35 Amazing DIY Plant Stand Ideas with Tutorials

35 Best DIY Plant Stand Ideas & Tutorials

Are you a plant lover? Because we’ve got some new DIY Plant Stand Ideas and Tutorials as well. It’s like giving your plants their very own special place to grow and increase the beauty of your space.

A wooden plant stand can be like a little home for your plants, making them look even more beautiful and giving your room a fresh, green look. These fantastic ideas are waiting for you.

Some plants might be made from wood, some from pipes, and others from stuff you might already have at home. But don’t worry; each idea comes with step-by-step tutorials that show you exactly how to make them.

So, if you’re ready to add a new stand of green magic to your home and have fun crafting at the same time, these DIY Plant Stand Ideas and Tutorials are just what you need.

Let’s get creative and make your plants the stars of the show.

1. Simple Wooden Plant Stand

Simple Wooden Plant Stand .jpeg

This DIY project offers a simple and old approach to displaying your plants. Crafted from basic wooden boards of equal length for the legs and 1 wooden board for the top. Lay the equal-length wooden boards on the ground to form a square or rectangle, depending on the size you want. These will be the legs of your stand. Place the longer wooden board on top of the legs.

Make sure it’s centered and secure it by using screws or nails. This top board will hold your plant pot. To make your wooden plant stand strong, you can add diagonal wooden braces from each corner of the legs to the center of the top board.

Attach these with screws. Sand the edges and surfaces of the wood to make everything smooth. You can also paint or stain the wood to match your style. Once your stand is ready, put your favorite potted plant on top.

2. Ladder Stand

Ladder Stand

Reusing an old wooden ladder into a plant stand adds a new twist to your greenery display. You can find an old wooden ladder or even buy a new one as a wooden plant stand. Make sure it’s strong and safe.

Then, you’ll place the ladder horizontally, like it’s lying down on the ground. Each step of the ladder can hold a potted plant, allowing you to create a vertical garden. This DIY idea maximizes space and adds a shade of creativity to your decor.

It’s an eco-friendly option that doesn’t require complex construction skills. Simply clean and paint the ladder as desired, and position your plants at varying heights for an engaging effect.

3. TV Wooden Plant Stand

TV Wooden Plant Stand

This smart concept converts an old television set into a quick wooden plant stand. The hollowed-out screen area becomes a unique space for housing your plants. It’s a good way to recycle old electronics with a feeling of pleasure in your living space.

You can choose a stand that matches your room’s look modern, classic, or even colorful. Some TV plant stands even come with shelves or little compartments where you can place your plant pots. With a little craftsmanship, you can create a conversation piece that merges technology with nature. The TV stand provides a platform for both small and medium-sized plants.

4. Midcentury Plant Stand

Midcentury Plant Stand

Set a midcentury modern view with this wooden plant stand. Inspired by the fine lines and geometric shapes of the 1950s and 60s, this stand features clean elements and a mix of materials like wood and metal. It brings a bold yet classic feel to your space.

Crafting this stand involves working with angles and attaching multiple components, making it a moderate-level DIY project. The result is a solid stand that complements the old look of midcentury-inspired interiors.

5. Modern Plant Stand


Make your green plant stand with a new shade by using a modern plant stand. These wooden plant stands boast clean lines, adding a matched look to your space. Crafted from materials like wood, metal, or acrylic, they provide stability and look in one package.

Some come with shelves or multiple tiers, allowing you to display various plants in an organized manner. Modern plant stands are often easy to assemble and can be customized with a coat of paint or stain to match your decor. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these stands easily match to view and use to showcase your plants in a new and designer way.

6. Concrete Wooden Plant Stand

Concrete Wooden Plant Stand .jpg

For a solid and latest view, add a concrete, wooden plant stand. These stands are solid and durable, making them perfect for heavier plant pots. Crafted from a blend of concrete and other materials, they offer a unique texture that complements a variety of interiors.

Concrete plants can be found in various shapes and sizes, from classic pedestals to geometric shapes. While they bring a city look to indoor spaces, they can also withstand outdoor conditions. Keep in mind that concrete stands might be heavier than other options, so choose a spot wisely before placing your beloved plants on them.

7. A-Frame Folding Plant Stand

A-Frame Folding Plant Stand

Flexibility meets style with the A-frame folding plant stand. This wooden plant stand features a small foldable frame, making it easy to store when not in use. The A-frame structure offers multiple tiers to display your green treasures at varying heights.

Crafted from materials like wood or metal, these stands provide stability while adding an attraction to your setting. Assembling is a simple task, and you can move the stand around to catch the best light or change up your decor arrangement. If you have a small apartment balcony or a spacious living room, the A-frame folding plant stand is a practical and impressive choice.

8. Wire Plant Stand

Wire Plant Stand

For a light and strong option, a wire plant stand is the best choice. These wooden plant stand feature thin metal wires that create an open and nice look. Available in various designs, such as single stands or multi-tiered options, they easily match various interior styles.

Wire plant stands are often coated with weather-resistant finishes, allowing them to flourish indoors or outdoors. Their good appearance draws attention to your plants without overwhelming the space look. With easy assembly and a focus on simplicity, wire plant stands let your beauties take center stage while adding a touch of modernity to your surroundings.

9. Modern DIY Wood Plant Stands

Modern DIY Wood Plant Stands

Crafted from solid wood, this wooden plant stand offers a smooth and new look that mixes with any interior. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, the tutorials guide you step-by-step through the process. You’ll learn how to measure, cut, and assemble the pieces to make a stand that perfectly fits your plant’s size.

These DIY wood plant stands not only showcase your plants at varying heights but also add a feeling of nature to your home decor. Choose from various wood finishes to match your interior, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a useful piece of art with your own hands.

10. Build A Plant Table from Wood

Build A Plant Table from Wood

Learn how to construct a practical and beautiful plant table using wood. This DIY project combines its uses of a table with the beauty of indoor gardening. Measure and cut the wood into four legs and a square or rectangular top with a saw. Assemble by attaching the legs to the top securely.

Paint or stain the wood for a smooth finish that matches your decor. With easy-to-follow instructions and basic woodworking skills, you can craft a flexible piece that holds multiple plants. Improve your living space with a built-in plant table that adds both greenery and utility.

11. Mini Wheeled Plant Pallet

Mini Wheeled Plant Pallet

A mini-wheeled plant pallet is a small platform designed for holding and moving plants. This pallet mainly has wheels attached to its base, making it simple to transport your plants from one place to another. It’s a convenient solution if you want to rearrange your indoor or outdoor plants without much effort.

The pallet helps protect your floors and surfaces from water and soil, keeping your space clean and dry. If you have small potted plants or larger planters, a mini-wheeled plant pallet can be useful and stylish to your gardening setup.

12. DIY Tiered Plant Riser

DIY Tiered Plant Riser

Maximize your plant display with a DIY-tiered plant riser. This wooden plant stand offers multiple levels for showcasing a variety of plants in a compact space.

Using wood and basic tools, you can make a tiered stand that adds interest to any corner of your home. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious house, tiered plant risers are a creative way to flaunt your plant collection.

13. Space-Saving Plant Stand

Space-Saving Plant Stand

Small space is not a big problem for you anymore if you love to add plants to your place with this space-saving wooden plant stand. These compact stands have multiple tiers, allowing you to stack plants vertically, utilizing vertical space.

This clever shape is perfect for small rooms or apartments. It’s a compact solution that allows you to display multiple plants vertically, saving precious floor space. By utilizing height, you build a modern and efficient plant display.

14. Recycled Drawer Plant Stand

Recycled Drawer Plant Stand

Be creative with sustainability by reusing an old drawer into a nice plant stand. This DIY project not only adds a unique way to your space but also reduces waste.

Simply add legs or supports to the drawer, and you have an instant plant display with built-in storage. Reuse an old tree stump for a unique plant display. This eco-friendly option adds a natural look to your garden. Hollow out the top of the stump to give space for a potted plant. It’s a fantastic way to breathe new life into discarded furniture.

15. Tiered Plant Stand

Tiered Plant Stand .jpg

Lift your plant collection with a tiered plant stand. This multi-level stand adds new interest and allows each plant to shine. With multiple heights, you can give a dynamic arrangement, making it simple to showcase a variety of plants in one spot. If you choose a wooden plant stand, metal, or even a DIY tiered stand, your indoor garden will develop the style.

16. Corner Plant Stand

Corner Plant Stand

Don’t let corners go to waste. Convert them into green havens with a corner wooden plant stand. This space-efficient solution fits easily into any corner, making it perfect for rooms with limited space.

Showcase your favorite plants while adding a feel of nature to overlooked areas. Whether you choose a triangular shelf or a curved stand, a corner plant stand brings life to every corner.

17. Simple DIY Tomato Cage Plant Stand

Simple DIY Tomato Cage Plant Stand

Create a budget-friendly plant stand using tomato cages. These wooden plant stand structures are usually made of wire, forming a cone shape perfect for supporting plants. To make this stand, flip a tomato cage upside down, secure the three legs, and you’re set. This DIY is perfect for small potted plants, adding height and style to your garden or indoor space.

18. Raised Copper Pot Plant Stand

Raised Copper Pot Plant Stand

Give your plant a metallic look with a raised copper pot plant stand. Copper pipes are the stars here, providing a solid framework. By assembling the pipes in a rectangular shape and attaching these wooden plant stands at the corners, you made a stunning base. Place your potted plants on top to increase the beauty of your area.

19. Plant Stand with Wood Legs

Plant Stand with Wood Legs

Bring a feeling of nature indoors with a wooden plant stand featuring wooden legs. Choose your preferred wood type, like oak or pine, and cut them to the desired length. Attach them to a wooden base using screws, and voila, you have a nice plant stand. This stand is a flexible choice that allows you to customize the stand’s height and size according to your plant’s needs. 

20. DIY Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand

Craft an easy DIY wooden plant stand using simple tools and materials. Gather wooden boards, screws, and a saw. Cut the boards to build the top and legs of the stand. Assemble the pieces by attaching the legs to the top, forming a stable structure. Sand the edges for a smooth finish, and paint or stain the wood. This DIY project offers a classic view of your indoor or outdoor garden.

21. Bird Feeder & Plant Stand

Bird Feeder & Plant Stand

Combine the joys of gardening and bird-watching with this dual-purpose creation. The Bird Feeder & Wooden Plant Stand is a clever addition to your outdoor space. Crafted to hold both plants and bird feed, it invites nature to your doorstep. The top tier supports your favorite potted plant, while the lower section serves as a feeding station for feathered friends. Its sturdy material ensures stability and durability. Now you can nurture your greenery and enjoy the sight of visiting birds.

22. Mid-Century Plant Stand

Mid-Century Plant Stand

Taking ideas from mid-century design, this wooden plant stand features clean lines and a nice look. Crafted from wood or metal, it offers a stylish platform for your plants to shine. Glow your indoor greenery while adding a classic view to your decor. This plant stand is a match of uses and several types that complements multiple interior styles.

23. Colorful Stacked Book Plant Stand

Colorful Stacked Book Plant Stand

Start your creativity with the Colorful Stacked Book Plant Stand. Rebuild your ordinary plant stands in a play way. Crafted to resemble a stack of different colored books, this wooden plant stand adds humor to any space. Each book serves as a shelf for your beloved plants. Express your personality through a rainbow shade and give an attractive look. This unique plant stand not only supports your botanical companions but also doubles as an artistic art piece.

24. Carved Hexagon Planter with Plant Stand

Carved Hexagon Planter with Plant Stand

Carved Hexagon Planter and Plant Stand give your home an outstanding look. This wooden plant stand is carefully built with a hexagonal planter, giving a nice look. The complex detailing adds character to your green corner. Built on a solid stand, it prevents excessive bending and provides easy access for plant care. Showcase your favorite blooms or herbs in this planter to give an attractive view. The combination of artistry and uses makes this stand a standout choice for plant lovers.

25. Creative Indoor Plant Stand


Don’t wait to improve your indoor plant game with these innovative plant stand ideas. Creative indoor plant stands add flair to your space while showcasing your beloved greenery. From hanging planters to multi-tiered displays, these wooden plants stand to offer aesthetics. Crafted from materials like wood, metal, and even repurposed items, they suit several decor styles. Small pots with macrame hangers or wooden platforms make the most of your vertical space. This wooden plant stand also offers flexibility, easily movable to adjust lighting and shine for your plants.

26. DIY Small Wooden Plant Pedestal

DIY Small Wooden Plant Pedestal .jpg

Feel the beauty of a DIY plant Pedestal. Made with simple tools and basic woodworking skills, these pedestals provide an oldened touch to your plant presentation. Utilize repurposed wood or branches for an eco-friendly vibe. By adjusting the height and shape, you can cater to several plant sizes and types. The pedestals can be stained, painted, or left natural for a personalized touch that matches your interior decor. This small, delightful wooden plant stand lets you display your plants at eye level, improving their visibility and the overall appearance of your space.

27. Concrete Plant Bench Ideas

Concrete Plant Bench Ideas

Whether indoors or outdoors, concrete plantersare strong and provide good and desired support to your lovely plants, even in the high winds. These beautiful stands offer a strong platform for your green companions. You can build these benches in multiple lengths and widths to match your indoor garden arrangement. The smooth texture of concrete provides the latest look and matches well with both industrial and home decor.

Adding color or geometric patterns can further lift their overall view. With a concrete plant bench, you provide a stylish stage for your plants while ensuring durability and longevity.

28. Easy DIY Flower Pot Stand

Easy DIY Flower Pot Stand

This wooden plant stand is made specifically for flower pots, showcasing their several colors and great details. Crafting them requires basic tools and materials like wood, metal rods, or PVC pipes. Their models range from simple three-legged stands to more fine-tiered structures.

You can customize the height and arrangement to complement your space and plants. These stands not only add interest but also prevent damage to surfaces by lifting pots off the ground. Enjoy the process of creating these stands while glowing with the beauty of your floral arrangements.

29. Outdoor Plant Stand with Arbor

Outdoor Plant Stand with Arbor

If you want to change your outdoor plant stand,you may go with Arbor. This clever stand combines a plant stand with an arched framework creating a main center point. The wooden plant stand offers tiers for showcasing your favorite potted plants, while the arbor provides vertical space for climbing vines and flowers. This dual-purpose piece has a vertical dimension to your outdoor space.

Constructing this DIY stand involves basic skills and tools. The arbor can be customized to suit your garden’s style, and the plant stand shelves can be adjusted to help different pot sizes. With clear instructions and a touch of creativity, you can make a useful and practical addition to your garden.

30. Plant Stand with Hairpin Legs

Plant Stand with Hairpin Legs

Make a stand with the idea of hairpin legs. This strong model offers a clean and fresh look, allowing your plants to take center stage.Hairpin legs provide stability while its solid metal quality.

Crafting this wooden plant stand involves attaching hairpin legs to a circular or square wooden platform. You can customize the height to suit multiple plant sizes. This DIY project requires few materials and can be completed even by beginners. 

31. Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand

Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand

You can change the beauty of your wooden plant stand with the solid Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand. This unique stand adds a classic look to your space while showing off your favorite plants. Crafted from natural wood slices, it brings a feel of nature indoors. The plant stand’s hanging type saves valuable floor space and allows your plants to overflow easily. Hang it near a sunny window to make an attractive display.

32. Tabletop Plant Stand with Hairpin Legs

Tabletop Plant Stand with Hairpin Legs .jpg

Add a quality of modern shine to your plant arrangement with the Tabletop Plant Stand featuring strong hairpin legs. This wooden plant stand is designed to sit on surfaces like tables, shelves, or countertops, making it perfect for small spaces. The hairpin legs provide stability and style, letting your plants take center stage. Showcase your tiny succulents or different flowers simply by adding a lively touch to any room.

33. DIY Space Saving 3-Tiered Planter

DIY Space Saving 3-Tiered Planter

If you’re a DIY fan, the Space Saving 3-Tiered Planter is an exciting project to explore. Create your multi-level plant haven with this clever stand. With step-by-step instructions, you can build a tiered masterpiece that saves space.

Each tier holds different plant sizes, maximizing your greenery in a small area. This DIY planter lets you customize the colors and materials to match your decor, offering both style and use. Enjoy the satisfaction of growing your plants in a space-efficient and stylish way.

34. Backyard Plant Stand Ideas

Backyard Plant Stand Ideas

Find other creative ways to display your plants with these backyard plant stand ideas. These wooden plant stands give your outdoor space a new look. Whether you have a spacious garden or a compact patio, there’s a plant stand for you. Give your plants off the ground to prevent damage and allow for better air circulation. Choose from materials like wood, metal, or concrete to match your outdoor decor.

35. Tiered Metal Plant Stand

Tiered Metal Plant Stand .jpg

Increase the beauty of your green corner with a tiered metal plant stand. This stand provides multiple levels, allowing you to showcase different plants at varying heights.

The strong metal construction ensures durability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With its new design, this stand complements different plant styles, from overflow vines to potted flowers. The tiered structure increases space, making it an excellent choice for smaller areas.


All in all, the tutorial can be a fun way for kids to find their creativity and love for plants. Wooden Plant stands are like little homes for our plant friends, giving them a place to stand tall and show off their beauty.

From using old crates to making stands out of pipes or even creating a hanging garden, there’s a plant stand idea for everyone.

These ideas not only help plants grow better by giving them space and sunlight, but they also make our homes look prettier and refreshed.

You get to gather materials, follow the steps, and in the end, you’ll have something amazing you created all by yourself.

So, if you’re a beginner or someone who already loves crafting, these plant stand ideas can be a great way to spend time.

So, gather your materials, put on your creative hat, and let the plant stand designing idea begin. Happy crafting and happy planting.

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