and maroon create a stylish and complex pairing that blends polishing with deepness. Taupe is a blend of gray and brown color that complements maroon’s depth by providing a soft and neutral backdrop. This combination is particularly well-suited for interior design, establishing a polished environment with a touch of inviting familiarity.

Taupe-colored walls or furnishings serve as the perfect canvas for introducing maroon accents, allowing them to stand out beautifully. The combination of taupe gives a vibe of glamour, and maroon’s strong allure works easily with modern styles, offering a flexible and classic appearance. Now, you know what colors go with maroon.

3. Merge Gray with Maroon

Merge Gray with Maroon

When you think about what colors go with maroon, the combination of gray naturally comes to mind. Gray and maroon are a fantastic pair of colors that work well together. Maroon, known for its rich and luxurious look, becomes even more splendid when combined with gray. These colors give rooms a modern and clever luxury environment.

Gray is the perfect partner for a maroon clothing color combination. It’s a calm and neutral background that makes Maroon’s energetic vibe stand out. In interior design, using gray on walls or furniture makes maroon’s classy feel even stronger. The mix of gray’s soft tones and maroon’s richness creates a stylish and complex combination that feels just right, neither too much nor too cold.

4. Make A Fusion of Silver and Maroon

Make A Fusion of Silver and Maroon

The tuneful interplay of silver and maroon beautifully answers the question of what colors go with maroon. Silver and trending maroon color coordination affect a fine balance between richness and rareness. The shine of silver combines with maroon depth and gives an element of glamour in any setting. Whether it’s jewelry, evening attire, or interior decorations, the fusion of silver and maroon gives an aura of style and urbanity.

The interplay between silver’s brightness and maroon’s richness creates a dynamic effect that changes the overall aesthetic of your place. Be it a sparkling accessory against a maroon gown or silver decor paired with maroon furniture, the combination of silver and maroon releases an air of experience and excitement.

5. Combine Black with Maroon


If you think about what colors go with maroon, then we have the versatile black shade that complements maroon color combinations perfectly in the year 2023. Maroon’s deep richness contrasts extremely with black giving a strong and splendid appearance. Whether applied to clothing or home decor, this pairing gives off grace and glamour. Think of a maroon evening dress with a black watch for a visible formal combo, or imagine black furniture accents set against maroon walls which produce a modern indoor style.

The fusion of black and maroon color coordination establishes a combination balance fit for different occasions and designs. Maroon’s deepness softens the simplicity of black, while black brings a smooth touch to maroon, resulting in a fascinating fusion of a clear and lasting appearance.

6. Pair Navy Blue with Maroon

Pair Navy Blue with Maroon

Navy blue easily matches maroon, creating a perfect blend of classic and modern styles in 2023. This great pair balances comfort and deepness while blending tradition with modern trends. The cool tones of navy blue increase the inviting quality of maroon, resulting in a pleasing and well-rounded contrast.

For clothing, you can think about a navy blue suit with a maroon tie or a maroon dress with navy blue accents for a stylish yet forward-looking appearance. In interior design, consider adding navy blue throw pillows on rich maroon soft and padded textiles to create a cozy living space with a modern touch. This combination gives a feeling of enduring beauty. Still, if you thought about what colors go with maroon, so navy blue is one of them.

7. Integrate Teal with Maroon Color

Integrate Teal with Maroon Color

Wondering what colors go with maroon? The full-of-life energy of teal mixes easily with the deep richness of maroon, creating a refreshing and fascinating color combination. Teal’s lively nature brings life to maroon’s deepness, resulting in an interplay that includes lively spirit and urbanity. This combo adds a pop of spirited color to both outfits and living spaces.

For instance, think of a maroon blouse paired with incredible teal trousers; this combination creates a stylish and confident together. In interior decor, set a maroon sofa decorate with teal cushions, changing a simple living room into the latest masterpiece. Teal and trending maroon color coordination is a set of interests, maintaining an overall sense of combination and making spaces feel lively yet composed.

8. Unite Mauve with Maroon

Unite Mauve with Maroon

Mauve’s graceful attraction complements maroon beautifully, creating a partnership that releases a polished and smooth look. Mauve’s dusty tones blend easily with maroon’s comfort, creating an accurate yet engaging contrast. Together, they make a modish atmosphere suitable for those who appreciate understated beauty. For special occasions like weddings, think of mauve and maroon color coordination of floral arrangements that come out with classy beauty and grace.

On the other hand, in a maroon-themed bedroom, a gentle mauve accent wall can create a peaceful environment. If you think about what colors go with maroon, well, Mauve is the one; its muted tones complement maroon’s clear appearance, resulting in a perfect fusion for those who are looking for a polished aesthetic with a touch of softness.

9. Fuse Cream with Maroon

Fuse Cream with Maroon

The soft cream color smoothly blends with the deep maroon shade, creating a beautiful pair. If you think what colors go with maroon? This duo doesn’t just feel comfortable and attractive, but it also gives off a sense of classic beauty. The gentle cream tones perfectly balance the strong and daring maroon color. This mix isn’t just welcoming, but it also has a classy style.

Think of putting a rich maroon blanket over a creamy couch or decorating a finely embroidered cream tablecloth with carefully designed maroon centerpieces for a fancy dinner. You can also use these charming colors in your outfits, like picturing a maroon scarf that nicely matches a luxurious cream-colored coat. This gives you a polished and incredibly cozy look that gets noticed.

10. Blend Green with Maroon

Blend Green with Maroon

You might wonder, “What colors go with maroon?” The surprising combination of maroon and green creates a beautiful mix that amazingly blends comfort and calmness. Maroon’s deep richness is wonderfully complemented by the earthy softness of green, reminding us of the peaceful beauty of a forest in autumn with a warm sunset.

You can bring this lovely mix into your home by placing plump maroon cushions on a cozy green couch or by decorating your walls with prints of plants that blend both colors nicely. In the world of fashion, give a shot to a flowing maroon skirt paired with a soft green blouse, a perfect example of natural beauty that adds urbanity and comfort to any occasion.

11. Combine Ivory with Maroon

Combine Ivory with Maroon

Ivory and maroon come together beautifully, making a never-changing combination that blends culture with comfort. Maroon’s deep and passionate color is made softer by the gentle glamour of ivory. This creates an environment that feels warm and inviting while still looking polished. Use lovely ivory tablecloths on a dining table, and add neatly folded maroon napkins as a stylish touch for a fancy dinner party.

Now you know what colors go with maroon? Well, Ivory is one of them. The pairing of ivory with maroon works well in fashion, too; think of an ivory and maroon clothing color combination, like an ivory dress with carefully chosen maroon accessories or a maroon tie against the backdrop of an ivory shirt. This classic and tasteful look is perfect for special formal events and celebrations.

12. Mix Burgundy with Maroon

Mix Burgundy with Maroon

What colors go with maroon? You might ask. Burgundy and maroon blend in soft yet rich colors, revealing a mix of shades that combine luxury with a royal feel. The deep purplish tones in burgundy add a touch of richness that perfectly matches the nature of the trending maroon color palette. This pairing represents luxury, making it a great choice for fancy events that need an exclusive vibe.

Think of complex flower arrangements in maroon and burgundy, each petal standing out on stylish white tables. Represent burgundy details against the smooth maroon background, creating an environment of extreme grace. This combination releases mastery and uniqueness in every detail.

13. Include Brown with Maroon Color

Include Brown with Maroon Color

Brown and maroon come together to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Maroon’s passionate vibe matches well with Brown’s dependable and natural feel. You can use a comfortable couch covered with a plaid blanket that mixes maroon and brown. Or think about a maroon rug on rich brown hardwood floors, making a room that’s both comfy and full of energy.

In fashion, wearing maroon pants with soft brown leather accessories gives off a stylish yet narrow attraction. Think of a maroon sweater with classic brown boots; this is a combo that’s down-to-earth, great for casual outings where both style and comfort matter. So, when looking at that what colors go with maroon, the answer undoubtedly lies in the inviting friendship of brown.

14. Merge White with Maroon Color

Merge White with Maroon Color

What colors go with maroon? White is one of them. The clean and pure white makes the deep richness of the maroon color palette stand out, creating a perfect mix that shows urbanity at its best. Think of a stunning floral centerpiece with maroon and white flowers decorating a wedding table. The soft petals and leaves beautifully contrast with the white backdrop, creating a fascinating scene. The complex designs on the rug create a stylish look against the pure white background.

Bringing this beautiful combination into the world of fashion, think of a flowing white and maroon clothing color combination like a maroon dress with white details. You can go with a maroon tie paired gracefully with a neatly ironed white shirt. These outfits represent your taste that is suitable for various formal occasions and give off a cultured vibe that truly leaves a memorable mark.

15. Combine Gold with Maroon

Combine Gold with Maroon

Maroon and gold come together in a royal partnership that shines with luxury and splendor. Gold’s radiant shine increases maroon’s rich deepness, creating a true combination. This duo is perfect for fancy settings and special moments. Think about a table set up at an event, where every utensil and decoration sparkle with a royal beauty that suits the occasion perfectly.

You can go with the gold and maroon clothing color combination, like a maroon suit that is paired perfectly with gold cufflinks or a maroon evening gown designed with gold decorations that grab attention and admiration. This captures the essence of luxury breathtakingly and unforgettably. Lastly, when you think of what colors go with the maroon color palette, this blend of gold comes along with other colors.


All in all, we’ve looked at some amazing 15 colors that can go with maroon, giving you a bunch of choices to make maroon look even better.

Colors like gold and cream make things look fancy, and colors like silver and gold make a gentle difference. If you want a different look, you can use colors like teal and navy to make maroon more lively.

Whether you’re picking clothes, decorating a room, or making art, these colors can help you very well. They’re like your trusty friends when you need help with colors. Remember, you can play with colors to find what you like.

Maroon goes great with lots of colors, so don’t be afraid to try new things. With maroon and these other colors together, you can make things that look amazing and feel nice.

So, go ahead and try out new things and have fun. Maroon is a classic color that works well with many others, and together, they can make your creative ideas even better.

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