15 Trending Colors Go with Burgundy

Colors That Go With Burgundy in 2023

Are you confused about what colors go with burgundy? Then, you are at the right place. Well, Burgundy is a fancy and warm color. Mixing it with other colors can make it look even better and more interesting.

This article shows you some colors that go well with burgundy. Whether you like fashion, want to decorate a room, or plan a special event, these color ideas can help. There are lots of options.

Some are classic, like gold and cream. Others are more modern, like pink and navy blue. No need to be an art expert to understand. It’s about seeing how colors work together. You’ll learn how to put together amazing mixtures of colors that catch people’s attention, make them feel things, and show off your style.

You’ll see how to make burgundy look amazing with the coolest colors of 2023. It’s like adding creativity with colors!

1. Cream


Have you ever thought about what colors go with Burgundy? Cream, a gentle and soft color, goes well with burgundy. Think of it as a friendly, cozy color that matches the rich burgundy. The cream makes the dark burgundy color feel a bit lighter and creates a nice balance. When you put cream together with burgundy, it gives warm and comfortable vibes.

That’s why it’s great for making rooms comfy, putting together as an outfit, or decorating for events. If you have cream-colored walls or furniture, it makes burgundy things stand out. For example, think of a creamy couch with a plush burgundy pillow; it looks attractive and doesn’t feel too much. This pairing is flexible, too, so that you can use it in all sorts of places like cabins, weddings, or even everyday outfits.

2. Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a flexible color that shows smoothness and goes well with burgundy in an advanced way. Think of a dark sky at night meeting the strong shades of a nice wine. When you put navy blue and burgundy together, they create a luxurious environment that’s noticeable.

Just imagine a navy blue suit with a burgundy tie or pocket square; it’s a great choice for fancy events because it mixes classic and modern styles easily. In decorating homes, adding navy blue things to a burgundy room makes it look polished and grown-up. Whether it’s a navy blue rug or curtains, this combination adds personality to a room. Now, you know what colors go with Burgundy.

3. Black


Wondering what colors go with Burgundy? Black and burgundy go together really well. Think about them like a classic pair that always attracts people. Burgundy, this rich reddish color, teams up with black, which is sharp. Together, they create a super cool effect.

Think of wearing a simple black dress with burgundy accessories; it’s a seem that gets attention. These two colors also team up amazingly for occasions like a party or a stylish night event. And in home design, adding some black stuff to a room with burgundy can make the whole place exciting. 

4. Grey


When considering what colors go with Burgundy, Grey is great together. Grey is a color that goes nicely with burgundy. When you put them side by side, they seem nice. Grey is a calm color, kind of like a quiet background.

This lets the burgundy color stand out. When you mix grey and burgundy, it can make things feel modern. Grey comes in different shades, from light silver to deep charcoal. It works inside your home or the clothes you wear. Darker greys like charcoal give a comfy vibe when they’re with burgundy. In fashion, you can wear a grey suit or dress. Then, you can add burgundy things like ties, scarves, or bags to make it look even better.

5. Peach


Peach and burgundy make an unexpectedly delightful team. Think of a fun and lively environment; that’s what this pairing creates. Peach, a soft pastel color, adds a playful touch to the richness of burgundy. These two colors balance each other perfectly and give a nice appearance.

Peach has a light and warm feel, which smoothly blends with burgundy. This combo is perfect for spring and summer events like weddings or outdoor gatherings. It brings to mind blooming gardens and delicious fruits.

6. White


What colors go with burgundy? White is one of them. The simple and pure vibe of white goes perfectly with burgundy, making a lasting and urban match. White acts like a clean canvas, letting burgundy stand out and create an incredible contrast. This combo works well in clothes.

Think of a white shirt with burgundy pants for a stylish, professional look. Or try a white gown with burgundy accessories for fancy occasions. In-home design, white furniture, or walls make things feel open and breezy. Add burgundy rugs or curtains for glamour. This pairing is loved in classic styles, adding a hint of drama without being too overwhelming.

7. Gold


The tuneful interplay of gold and Burgundy beautifully answers the question of what colors go with Burgundy. In 2023, gold and burgundy go well together. Think of burgundy, which is a deep red color, and gold, which is shiny and elegant.

They seem great when used in clothes and decorations. For example, think about a dark red dress with pretty gold jewelry; they make a perfect pair. Also, if you use burgundy and gold in decorating your home, it can make your space feel warm and fancy. Think of having burgundy-colored walls with mirrors and pillows that have gold frames and fabric. These colors work nicely together and make things look nice.

8. Pink


If you think about what colors go with Burgundy? When you combine burgundy with pink, you get a beautiful mix of fine colors. Burgundy’s rich and intense shade goes well with different kinds of pink. You can see this combination in clothes, parties, and flower decorations.

If you’re into fashion, wearing a burgundy suit with a light pink shirt or tie can make a traditional outfit look modern. This pairing is also getting popular for weddings, with bridesmaids wearing burgundy dresses and holding pink bouquets. It’s like finding the right balance between strength and grace.

9. Blue


Combining burgundy and blue brings out a feeling of deepness and noticeable differences that are very attractive. This year, in 2023, this color combination is gaining popularity in both relaxed and more formal situations. Ranging from dark navy to bright teal, various shades of blue perfectly match the burgundy.

Think of having a party with a burgundy theme and adding in blue touches; it creates an engaging and delightful vision. When it comes to designing the inside of homes, using burgundy and blue together can make a place feel classic. Imagine a comfy burgundy-colored sofa against a wall with a pop of blue. The outcome is both inviting and trendy. In the fashion world, adding blue accessories like shoes or scarves can easily change a burgundy outfit. If you thought about what colors go with Burgundy, blue is one of them.

10. Green


In 2023, burgundy and green make a great team! Green is a lively color, while burgundy is rich and warm. When they come together, it’s like adding the beauty of a forest to your style. Think of wearing a burgundy outfit with little pops of bright green; it’s a really attractive combination. You can try this in fashion by wearing a burgundy dress and adding green accessories like a scarf or earrings.

If you’re decorating your home, consider using burgundy and green in your living room. Think of a cozy burgundy couch against walls with calming green artwork, a perfect mix of comfort and energy. In nature, it’s like the red leaves of fall blending with the everlasting green plants. This pairing shows that different colors can work together beautifully. Now, you know what colors go with burgundy.

11. Ivory


When the burgundy meets the softness of ivory, it creates a feeling of classiness and smoothness. Ivory, with its creamy and gentle appearance, adds a fine difference to the richness of burgundy. This mix is great for weddings, events, or sprucing up your home. Think of bridesmaids wearing burgundy dresses with ivory bouquets and table settings for weddings. Now you know what colors go with Burgundy?

Well, Ivory is one of them. The burgundy and durable ivory combine to make a fancy and graceful environment. In your home, think about using an ivory rug to balance the strong burgundy walls or vice versa. Ivory also lightens up the great burgundy, making it more flexible and suitable for different styles.

12. Silver


What colors go with Burgundy? You might ask. Silver is one of them. Silver and burgundy make an amazing team. Silver adds a modern and glamorous vibe to the burgundy color. Think of silver makes burgundy appear even more beautiful, just like how jewelry looks better with silver.

Consider a burgundy evening dress with shiny silver shoes and accessories; it’s a stylish outfit option. In decorating rooms, using silver things like mirrors or decorations can nicely balance the strong burgundy furniture or walls. The burgundy gets even more special with the shiny silver, making everything feel delightful and attractive.

13. Lavender


Lavender and burgundy are paired together as colors. Lavender is a soft and calming purple, while burgundy is a rich and warm color. These two colors go well together. Lavender makes the strong burgundy color set a peaceful environment. This creates a nice balance that attracts people. Lavender doesn’t try to be the main focus, but it makes burgundy seem even better.

When it’s used with burgundy, it makes things look classy. People use these colors together in different places, like how they decorate rooms or choose clothes. For example, think about a room with burgundy walls and lavender curtains. It would seem amazing and make the room feel calm.

14. Beige 


The classic colors of beige and burgundy come together in a perfect match. Beige is a long-lasting neutral color that goes well with burgundy. Beige is fine and warm, making it a fancy background that lets burgundy stand out. When you put these two colors together, they appear modish and can be used for any occasion. Beige is great at connecting light and dark colors.

When you mix it with burgundy, it makes a balanced and welcoming feeling. Think of a burgundy evening dress with beige accessories; it’s a confident combination. Or, in interiors, you can add a beige color tablecloth and chairs. So, when looking at what colors go with Burgundy, the answer undoubtedly lies in the inviting friendship of beige.

15. Mustard Yellow 

Mustard Yellow

In 2023, adding mustard yellow to the burgundy color palette brings in a lively and energetic feel. This lively mix balances burgundy’s richness with the cheerful pop of mustard yellow. The bright mustard yellow adds an exciting contrast, making it perfect for those who want a lively and dramatic vibe.

Mustard yellow is linked with positivity and hope. When combined with burgundy, it creates a vibrant and refreshing environment. Think of a floral arrangement with burgundy and mustard yellow; it’s a fascinating display that grabs attention and adds a cheerful vibe to any room.


All in all, we’ve looked at all colors that can go with burgundy, giving you many choices to make burgundy appear even better. Now, if you ever thought about what colors go with burgundy?

Colors like gold and cream make any appearance fancy, and colors like silver and lavender make a gentle difference. Mixing and matching burgundy with these colors can give your outfits, living spaces, and artistic effort a modern and pleasing appearance.

Remember, you can play with colors to find what you like. Burgundy goes great with many colors, so don’t be afraid to try new things. Whether you’re aiming for a polished look or a lively contrast, the key lies in balance.

Just remember, fashion and design are all about self-expression, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find your favorite combinations.

Go ahead and try out different combos, and let your creativity flow!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colors Should I Avoid Pairing with Burgundy?

While burgundy is versatile, it’s best to avoid overly bright and neon colors, as they can clash with its rich undertones. Instead, go for more muted or complementary shades for a harmonious look.

Can I Use Multiple Complementary Colors with Burgundy?

Absolutely! Combining multiple complementary colors with burgundy can create a vibrant and visually interesting ensemble. Just ensure that the color palette remains balanced.

How Can I Use These Color Combinations in Home Decor?

Accent pieces, furniture, textiles, and artwork can combine these color combinations in your home decor. For instance, use burgundy and gold accents for a luxurious living room or burgundy and charcoal gray for a modern bedroom.

Are These Color Combinations Trendy Across Different Seasons?

Yes, many of these color combinations are easy and can be adapted to various seasons. For instance, burgundy and blush pink work well in spring and fall, while burgundy and teal can bring vibrancy to summer and winter palettes.

What’s the Key to Successfully Pairing Colors?

The key to successful color pairing lies in balance and contrast. Choose colors that complement each other while offering enough contrast to create interest. Experimentation is key – don’t be afraid to try different combinations!

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