Easy Guide for The DIY German Schmear for Your Walls

German Schmear the Ultimate DIY Guide

Are your walls feeling a bit plain and sad? Want to give your home a stylish makeover without breaking the bank? Well, here is the solution for DIY fans! It’s time to jump into the fantastic wonders of German Schmear. “What on earth is Schmear?” you might wonder.

Schmear is a super cool and fun technique to change your walls into works of art. In this ultimate DIY guide, we’ll give you knowledge on everything you need to know about Schmear.

There is no rocket science here, folks. We’ve got you covered with simple and step-by-step instructions. Join us as we free your inner artist and take your home decor game to a whole new level. You’re about to amaze friends and family with your wall-painting talents.

Let’s make your home a masterpiece, one Schmear at a time!

So grab your paintbrush, and let’s get schmearing.

What is German Schmear?

What is German Schmear?

German Schmear, also known as Schmear or mortar wash, is a special and popular technique used in interior and exterior design to add character and attraction to buildings.

It started in Germany and involves putting a mix of mortar and cement, combined with water and sometimes lime, onto a brick or stone surface.

The process makes the surface look worried and whitewashed, with some of the brick or stone texture showing through. This creates a rough and simple finish, giving a warm and inviting style often seen in vintage or farmhouse looks.

In recent years, this technique has become popular through home improvement shows and social media. Homeowners and designers like its unique appearance and have made it a trend. It’s flexible and can be used on various surfaces like fireplaces, walls, and even exteriors.

Whether you’re fixing up an old house or want to give a mark of history to a modern space, Schmear offers a creative way to improve any living space by blending tradition with the latest design.

The History Behind German Schmear

The History Behind German Schmear

Schmear, also known as “schlieren” in German, is an ancient way of decorating and preserving the outside of buildings. It began in Germany and involves putting a thin layer of mortar or plaster mixed with lime on bricks or stones.

The word “schmear” means “smear” or “spread,” which describes the process of coating the front. In the past, German Schmear had two main purposes.

Firstly, it sealed the open surfaces of the building materials, protecting them from weathering and decay. Secondly, the light-colored mortar gave the buildings an attractive and homely look, especially in rural areas.

As time went on, this technique became more than just practical; it turned into a popular architectural style in German and European regions. It was particularly famous during the medieval and Renaissance periods when twisted exteriors with fancy patterns became common.

Today, the invite of Schmear continues to homeowners and designers all around the world. It has made a comeback as a preferred choice for giving modern buildings a vintage or upset appearance.

How to Apply Schmear

How to Apply Schmear

1. Materials and Supplies You’ll Need

  • Paint roller or trowel
  • Premixed Mortar
  • 5 Gallon Bucket or Wheelbarrow
  • Grout Sponge
  • Rubber gloves and safety Goggles
  • Shovel
  • Wire brush
  • Stucco sponge

2. Prepare the Surface

To make your surface look super clean and fresh, get rid of all the dirt, grime, and loose stuff. A pressure washer can be a big help for this German schmear. It uses a strong stream of water to wash away all the mess, leaving your surface nice and fresh.

Be careful to cover all areas properly so you don’t miss anything. When you’re done, you’ll see a big difference, and your surface will look like new. So grab that pressure washer and get ready for some really impressive results. Your surface will shine like never before.

3. Mix the Mortar

Making the mortar mixture is super simple and enjoyable. Just mix cement, sand, and water. Don’t make it too thick or too watery; you want it to spread easily and keep its shape. If it’s not right, no worries.

Add more or less water until it’s just right. Good mortar is essential for keeping your building projects together and making them last a long time. So, take your time and mix it well. Don’t rush. Have fun building, and be proud of your work. With the right mortar, your German schmear will be strong and steady.

4. Test the Technique

Before you do the schmear on the whole surface, try it on a small hidden spot first. This way, you can see how it looks and get used to how it’s done. Trying it out in a small area first lets you make sure you’ll like the results on the bigger surface.

This step is important to avoid mistakes and surprises, and it helps you feel confident in doing the German schmear technique well. So, take it slow, try it on a little part, and when you’re happy with it, go ahead and do the whole thing. You’ll do great.

5. Apply the Schmear

Make your project look fantastic with this fun and easy technique. Use a trowel or gloves to spread the mortar mixture evenly in a thin layer on the surface. Then, take a sponge or a damp cloth and gently rub the mortar.

See how the surface becomes interesting and attractive. Be creative and enjoy how this simple method makes your work look better. Crafting will be a lot of fun with this approach. So, have a great time and enjoy creating something wonderful.

6. Work in Sections

To get a smooth and even finish, take your time and work on small parts at a time. This German schmear helps prevent the mortar from drying too quickly. Keep doing things the same way throughout the process, following each step one by one for better results. Remember, you need patience and pay close attention to detail to get what you want.

Just be careful and take your time, and you can create a beautiful finish. Enjoy the process as you work on your project, and soon enough, you’ll get the results you want.

7. Wipe Off Excess

After waiting for about 30 minutes, use a wet cloth or sponge, wearing protective gloves, to gently wipe off any extra mortar. This will give your project a neat and finished look with the texture you want. Take your time and be careful while wiping, allowing the mortar to set properly. Pay attention to the small details, and be patient to get the perfect texture for your project.

Don’t hesitate to put in a little extra effort; it will be worth it. Crafting is all about having fun, so enjoy the process. By following these simple steps and being gentle while wiping, you’ll create a lovely project that looks professional. Remember, crafting is a joyful thing, so savor every moment of it.

8. Allow Drying Time

To get the best results with your German schmear project, make sure to let it dry completely, which usually takes about 24-48 hours. Don’t rush! Avoid adding more coats or finishing touches until it’s fully dry.

Being patient is essential for a successful project. Once it’s completely dry, you can add more coats or do the final touches. Waiting ensures your German smear looks fantastic and lasts a long time. Enjoy the process and have fun creating a pretty and long-lasting finish that you’ll love.

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Maintaining Your German Schmear

Maintaining Your German Schmear

1. Regular Cleaning

To keep your schmear looking nice and colorful, follow this easy cleaning routine. Use a soft brush and mild soap regularly to clean the surface. Remove dirt, dust, and debris gently to stay fresh and attractive.

This simple maintenance will help your schmear stay in great shape and keep it looking beautiful for a long time. Just a little care will go a long way in keeping your German schmear surface looking fantastic. So, impress your guests and neighbors with its lovely appearance.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

To keep your schmear looking great for a long time, avoid using strong chemicals or power washers when cleaning it. These can harm the mortar finish and make it not last as long.

Instead, use milder cleaning solutions and methods that won’t damage the beauty and durability of your schmear. Regularly clean it with gentle products to keep its appearance nice and make sure it stays in good condition for a long time. Taking care of your German schmear properly will let you enjoy its inviting and special look for many years.

3. Check for Cracks

Regularly check the surface for cracks or damage in the mortar. If you find any issues, fix them with the Mortar Repair Kit quickly to stop more damage and keep the surface strong.

Checking the mortar’s condition helps avoid bigger problems later. It’s important to deal with these issues early on to keep the surface in good shape and make it last longer.

By acting fast and making timely repairs, you can keep the surface looking good and avoid costly fixes later. Remember, a little inspection and quick action can protect your surface and save you time and money.

4. Repairs and Touch-ups

If you see any places where the German schmear on your bricks is coming off or got damaged, get help from a pro to fix it. This will make sure your home looks nice and keeps the bricks safe underneath. Don’t ignore it, or it might get worse.

Pros can check and do the needed repairs, making your home’s outside look great again. Fixing it early saves money and trouble later. Taking care of your bricks not only makes your home prettier but also makes it stronger for a long time. So, don’t wait, call a pro. Keep your home looking its best.

5. Reapplication

To make your home look fresh and renewed, redo the schmear every few years, depending on how much it wears out. Get help from an expert to use the right mixture, as well as wear suitable protective gear for this task.

The German schmear involves applying a mortar-like mix to your brick walls, creating a pleasant look. Weather and other things can make it fade over time.

By redoing it every few years, you keep it looking nice and protect the bricks. Experts know how to do this job well, saving you time and effort. With their help, your home will keep its unique and inviting look for many years.

6. Protect from Weather

To keep your schmear looking beautiful and lasting longer, avoid exposing it to harsh weather like heavy rain, snow, or direct sunlight. These things can harm the finish and make it wear out early. So, protect it from such weather to maintain its beauty and enjoy its stunning appearance for many years.

It’s an easy way to keep your exterior looking great. Just shield your German schmear from bad weather whenever you can, and it will stay attractive for a long time. Take care of it, and it will keep making your space look amazing and impress everyone who sees it. Remember, a little protection goes a long way in keeping it shining.

7. Sealant Application

To make your schmear last longer and protect it from the weather, just put a clear sealant on top of it. The sealant will create a shield, keeping the finish safe from rain, sun, and other things that could harm it.

This way, your German schmear will stay pretty and in good condition for a long time. It’s a simple and effective way to take care of your hard work in creating the schmear. So, give your lovely smear some extra love and protection with a clear sealant. Enjoy the long-lasting beauty of your German smear thanks to this easy step that keeps it safe from the elements.

German Smear Pros and Cons

German Smear Pros and Cons


  • Affordable Modish: They can make your home’s outside look stylish cheaply. Using their special German schmear technique, they can turn regular brick walls into fashionable and fancy outside. You don’t have to spend lots of money to get a trendy appearance.
  • Lasting Beauty: Come and see the beautiful work of German Schmear. Their skilled craftsmen use great materials and techniques to make sure the finished result lasts a long time and stays inviting and attractive for many years.
  • Antique Style: Experience the classic beauty of antique style with German schmear. They can make your property look vintage-inspired, like the old-world European attraction, adding character and culture.
  • Customizable Invite: We help you design your dream exterior just as you want it. We work closely with you to understand what you like and create personalized designs that match your style. Each project gets a unique and special look that shows off your individuality. Let’s build something amazing together.


  • Hands-On Methods: German schmear is a fun way to give brick walls an old and plain look. You just put a special mixture on the bricks and then smear it around with a trowel. That’s how you get that cool, aged appearance everyone loves.
  • Potential Limits: Using this schmear can add character to a room, but it may not go well with all types of buildings. It looks best in simple or traditional designs but might not match modern or contemporary styles.
  • Difficult to Remove: Taking off German schmear can be tough and time-consuming. The mortar mixture sticks firmly to the brick, making it hard to remove without damaging the surface below.


In the delightful wonders of DIY, the German Schmear rules supreme. With our ultimate guide and a little creativity, you’ve mastered the art of changing plain walls into stunning works of art. Just like a spell, this technique includes a bit of magic and beauty in any space. In a few easy steps, you’ve become a seasoned Schmear expert.

From mixing the mortar to applying it with flair, you’ve turned dull walls into beautiful conversation starters. Who knew that playing with mortar could be so much fun? Envelope the mess and the laughs that come with it.

Remember, it’s not just about the result; it’s about the journey of converting marks into artful masterpieces.

So, go away, fellow Schmear fan, and test this simple yet attractive technique. Let your walls tell stories and give joy to all who see them. The Schmear has officially cast its spell on you, and there’s no turning back.

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